MopriaTM Print Service Guide

MopriaTM Print Service Guide
About Mopria Print Service
Mopria Print Service enables printing on your Android (4.4 or later) smartphone or tablet to Mopria-certified
MFPs and printers. You can easily print with your mobile devices through a wireless network.
System Requirements
To print from your mobile device using Mopria Print Service, you need the following:
Mobile device (Android 4.4 or later) with the Mopria Print Service application installed
MFPs or printers supporting Mopria Print Service
The MFP mut have minimum firmware and (in some cases the AirPrint plug-in)
described on the next page.
Considerations and Limitations
If you use the Wireless LAN Module (optional), be sure to complete the wireless LAN settings in
advance. For more information on the wireless LAN settings, refer to the Operator’s Manual for
Wireless LAN Module.
Make sure that [Enable Bonjour] and [Enable IPP] are enabled from TopAccess of the equipment. For
details, refer to “TopAccess Settings” in this guide.
If the Super Sleep function of the equipment is enabled, make the setting in [Wake Up Setting] from
TopAccess. For details, refer to “TopAccess Settings” in this guide.
Mopria Print Service cannot be used in equipment in which the user authentication function has been
enabled. For more information on the user authentication function, refer to the TopAccess Guide.
Mopria Print Service is not enabled in the High Security mode. For more information about the High
Security mode, refer to the High Security Mode Management Guide.
Some black and white data may be handled as color data, depending on the specifications of the
applications you use.
The encrypted PDF files cannot be printed from a mobile device using Mopria Print Service.
Mobile Device Settings and Printing Procedure
For the settings of mobile devices and printing procedure, refer to the Mopria Alliance web page.
The equipment is displayed in the search result of the printer as “TOSHIBA e-STUDIOXXXXX”.
TopAccess Settings
To change the settings, you need to log into TopAccess as an administrator. For more information about
using TopAccess, refer to the TopAccess Guide.
Enable Bonjour
Click the [Administration] tab > [Setup] > [Network] > [Bonjour], and then enable the [Enable Bonjour]
Enable IPP
Click the [Administration] tab > [Setup] > [Print Service], and then make the following settings under [IPP
Enable the [Enable IPP] setting.
Disable the [Enable SSL] setting.
Disable the [Authentication] setting.
Recovery setting from the Super Sleep mode
You can wake up the equipment from the Super Sleep mode when you start printing with Mopria Print
Click the [Administration] tab > [Setup] > [Network] > [Wake Up Setting], and then select [Bonjour for IPv4]
and [Bonjour for IPv6] in the [Wake Up Setting] window, then click [OK].
Minimum Firmware and Plug-In Requirements
e-STUDIO2550C Series (HDD)
e-STUDIO5055C Series
e-STUDIO507 Series
e-STUDIO857 Series
e-STUDIO407CS Series
e-STUDIO527S Series
e-STUDIO6570C Series
System F/W
T569HD0W2151 or later
T212HD0W2151 or later
T330HD0W1251 or later
T320HD0W1251 or later
T280HD0W2351 or later
T290HD0W2151 or later
T340HD0W1251 or later
AirPrint Plug-in
*1: In this version, the Mopria function can be used without installing Plug-in
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