Double bass centre speaker, mini satellites, powerful subwoofer =
great soundstage in miniature design
Mini sets providing huge
soundstages are en vogue.
Impossible? Not at all.
The new Starlet 5.1 combines
high-tech musical performance
and ambience-friendly design!
The Starlet CM offers
extraordinary clarity and high
efficiency. All drivers are
magnetically shielded. It is suitable
for horizontal or vertical mounting.
Starlet CM provides an
outstanding listening zone (even
when positioned horizontally).
Cross-over network with integrated
high pass filter protects drivers
against mechanical strain.
Mini satellite Starlet with
integrated high pass filter and
powerful ringdome tweeter with
waveguide for improved horizontal
dispersion. The drivers are
This loudspeaker plays up to 21000Hz.
High-power voice coil with ferrofluid cooling and metallized aluminium diaphragm for minimized
80mm woofer with rubber surround, metallized aluminium diaphragm and magnetically shielded
magnet system.
The inclined binding posts of the terminal are easy to access.
Deep bass sound is provided by the subwoofer SUB 111.2 ESP.
ESP® is a frequency and power dependent electronic stabilisation programme for protection
against overdrive.
In comparison to conventional active subwoofers, it is now practically impossible to overdrive
ELAC ESP® subwoofers.
The Starlet 5.1 is a powerful mini ensemble for the best value for money!
The satellites are suitable for all stereo applications and can be used as effect speakers in every
home cinema set.
Wall brackets for unobtrusive mounting and slender loudspeaker stands are available as
Finishes: black high gloss
Technical specifications:
Dimensions H x B x T
Nominal / Peak Power
Max Amplifier Power
Frequency Range
Starlet (4x)
Starlet CM (1x)
SUB 111.2 ESP (1x)
surround loudspeaker
117 x 90 x 100 mm
2-way, closed, integr. high pass filter
centre loudspeaker
90 x 215 x 100 mm
2-way, closed, integr. high pass filter
1 x 19 mm Ringdome, magn. shielded
1 x 80 mm cone, magn. shielded
40/60 W
1 x 19 mm Ringdome, magn. shielded
2 x 80 mm cone, magn. shielded
active subwoofer
400 × 257 × 380/396 mm
1-way, bass reflex, active, 3 input
1 x 200mm AS cone
100 ... 21000 Hz
Black highgloss
95…21.000 Hz
black, highgloss
80 W (sine), 100 W (pulse)
35 ... 240 Hz