PCIe SATA III / 600 + PATA Raid Controller, 2x SATA III 600 / 1x IDE
Art-Nr: 7100097
- 2 x internal SATA III ports
- 1 x internal parallel ATA port
supports up to UDMA-6 transfer mode, ATA and ATAPI
- Chipset : Marvell 88SE9128
- Up to 4 devices connectable in total
- Compliant with PCI-Experss Specification v2.0 and backward compatible
with PCI-Express 1.x
- Compliant with Serial ATA Specification 3.0
- Supports communication speeds of 6Gbps, 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps
- Supports RAID levels 0 and 1 (only for SATA hard drives)
- Installable in any available PCI Express slot with different lane widths
- Supports NCQ (Native Command Queuing)
- Supports Port Multiplier FIS
- Hot-Plug and Hot-Swapping features on SATA ports
- Incl. Low Profile bracket
- Supports Windows 7, Vista and XP
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