Accessories Set VR003
Installation Manual
For further information, please consult
nVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, 465
Tips for applying thermal adhesive and thermal pad
Heatsink x 1
Heatsinks x 10
Mounting plate x 1
How to squeeze out all the glue?
Voltage regulator
Thermal pad
Screws (M2.5) x 3
Screws (M3) x 2
Washers x 3
Thermal pad x 1
Thermal pad x 1
*Thermal adhesive x 1
Apply pressure
(10 sec)
Cure time
*Be aware that the thermal adhesive comes with a very
short shelf life and shall be used within 1 week. We
recommend storing the thermal adhesive in a cool area to
avoid solidification. Refrigerate after opening. Additional
heatsinks and thermal adhesive are available for purchase
Caution: Please make sure the heatsinks are not touching any circuit components as it
may cause a short circuit to your VGA card.
Installation of RAM and voltage regulator heatsinks
Installation of mounting plate
1. Uninstall default mounting plate
Heatsinks align to the bottom
Heatsinks align to the right
Heatsinks align to the left
Screws (M2.5)
2. Install replacement mounting plate
comes with the accessories set
Installation of main cooler
Please follow the installation instructions provided with the main cooler.
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