A leader in vision, optimization and automation for the wood industry

A leader in vision, optimization
and automation for the wood
industry with systems sold all
over the world.
From sawmill to planer mill
(softwood and hardwood),
Autolog offers a wide range
of products and solutions,
including customized
control systems.
Log Scanner
3D Log Scanners
Carriage Optimizer
Log Sorter
• Optimization considering the curve
sawing solution that could be found by
the Gang Edger
Primary Breakdown:
Secondary Breakdown:
Scanner (1 axis light curtain, multi axes
light curtains and 3D full profile scanner
(linear and transverse), snapshot type
• Autolog uses standard off-the-shelf
sensors for all log scanners (Hermary®,
ScanMeg®, etc.)
• All sensors are housed in a rugged
frame for the harsh sawmill
• All systems offer best-in-class scanner
technology and share the same
operating philosophy
Control Systems
Carriage Optimizer
(Softwood & Hardwood)
• Full profile scanner with 5" density
and an accuracy of 0.025"
• Snapshot scan or continuous scan,
up to 120 scans per second
• True Shape modelling
Log Turner and Canter-Twin
ptimization considering the curve
sawing solution that could be found by
the Gang Edger
3D Scanner (linear and transverse)
• L inear scanner: up to 1,250 scans
per second
• Transverse scanner: high scan density,
every ¼", slanted heads, 3,000 scans per
Bull/Gang Edger Optimizer
est scan profile with 22° sensor
orientation for highest width resolution
onfigurable for all types of bull/gang
edgers on the market
• Supports curve sawing systems
Modular frame for an easy and
cost efficient installation.
Transverse Optimizer
Edger Optimizer
Transverse Edger & Trimmer Optimizers
• Best scan profile with 45° sensor orientation for
highest width resolution
• Sensors mounted outside of falling debris and dust path,
no air line required for cleaning
• Multiple configurations available: two saws, three saws and
more, top head, etc.
• Wane, skip, warp, bevel and side holes detection
• Classification of the reverse face for the appearance lumber
• Possibility to configure two sets of parameters per grade
(high and low qualities)
Trimmer Optimizer
• Advanced tools for solution analysis
• Splits and shakes detection
• Unsound wood detection
• Custom application in hardwood at the edger: laser
lines display the solution to a human grader who can
override it and force a new solution based on the visual
defects present on the piece
Tally System (Softwood & Hardwood)
• Hardwood: automated measuring and sorting system
with user interface and grade marks reader; redundancy
auto backup available
Lumber Sorter/Stacker Controls (Softwood & Hardwood)
• Measuring sensors consist of standard off-the-shelf
photocells, thickness sensors, encoders or transverse
• Autolog uses best-in-class Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®
PLC units for all its control applications
• Control system allows running a sorter line up to
200 pieces per minute
(option for Trimmer Optimizer with 3D sensors)
(option for Trimmer Optimizer with 3D sensors)
Control Systems
Linear Planer Optimizer - ProGrader
UV Code Printer
Linear Planer Optimizer – ProGrader
• Compact, reliable and fast (3,000 feet
per minute)
• S ensors include 3D, 2D and two mode
tracheid units, all housed in a common
• S ystem includes: main unit, UV code
printer/reader, Linear Tracking System
(LTS), Dynamic Grading Zone, Grade
Stamp Printer
• Aggressive return on investment
(payback in less than a year)
Linear Tracking System (LTS)
• Control module that provides detailed
and precise data on the tracking and
synchronization of pieces according to
their position, the space between them
and the production line speed
•Tracks and monitors moisture meter
and MSR data (if available)
Dynamic Grading Zone
• QC tool that displays the optimizer
solution and allows for it to be modified
• Ink or spray paint system not required
• Operates on chains without lugs
1 Shipping and handling not included, some conditions may apply.
Grade Stamp Printer – ProGSP
(Softwood & Hardwood)
• Offers high print quality, durability,
reliability, and the lowest cost of
• “Managed Print” lifetime warranty on
inc.jet components at no additional
• Robust industrial design (easy
and quick installation, shipped
Grade Stamp Printer - ProGSP
Drying Optimizer – Saptek®
• Provides a completely automatic
method of sorting lumber into
two groups based on moisture
Made in accordance with FPInnovations licence
Patented in Canada and USA
Recirculation Reduction System
• Supports the elimination of pieces
that circulate in the sawmill between
the trimmer and the edger
Linear Tracking System (LTS)
Modular Frame for Transverse Optimizers
A first in the industry
Autolog is continuously investing in the development of new and
innovative technologies and in building long-lasting partnerships
with customers through customized products, services and training.
Quality, Technology and Customer Experience.
Each of these key elements precisely define who we are and how we conduct business.
Quality transpires in everything we do. From the way we wire
our cabinets to the components chosen for our systems, all
the way to our management methods, production and service.
Indeed, quality is found in our people, processes and products.
We are a technology driven company. We deal in the
expertise of optimization, artificial vision, artificial intelligence
and optical & wave physics.
Our partnership approach and active listening allow us to
adapt our standard and tested solutions to our customers’
specific needs.
From initial contact to our unparalleled after-sale service
and support, we approach every project with a desire to
understand our customers' needs first and foremost, and
to deliver accordingly.
All of our quality and technology elements are focused
on providing the customer with the most value for their
Autolog investment. Our strategy is to optimize Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI).
Autolog is a technology driven company. We can choose to make all of our specialized software/hardware,
or adapt our solutions to those of a variety of suppliers and layouts, quickly and easily. We do so in order to
respond to the specific needs of our customers and to meet the growing demands of our industry.
We deliver products and services aligned with our customers’ needs.
Whether you entrust us with a service visit, modifications to your existing systems, or to invest
in a major project, we partner with you every step of the way.
Transverse Trimmer Optimizer
“Even though this project was
complex, the team was always
there to find solutions. They
would listen, discuss and then
work on the right solution. I
would recommend Autolog to
anyone searching for a similar
optimizer system without any
Patrick Harrigan,
Harrigan Lumber Company, Inc.
Linear Planer Optimizer - ProGrader
“The Autolog ProGrader
generates a very strong uplift
in all products but greatest
was with 5/4. Payback will
be less than a year. The
ProGrader will grade lumber
accurately and consistently at
full speed. The Autolog install
team did a bang-on job on
a flawless execution and
Carriage Optimizer
“It was very well appreciated
how Autolog listened to all
of our needs and did exactly
what we wanted 100%. They
are a well-established and
reliable company that we
can depend on. We highly
recommend Autolog.”
Bull Edger/Gang Optimizer
“Their 28 years of experience
in our industry is a sign of
respect and active listening for
their clients.”
Christian Carrier,
Carrier & Bégin, Inc.
Allan Bose,
Stag Timber of the
Teal-Jones Group
Joey Massingill,
East Alabama Lumber
1240, Michèle-Bohec
Blainville (Qc) J7C 5S4
®Trademark Autolog, Production Management Inc.
Printed in Canada
May 2016
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