Little gem: BS 123:
The BS 123 is the ideal loudspeaker box
for small and medium-sized rooms, up to
approx. 50 m². With its compact front
dimensions of 29 x 17.5 cm, it can be built
into shelves without difficulty, or can also
be mounted freestanding on the optional
LS 70 loudspeaker stand. With its
attractive contours and the deep gloss
finish of the baffle, this loudspeaker will
immediately stand out, without taking over
the room. You will be amazed at the scale
of sound produced by this small
loudspeaker and its ability to bring out the
finest musical detail effortlessly.
Whilst the BS 123 is an exceptional
speaker in a stereo system, its virtues can
also be exploited in home cinema systems,
where it is equally at home, as front or rear
loudspeaker in combination with the other
120 Series items.
Enjoy great music with the BS 123 without
having to be surrounded by cumbersome
Technical and special features:
Due to the double flare design of the
bass port, flow noise, even at high
levels, is eliminated.
A two-part bass control plug is
provided that can partially or fully close
the port, so the system can be
adjusted for the room acoustics and
speaker placement.
The BS 123 uses the latest generation of ELAC’s 25 mm aluminium dome
tweeter, which has extra headroom. Dome and voice coil are moulded as
one single piece. The driver therefore offers higher power rating and
durability. The newly designed high gloss baffle with a diffraction free surface, increases the sound quality and improves
The 140 mm bass driver using ELAC tried-and-tested Aluminium
sandwich technology, allow distortion-free bass response as the
resonance of the membrane is minimised. This is due to the
composite cellulose and aluminium construction.
As the BS 123 is magnetically shielded, it can be placed directly next to a television without affecting the picture quality.
To improve the performance of the system the cabinet is internally reinforced in a way that eliminates internal standing
waves and unwanted resonances.
To optimise the sound there are individual crossover networks for the high and low frequencies, which can be bi-wired
using two pairs of cable or alternatively, for optimum performance, two amplifiers can be used in a bi-amped situation.
Good contact is guaranteed by large, gold plated speaker terminals, which are fully insulated to protect against short
When mounted on the optional LS 70 loudspeaker stand, the BS 123 is
supported by 3 spikes, which decouple the loudspeaker from the
stands. However, a safety feature of this design insures that the
speaker is secured to the stand while it is in the decoupled mode.
People with pets and small children will appreciate this feature.
Finishes: silver, titan, cherry , black
Specifications ELAC BS 123
Dimensions H x W x D
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
290 x 175 x 250 (265) mm
5.4 kg
2 way, bass reflex
1 x 140 mm AS cone, magn. shielded
1 x HT 25 KST V, magn. shielded
30-120 W/channel
Crossover frequency
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
Frequency Range
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance
2500 Hz
50 W / 70 W
42-25000 Hz
87 dB/2.8V/m
4 ohm
3.6 ohm at 220 Hz