CC 181: Solutions for flat screens
Flat screens are now accepted
as the standard. Many owners of
visually elegant flat screens want
to improve the sound quality of
their modern high-definition flat
screen on the one hand, but not
to impair the visual impact of their
overall living space on the other.
Components that visually
combine with the television set,
while at the same time providing
an optimum sound backdrop, are
thus in demand. And this is
precisely the mission of the CC
The design is pure, elegant and
timeless, with attractively clear
geometrical forms. The Centre
has been consistently designed
for combination with large flat
screen TV sets.
The front-to-back dimension of the enclosed housing is only 11 cm, the width 88 cm.
ELAC offers two finishing options through replaceable covers. In addition to the familiar "stretched fabric covers", the
matt-lacquered models are fitted with stylish grilles.
The strengths of the CC 181 are high acoustic fidelity and outstanding dialogue comprehensibility. It lends both films
and music superb authenticity, bringing the acoustic experience a step closer to reality.
In spite of the flat housing, the sound has a roundness that makes the use of a subwoofer
Suitable fixing lugs are provided for direct wall mounting. A special sound correction option
can be activated on the connecting terminal that directly counters excessive booming of
the sound ("mulm") – a result of direct attachment to the wall – specifically in the lower
frequency range, thus combining the excellent quality of speech reproduction with the
musical quality and spaciousness of freestanding speakers, which is required for the
precise reproduction of modern high-definition digital sources.
Technical features:
The "JET III tweeter" with its special neodymium magnets, has a particularly powerful drive
unit. Thanks to its ribbon geometry, it has an upper cut off frequency of 50 kHz (!).
The "JET_DC" acoustic tuning element made of open-cell foam modifies not only the
directional characteristics but also the frequency response, with the result that it is possible to
localise the instruments and voices even under acoustically difficult spatial conditions.
ELAC's aluminium sandwich technology is deployed for the bass and mid ranges
Black ash decor/high-gloss baffle, satin black, satin white, cherry decor/black painted,
soft-finish baffle.
Satin black and satin white finishes with lacquer available with cloth frames and grill
Dimensions HxWxD
Suggested amplifier output at
above nominal impedance
Crossover frequency
165 x 880 x 110/122 mm
9.5 kg
2-way, closed
with integrated high-pass
2x TT 140 mm AS cone
20 - 180 W / channel
(45) / 800 / 2,600 Hz
Nominal power handling
Peak power handling
Frequency range
80 W
120 W
55 – 50,000 Hz
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance
88.5 dB/2.83V/m
6 Ohm
3.7 Ohm at 60 Hz