Superb Quality, Low Cost
HITACHI ED-A Projector Wall Mount
2.5mm steel wall plate
Throw length adjustment:
480mm - 800mm
Boom mechanism:
telescopic sliders
white powder coated
Maximum load:
Key Features
Designed specifically for Hitachi ultra short throw projectors.
Telescopic action is high quality, engineered for precision adjustment, includes massive adjustment length.
Simple installation:
Mount is fitted to wall with just 4 easy access fixings.
Projector and plate is fitted to mount.
Image adjustment:
Clever design enables projected image to be simply adjusted vertically and raised either side, in addition to inbuilt projector image adjustment.
Mount provides stable platform for projector, eliminating requirement for future adjustment.
Exceptional value for money.
Security compatible with security cable kits or customised protective case.
Hitachi ED-A Protective Case
The stylish security case provides physical protection
from objects such as balls as well as proving a high level
of security when coupled with the heavy duty security
cable option.
Incorporating custom vent holes and filter access, the
protective case is designed with maintenance in mind.
Simple to install, the projector security case provides a
secure fixing attachment for the heavy duty cable kit
which is then terminated into a substantial substrate with
fixings suitable for brickwork, blockwork, concrete and
Protective Case shown with Hitachi ED-A100
Projector Mount and Security Cable Kit.
The heavy duty projector cable kit comprises 11mm
multistrand cable, 2 security bosses, heavy duty
stainless steel wall bracket including heavy duty
fixings and 51mm shackless brass padlock.
Hitachi ED-A Security Case
Heavy Duty Cable Kit 1000mm long
Hitachi ED-A Projector Mount
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