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Great music, slender design: It’s showtime for FS 67
FS 67, the loudvoiced floorstander receives
its premiere and presents itself to an
audience which
prefers music to desired sound effects.
The concept of the start up model in the
class of the well known ELAC AluminiumSandwich-Technology is “performance over
appearance”. It is committed to achieving
perfect musical pleasure and epitomises the
concept of noble understatement in its
Lifelike sound, realistic and dynamic,
perfectly natural will be the stage for
everyone who loves acoustically and
emotionally music.
Technical features/ highlights
The most
feature unusual for
this price
range - is a
membrane that provides absolute bass
precision and a mid frequency range without
acoustic coloration. This ELAC-proprietary
membrane technology - aluminium and
cellulose layers are combined by using a
special sandwich gluing technique - results in
an extremely stiff membrane that eliminates partial vibrations. Aluminium sandwich bass drivers deliver
exceptional bass performance. Both magnetically screened bass drivers provide optimal large signal behaviour
and taut bass even at high volume levels.
A 25 mm tweeter with a silk fabric dome and ferrofluid-cooled aluminium voice coil reproduces the high
frequencies with sensitivity. An additional cooling element on the rear along with a high powered neodymium
magnet combine to give the tweeter high efficiency, a ruler flat frequency response and low magnetic leakage.
The high quality terminal is equipped with binding posts that are easily accessible. They are also suitable for
larger cable diameters and high quality spade connectors
The FS 67 is equipped with two rear-firing bass-reflex ports. The mouth of each port is rounded off to minimize
audible ventilation noises or chuffing. The bass reflex opening can be closed when necessary in critical locations
or when set up close to a wall. The ELAC bass control bung that is included with the loudspeakers, is made up of
two parts, enabling fine-control of bass tuning. This allows the upper bass to be dampened and the lower bass
raised. The result is an expansive, precise and taut bass sound.
Thanks to its 6-Ohm nominal impedance and a high efficiency rating, the loudspeaker performs particularly well
with smaller amplifiers. The BS 67 is best suited to larger-sized rooms. An internal safety system that
automatically resets itself prevents the risk of damage to the loudspeaker, even at high volumes.
Finishes: Dark Cherry, Black
Technical data
Dimensions H x W x D
Without/with casing
Recommended amplifier capacity at the
above mentioned nominal impedance
Frequency switch of filter
FS 67
900/925/950x170/220 x
250/265/300 mm
Approx 14.5 kg
2 ½ -Way, Bass Reflex
2 x 140 mm AS cone
1 x HT 25 silk dome
20-150 W/Channel
Nominal capacity
80 W
Impulse capacity
Transmission range
Suitable for amplifiers from.. to
Nominal impedance
120 W
38-25,000 Hz
88 dB/2.8V/m
4 - 8 Ohm
6 Ohm
500/2200 Hz
Minimal impedance
5.2 Ohm bei 220 Hz
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