Hands on Guide to your Dahua CCTV System

Hands on Guide to your Dahua CCTV System
This guide is a hands on guide to using your Dahua CCTV system “at the box” without using external
software or smartphone apps. In this guide you will be shown around the “Live Camera” screen, how
to login to your DVR and access the menus within the system, how to access your recorded footage
using the “Playback” menu, how to create a backup to a USB device and finally how to change the
password to access your system.
Before we start please make sure you have a monitor and USB mouse plugged into your DVR as we
will need them to access the system locally. For backing up footage also make sure you have a USB
storage device to hand.
Note: The images used in this guide are not of great quality due to the nature of how they were
captured. We have made sure that they are as clean and clear as possible and have highlighted key
points of each image.
The first screen you should see when you plug in a monitor into your DVR is the “Live Camera” screen
which will display all the cameras attached to your system as well as any empty channels. There are a
number of things you can do on this screen such as:Change the viewing configuration on the screen, access the PTZ controls (if applicable), adjusting the
colour settings, searching the footage stored on the DVR and accessing the Main Menu.
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To access the Main Menu simply right click on the “Live Camera” screen and select Main Menu on the
bottom of the list.
You will be prompt to put in a username and password to continue, the default username and
password is: 888888. (Six 8s)
Note: The “888888” account is used for local access only, you can change the password if you so desire
and will be explained later in the guide.
Click “OK” then you will be presented with the DVR’s main system menu.
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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From here you can do a lot but for the purposes of this guide we will only go through navigating the
DVR’s playback feature to access the stored footage, Backup feature to backup footage from the DVR
onto a USB storage device and finally changing the local user (888888) account password.
To access the “Playback” feature on the DVR first open the Main menu (as shown in previous section)
then click on “Search” found in the Operation section. (Highlighted below)
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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This will bring up a whole new screen (pictured below) where you can access all recorded footage on
your system.
Starting on the right hand side of the screen you will see a calendar, this is how you select what day’s
footage you wish to view. Any days with recorded footage stored on the DVR’s hard drive will be
highlighted on the calendar.
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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Moving to the bottom of the screen you will see the playback timeline, playback controls and other
options. The playback timeline is the grid looking section along the bottom, the numbers above the
grid relate to the hour of the day (24 hour clock). On the timeline you should see a green bars, these
bars highlight your recorded footage. To select footage simply click on the green bar around the time
you wish to view, for example to select 10am you would goto the number 10 along the grid then
click on the green bar below.
If you require a more presise time you can either use the zoom options found in the bottom right to
zoom in on the timeline or you can input the exact time you wish into the digital clock looking
section (00:00:00 – 00:00:00) found above the timeline.
Note: Since our example DVR has no cameras attached, we do not have any footage stored on the
system so we cannot show you what the green bars will look like.
The Playback Functions include: Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Previous camera, Next camera, Slow play,
Fast play, Playback Speed, Snapshot and Pin. (Your DVR may vary slightly to the example DVR).
Before accessing the “Backup” function of the DVR you will need a USB storage device to back up the
footage on to, the larger the more footage you can store.
There are two ways to access the “Backup” menu, the first is through the main menu by clicking on
“Backup” found in the Operation section. (Highlighted below)
Alternatively when you plug in the USB storage device, a new menu should pop up and will present
you with 4 options. Select “File Backup” and you will be presented with the Backup menu.
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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To start the backup process, begin by selecting what camera channel you wish to backup. Next select
the Start and End times of the backup (it is recommended to be as precise as possible with your
times to cut down on backup size). Once you have all that selected click “Add” on the right hand side
and the requested footage will show in the table below.
You can back up multiple times, multiple channels from multiple days into one backup job. When
you have all the footage you want added to the backup queue and made sure you have enough
room space on your backup USB storage device, simply click “Backup” found in the bottom right and
wait for your footage to be processed and backup up. It will pop up when it is finished.
Note: To playback the backed up footage you will need a PC and special video player application as
the footage is stored in a special “.dav” format.
If you require a user guide showing how to use the Dahua Player software then please contact our
technical department at tech@responsesecurity1.co.uk
At time of writing the download link to the player software is:
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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It is highly recommended, although not necessary, that you change the default password to your DVR
to prevent unauthorised access to the system. By default there are 3 accounts on the system, it is the
same process for all three but we will be focused on the “Local Admin Login” also known as “888888”.
From the Main Menu click on “System” found in the Setting section. Next you will need to clock on
“Account” found on the left hand side, this will bring up the system’s user account control menu.
From user account control menu you should see all the accounts that are on your system. While there
are many options here we are focusing on only one function, modify user. On the account you wish to
change the password to (In our case, the local user), find the user then click on the pencil symbol found
roughly in the middle (Highlighted in green the picture above).
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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Once you have clicked modify you will be presented with a new menu. Once again while there are
many options to choose from we will only be using the Password section found roughly in the top left.
First make sure to tick the “Modify Password” check box so we can change the password. Next input
the Old Password (default password for the local user “888888” is 888888) followed by the new
password you wish to use twice in both the New Password box and Confirm Password box.
Make sure it is something you can remember or make a note somewhere and store it safely and
securely. Once all that is done, click OK.
In future when you wish to access the Main menu of your system you will have to use your new
password that you just set.
If you have any further questions feel free to call us on 0800 622 6542.
We are continuously improving our user guides and if you have any feedback please feel free to let
us know by emailing our technical department at tech@responsesecurity1.co.uk
DVR User Guide – Revision 1
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