Harmonic License Manager Installation and Startup

Welcome to Nodelock License Manager 4.0
Installation and Startup
Nodelock License Manager version 4.0 is intended to be used for licensing with the
FlexNet® Embedded (FNE) compliant devices and software. For non-FlexNet Embedded
compliant devices, Nodelock License Manager uses the earlier version of the License
Manager. Nodelock License Manager provides all the functionality of its’ previous versions. In
addition, it provides enhanced user interface, recovers lost licenses and supports a new level
of authentication.
The Harmonic licensing system provides the following:
Control over device license distribution
Control of ordering and quantities that are enabled for each of the device features
Ability to set up an evaluation license
A utility for operators to view the license content and status, upgrade as necessary, and
provide license returns for credit
Ability to move licenses between devices and deploy mass licenses on devices
Nodelock License Manager enables you to view the current licenses residing on the
devices in your network.
The licensing system consists of the Nodelock License Manager and the Web Portal.
The Nodelock License Manager is designed for installation on a computer connected to the
internet and/or a local device network.
Product Description
Nodelock License Manager, version 4.0, includes:
Nodelock License Manager 4.0 software, which also installs Microsoft .NET
Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, Actipro Ribbon control and Telerik GridEx control
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.07 for installation instructions
Online help
System Requirements
Nodelock License Manager requires the following:
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 Home / Professional / Tablet Starter Edition and
Professional x64 Edition
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 6 or above with Service Pack 1
NOTE: Provisioning licenses requires an Internet connection to the Harmonic License Server and access
to the local device network. If you do not have one computer with access to both the Internet and the
device network, you must manually transfer files between two computers using a USB flash key, or other
file storage medium. Both computers must meet the system requirements to run Nodelock License
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Nodelock License Manager, 4.0, Rev A
System Requirements
Installing Nodelock License Manager Software
Installing Nodelock License Manager requires that you have administrative privileges on your
To install Nodelock License Manager:
1. Download Nodelock License Manager from the Harmonic ftp site:
Site: ftp.harmonicinc.com
Username: software
Password: release
Directory: LicenseManager/
The latest release of the application .zip file will have a filename beginning with
“NodelockLMSetup.” Make sure you are in binary mode for the file transfer.
2. Unzip the file in the desired directory, for example c:\Temp.
3. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the installation directory, and double-click the file
The Nodelock License Manager setup opens and guides you through the installation
process. If you have an existing version of the application, the installation automatically
installs the new version over the previous version.
If needed, the InstallShield Wizard installs the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Follow the
prompts to complete these steps.
4. Check the acceptance checkbox for the End-User License agreement, then click Install.
You will receive a prompt notifying you when the setup is complete.
5. On the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Nodelock License Manager screen, click
Next and follow the prompts on the next two screens.
6. On the Setup Type screen, accept the default selection of Complete, then click Next.
On the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.
The setup status indicates that it is installing the components.
8. Click when the installation program is complete, then click Close.
An icon called Nodelock License Manager appears on your desktop.
Starting Nodelock License Manager
To start Nodelock License Manager, double-click the icon on the desktop to open and launch
the application. See the Nodelock License Manager online help for information about using
the application.
Uninstalling Nodelock License Manager
You may need to uninstall Nodelock License Manager at some point.
To uninstall Nodelock License Manager:
1. Close all running applications.
2. From the Start menu, select All Programs > Nodelock License Manager.
3. Click Nodelock License Manager.
4. Select Uninstall Nodelock License Manager.
5. Follow the onscreen instructions to remove the program, and reboot if necessary.
© 2011 Harmonic Inc.
Nodelock License Manager, 4.0, Rev A
Contacting Harmonic Customer Support
Online Help
The Nodelock License Manager online help provides instructions for using the utility. Click the
F1 key to view the help for the page that you are viewing. You can also navigate the help using
the Table of Contents tab in the help’s left panel.
Contacting Harmonic Customer Support
The Harmonic Customer Support group is available to help you with any questions or
problems you might have regarding Harmonic products. Contact the Customer Support
group as follows:
E-mail: techhelp@harmonicinc.com
Phone: (408) 490.6477
1.888.MPEGTWO (673.4896)
Fax: (408) 490.6770
Harmonic Inc.
4300 North First St.
San Jose, California 95134
Attn: Customer Support
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Nodelock License Manager, 4.0, Rev A
Disclaimers and Trademarks
Disclaimers and Trademarks
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Trademark Acknowledgments
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