ELAC FS 137 JET, the Beauty from the North
This slender 2 1/2-way floorstanding loudspeaker with the
high gloss lacquer baffle and the elegant silk-mat cabinet
offers compact design and state-of-the-art technology,
incorporating ELACs aluminium sandwich woofers and
the legendary JET tweeter.
Due to its new ribbon geometry, the JET III tweeter
provides a cut-off frequency of 50 kHz and is therefore
perfectly suitable for DVD-A and SACD.
The special design of the high gloss lacquer baffle
eliminates diffractions which results in improved tweeter
The FS 137 JET offers great music for all those who want
to enjoy big sound, without big loudspeakers.
Technical features / benefits
The FS 137 is a 2 1/2-way floorstanding loudspeaker. This means that the two
woofers work in tandem, however the second bass driver becomes de-coupled
above 550Hz when it then operates as a midrange unit.
incorporates a neodymium
magnet system and offers
strong drive. Due to its new
ribbon geometry, the JET III
tweeter, that is manufactured
in Kiel, provides a cut-off
frequency of 50 kHz.
• ELAC’s 140mm aluminium sandwich woofers provide perfect integration while
reducing partial resonances.
• The special design of the baffle eliminates diffraction which results in a very
improved tweeter reproduction.
The FS 137 JET provides two
double flare bass ports on the
rear to reduce friction losses.
Resonances of the cabinet are
avoided due to ring-shaped
Inserting the ELAC bass
control plug (delivered with the
product) into the rear bass port
will improve the bass sound
when it comes to critical room
conditions or when it comes to
the installation close to walls.
This results deep, dry bass
High-quality terminals, with separate circuit boards for bass/midrange and
treble circuits, are easy to access, and allow larger cable diameters (16
mm2), as well as high-quality spade connectors (e. g. WBT products).
The utilization of two bass drivers has resulted in a high efficiency system,
thus enabling the smaller amplifiers to be used. Built in overload protection
is a feature of the FS137 JET.
Finishes: Black
Dimensions H x W x D
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
950 x 225 x 320 mm
16 kg
2 1/2-way, bass reflex
2 x 140 mm AS cone, magn. shielded
1 x JET III, magn. shielded
30-180 W/channel
Crossover Frequency
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
Frequency Range
Nominal Impedance
Minimum Impedance
550/2500 Hz
80 W/120 W
35-50000 Hz
89 dB/2.8V/m
4 Ohm
3.5 Ohm at 230 Hz