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Vision for industry
Vision for industry
Vision for industry
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Vision for industry
Digital Microscope
Inspection Systems
Inspex HD
Inspex HD VESA version
FI 801-010
• Versatile design of the Inspex VESA arm makes it compatible with a wide range of
mounting options e.g. ideal for OEM integration solutions
Inspex HD VESA short version
FI 801-012
• 10 cm shorter in length
• No intregrated LED ighting
Inspex HD Table Version
MR 801-561
• Its ultra lightweight & compact design makes it highly portable, requiring minimal
bench space
• The ergonomic design allows the user to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture,
thus providing relief from back, neck and eye strain typically associated with traditional
Inspex HD
The Inspex HD VESA/Inspex HD Table is a high definition camera inspection system offering incredible
HD image quality and magnification combined with superb colour reproduction, contrast and resolution.
The Inspex HD VESA has been developed to optimise the processes of visual inspection in a wide variety of
industries. Whether you wish to reduce the number of false rejects from an AOI system or create an overall
improvement in your quality assurance processes, then the Inspex HD Vesa is the ideal partner.
Superb HD Image Quality
Easy camera magnification and lighting control with front facing buttons and HD camera
providing superb image quality.
Key Features:
• Camera resolution of 720p and magnification range up to 300x with lens combinations
Accurate & detailed inspection of a wide variety of objects enabled by superb HD image
resolution, dynamic range of magnification levels & integrated LED illumination.
Real time on screen measurement for quick & cost effective quality assurance provided by integrated
on screen XY dimensioning grids & cursor functions.
Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to ergonomic design enabling user to sit
or stand in a comfortable and safe posture.
Easy documentation & traceability for accurate quality control records using image capture software
• Easy height adjustment for optimal working position
• Standard 52mm lens allows for addition of lighting rings and lens filters
• Integrated LED illumination with adjustable direction
Measurement & Documentation
The Inspex HD is suited for repair & rework, quality control & failure diagnosis processes in the following
industries: Automotive, aviation, electronics, engineering, forensics, jewellers, medical devices, packaging &
labelling, pharmaceuticals and security. Integrated on-screen dimensioning grids & cursor functions allow for detailed image
analysis for quality assurance, failure diagnosis & training purposes. Optional Image
Capture Software and cable allow for accurate digital image documentation.
The unique (patent applied for) on screen dimensioning grids system is ideal for accurate
Technical Specifications
Inspex HD Table
FI 801-011
Zoom range
4D lens - 2.0x to 48x (250mm object distance
Inspex HD VESA
FI 801-010
5D lens - 2.5x to 60x (200mm object distance
using a 22” monitor)
using a 22” monitor)
Camera resolution
HD 720p, 1280x720 at 50/60 Hz
HD720p, 1280x720 at 50/60 Hz
Monitor connections
Monitor requirements
HD ready 720p with DVI or HDMI input
HD ready 720p with DVI or HDMI input
Table area: 24 x 41cm, Folded height: 9cm
45cm x 12cm x 10cm
Raised height: 40cm find
image for this,
measurement of multiple types of objects under inspection using the grid overlay or
cursor function which are controlled using an external keypad.
No PC required for measurement of images.
Real-time measurement of live images
Measurement data & images can be saved to PC
Power 8 Watts
8 Watts
The optional keypad provides the operator with full control and additional functions while
Operating temp.
Storage: -10°C to +60°C. Operating: +5°C
Storage: -10°C to +60°C. Operating: +5°C
using the INSPEX HD.
to +40°C
to +40°C
ion 4.3
ion 4.3 Inspection Magnifier
Ergonomically positioned buttons for single
handed access to all functions
Simple X, Y on-screen dimensioning with
cursor & grid functions
ion 4.3’’ Inspection Magnifier
FI 800-102
The Ion 4.3 is an award winning inspection magnifier that provides a crystal clear image for the user. Suitable
for quick and immediate use, the Ion is fast to start, comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use as the
product has been designed to replicate the look and feel of an optical magnifier.
The Ions display delivers an unrivalled sharp, bright and high contrast image. The Ion 4.3s stunning colour
image and wide viewing angle provides comfortable use in awkward to access places and in poor lighting
conditions. Its unique patent applied for dimensioning grids and cursors enhance the capability and efficiency
of decision making for inspection operators and technicians.
Rechargeable via Micro USB
Key Features:
Accurate & detailed inspection of a wide variety of objects enabled through lossless image quality &
super sharp magnification up to 14x with high resolution TFT display and adjustable LED illumination. •
Instant on screen measurement for quick & cost effective quality assurance provided
by integrated on screen XY dimensioning grids & cursor functions. •
Easy recording & traceability of one hundred images with date stamp using image capture software
for accurate quality control records. •
Mobile visual inspection tool suitable for awkward to access areas & poor lighting conditions due to
its compact, portable design.
Unique Liquid lens technology provides a wide focus range, fast response time, excellent optical quality
& low power consumption Technical Specifications
Ion 4.3
FI 800-102
Screen size and resolution
4.3’’ diagonal TFT display, 480x272
Far focus: 4x-8x & Near focus: 7x-14x
Image storage mode
100 images in 480 x 272 pixels, 24-bit bitmap format transferable to PC via USB link
Depth of field
3.5cm in overview, 1.5cm close
Dimensioning cursors/gridsYes
Sensor 3MP CMOS, RGB565 video at 30fps
Battery – Lithium Ion
Up to 5 hours, charge time 4 hours
Connection cable Micro USB cable
Charger supply
100V – 240Vac 50/60Hz with supplied adaptor
Unit supply voltage
5V dc, micro-USB connector
225 grams
Adjustable LED illumination for brightness &
left/right direction control
Flip out focus & stability leg
Optional Accessories
KP1 Keyboard
FI 801-008
Data Capture Software
• Allows you to instantly
capture a full HD frame
• Images can then be used
for further processing or
measurement analysis
• Images can be easily stored
in a variety of common
formats inc. bitmap, JPEG
• Camera & lighting functions & settings
• Adjust object viewing position using
customisable on screen cross hairs
• Magnification, auto/manual focus &
• 3 memory programmable presets
• High contrast mode for enhancing
objects like IC’s
• Image freeze and capture of images to
PC using capture cable
VESA compatible arm
MR 350-322
FI 801-007
Height Adjustable
Weighted Stand
VESA Flexible Arm
Lenses available 52mm
3x, 4x, 5x, 10x
Oblique Tilting Table
Foot Switch
XY Table
MR 406-510
MR 801-427
Ring Light
MR 801-568
Lens 3x MR 280-129
Lens 4x MR 280-125
Lens 5x MR 280-123
Lens 10x MR 280-124
MR 801-414
Attaches to
microscope stand
Vista HD
FI 802-002
The Vista HD is a fully integrated, high definition camera inspection system where HD camera, LED lighting &
19’’ monitor are contained in one single unit for fast, ergonomic and reliable optical inspection.
Key Features:
Height Adjustable Table
6” x 6” MR 801-413
8” x 8” MR 801-420
MR 801-415
MR 801-412
Accurate & detailed inspection of a wide variety of objects enabled by high quality HD image resolution,
and a high performance HD camera with integrated LED illumination.
Instant on screen measurement for quick & cost effective quality assurance provided
by integrated on screen XY dimensioning grids & cursor functions. •
Suitable for in line quality assurance inspection processes using a unique 19’’ integrated display with
all features & functions integratedto the one unit.
Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to its ergonomic design enabling people
to adjust their work position and allowing for group discussions & training.
INSPEX Hard Case
Table MR801-561
Vesa MR801-562
INSPEX Soft Case
MR 801-566
ION Hard Case
MR 801-567
Technical Specifications
Vista HD
FI 802-002
45cm x 31cm x 12cm
Screen Size 19’’ display
+3D lens as standard: Zoom range: 1.35x to 37x
Camera resolution
HD720p 1280x720 50/60 Hz
48 Watts
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