A board game for 2 players by Néstor Romeral Andrés (includes a

A board game for 2 players by
Néstor Romeral Andrés
(includes a variant for 3-4 players)
HEPTALION is a special dominoes game played on a
diamond-shaped board of 56 squares depicting 7
different symbols on them. Two players struggle to place
their domino tiles on the board. The last player placing a
tile wins.
Example of tile placement: The dot-plus tile is placed on the location
marked with a red rectangle.
The first player that cannot place a tile loses the game.
A diamond shaped board with 56 symbols of 7
Example: It’s A’s turn. ‘A’ has no valid moves and loses. ‘B’ wins.
Notice that ‘B’ still had room for some tiles (marked in red).
For a 3-player game, each player randomly takes 9 tiles
(the remaining tile is discarded facing up and not used
during the game). For a 4-player game, each player
takes 7 tiles.
28 different domino-like tiles with 2 symbols each
(all combinations).
Play as usual. If a player cannot place a tile, that player
is eliminated from the game. The last player standing
A carrying case.
Notice that this special board configuration has the
following properties:
Place the board in the middle of the playing surface.
Each player randomly takes 14 tiles and places them
face-up before them, so both players can see them:
a) Each symbol is shown exactly 8 times.
b) Each domino is shown exactly 3 times.
c) There are exactly 56 squares; the same number
of squares that compose the 28 tiles.
Variant: Draw and keep your tiles face-down or
otherwise hidden (e.g. behind a screen) so your
opponent can't see them.
While there are other symbol distributions for this
diamond-shaped board that exhibit the above properties,
the designer has not found other board shapes yet.
Determine the starting player (usually the one that lost
the last game).
Obviously it is impossible to place all tiles on the board,
but… How many tiles can you legally place?
Can you find other non-trivial distributions? (not obtained
by simply exchanging symbols or by rotation or
Players take turns placing one of their tiles on the board
face-down so that both symbols of the tile match with
the symbols of the two adjacent spaces on which the tile
is placed.
Can you find a different board shape with the same
properties? Please contact me if you do!
Rules and rulebook © 2012 Néstor Romeral Andrés. Revisions by Nathan Morse.
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