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Swing Away Projector Wall Booms
Extendable swing away wall boom and protective wall box
Swing away extension boom
The swing arm enables the projector to be conveniently
swung against the wall to remove any obstruction within the
A stopper located at the end of the boom prevents damage to
the projector if it is swung away too quickly.
The robust 80mm x 40 mm steel box section is fully welded to
a 3mm steel backing plate, which has 6nr 14mm diameter
fixing holes for substantial fixings.
Universal projector adapter plate
Suitable for most modern projectors and comes complete with 4 universal fitting
swing arms, horizon adjustment bracket, dip angle bracket and fittings.
Swing away boom protective case
Protects the projector in a wall mounted box.
Top hinged door allows the boom to enter from the left or right hand side.
Kit includes security case and padlock, does not include fixings.
Wall mounted projector box dimensions:
450 400 470
Swing Away Boom 2400
Swing Away Boom 3000
Swing Away Boom Case
2400mm (min. length 2000mm)
3000mm (min. length 2000mm)
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