964_01_Portable Stump Grinder

Once the engine has built up speed, pivot the grinder
toward the side of the stump, with a fairly light touch
feed straight into the stump. As soon as you feed in,
start to swing to the side until you feel the wheel drop
off the edge of the stump. Change direction and swing
back the other way until you feel it reach the other edge
of the stump. As you swing to the side listen to the
engine. Provide enough feed to give it a moderate load.
If you hear any belt or clutch squealing you are pushing
too hard. If you can’t swing it to the side, raise the
grinder up.
Keep hands and feet away. Contact with wheel
rotating teeth will cause serious personal injury.
You can cut roots off by plunging straight through them.
When grinding larger stumps,
chips may begin to build up
under the wheels.
Release brake and pull machine
towards you so that the "chip pile"
is directly under the cutting wheel.
Operating & Safety Guide 964
All guards are in place and tight
Operator presence bar switch is free moving
Inspect tyres and rims for looseness, damage, and tyre
Check the condition of the machine. No signs of
damage, excessive wear and there are no missing parts
Check there is enough fuel for your work
Check the oil level using the dipstick (add oil as needed)
Inspect fuel system and check for leaks before starting
the machine.
Clear the area of work. Remove any stones near the tree
stump or roots that may interfere with your work.
Stones, chips, and debris can cause serious injury or
property damage. Debris can be ejected up to 20mtrs
in any direction .
On these larger stumps, do not allow grinder wheels to
drop into stump hole. If a hole is in the way of your
progress, fill it with chips or change position.
When finished, stop the machine.
Pull machine away from stump, and rake chips away
from stump.
While holding blade off ground, release the operator
presence bar. The engine will stop. Wait until the blade
completely stops. Lower the blade so it is resting against
the ground.
Make sure brake is set before leaving the controls,
particularly if you are on an incline.
Turn engine switch to OFF position.
Allow the engine to cool for at least 5 minutes before
releasing brake and moving for storage or transporting.
A hot engine can be a fire hazard.
Never push the equipment beyond its design limits. If it
will not do what you want with reasonable ease and speed,
assume you have the wrong equipment for the job. Contact
HSS Hire for advice.
Keep the engine upright at all times. If it should get
tipped over, mop up any oil or fuel spillage and contact HSS
Hire for advice. Regularly check the fuel level and top up as
required using the correct fuel: lead free petrol.
Check the engine oil level daily. Top up as required.
Keep the equipment clean - you will find this less of a
chore if you clean it regularly, rather than wait until the end
of the hire period.
When not in use, store the equipment somewhere
clean, dry and secure.
Turn the engine switch to the OFF position and close the
fuel tap.
Let engine cool for at least five minutes before storing.
Give the unit a final clean up ready for return, to HSS Hire.
Portable Stump
... have you been trained
The law requires that personnel using this type of equipment in
the workplace must be competent and qualified to do so.
Training is available at HSS Training
0845 766 7799
A petrol engined machine for the
rapid reduction of unwanted tree
…any comments?
If you have any suggestions to enable us to improve the
information within this guide please e-mail your comments or
write to the Safety Guide Manager at the address below
e-mail: safety@hss.com
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For advice on the safety and suitability of this equipment
contact HSS Hire.
There is a serious risk of personal injury if you do not
follow all instructions laid down in this guide.
The hirer has a responsibility to ensure that all necessary
risk assessments have been completed prior to the use of
this equipment.
This equipment should only be used by an operator who
has been deemed competent to do so by his/her
This equipment should be used by an able bodied,
competent adult who has read and understood these
instructions. Anyone with either a temporary or permanent
disability, should seek expert advice before using it.
Keep children, animals and bystanders away from the
work area. Cordon off a NO GO area using cones and
either barriers or tape, available for hire from HSS Hire.
Never use this equipment if you are ill, feeling
tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Wear practical, protective clothing, gloves and
footwear. Avoid loose garments and jewellery that
could catch in moving parts, tie back long hair.
Safety goggles must be worn by everyone in the
work area.
This equipment generates potentially harmful noise
levels. To comply with health and safety at work
regulations, ear defenders must be worn by everyone in the
This equipment is heavy. Never attempt to lift it on
your own, always get help.
Always switch OFF the equipment when not in use.
Ensure the work area is well lit and ventilated, if in doubt,
ask about lighting and ventilation equipment at HSS Hire.
Do not work near flammable gases or liquids, petrol or
paint thinner fumes for example. Keep combustible materials
at a safe distance - at least 5m.
Make sure you know how to switch this machine OFF
before you switch it on in case you get into difficulty.
Never leave the unit running and unattended.
Do not remove any safety guards that are fitted.
Never interfere with any control settings on the engine
Always switch the engine off and wait for moving parts to
come to rest before making adjustments to it.
Engines, especially the exhausts, get very hot so switch
OFF and allow to cool before touching them.
Keep flammable materials well away from engine and
are no hidden services like electric cables, soil pipes etc.
If in doubt, use a cable avoiding tool available from HSS
Check the condition of the equipment before use. If the
machine shows signs of damage, excessive wear or there
are components missing, contact HSS Hire.
Never refuel while the engine is hot or running. Never
smoke or allow naked flames into the area while
refuelling. Never inhale fuel vapour.
In case of petrol spillage move the machine away from
the area of spillage. Always mop up as quickly as
possible, and change your clothes if you get fuel on
Always store fuel in a purpose-made sealed container,
in a cool, safe place well away from the work area.
Avoiding static electricity. Static electricity can initiate
from ungrounded gasoline tanks or containers, from
flowing gasoline, and from persons carrying a static electric
Avoid static electricity by using a portable container
made of metal or conductive plastic. It will dissipate the
charge to ground more readily.
Fill container on the ground. Never fill the container
while it is inside a vehicle or on the vehicle bed. Always
place container on the ground to be filled.
Always dissipate static charge from your body before
beginning the fueling process by touching a grounded
metal object at a safe distance away from fuel sources.
Keep fuel dispenser nozzle in contact with the portable
container at all times while filling at a service station.
Never fill the grinder's gas tank directly from the
service station's fuel dispenser pump – the grinder's
tank is not grounded and the high velocity flow of
gasoline from a fuel pump can cause static electric
The HSS Portable Stump Grinder is designed for
removing tree stumps and exposed root systems close
to ground level.
Never use the The HSS Portable Stump Grinder until you
have fully read and understood this User Guide and the
machine has been properly set up using the information
it contains.
Always inspect the machine before
Oil dipstick
using it (refer to Pre-operation Checklist).
Check there are no missing parts and
machine is good condition. Inspect the
tyres and rims for looseness. Ensure
there is enough fuel for your work and
the oil level is adequate (check dipstick).
When needed top up oil, using a funnel,
add oil up to the FULL mark on the dipstick
with the recommended oil type for this engine.
Throttle Control
Operator Presence Handle Bar
Operator Presence Handle Bar
Throttle Control Lever
Manual Storage
Brake Lever
Make sure that everyone is warned of what you are
doing. Survey the area of work and ensure that there are
no stones or any other objects near the tree stump or
roots that may interfere with your work. Also check there
Before using the machine check the
area where the work is going to be
carried out. Clear the area of
everything that could get in the
grinder’s way – stones, metal objects etc.
Prepare the machine by locking the
handle bar in the upright position. To
do it, position T-handle knob and
eyebolt so it is on the back side of the
hinge bracket, then tighten T-handle
knob finger tight. Repeat on other side.
To fold it back, turn T-handle knob
counterclockwise to loosen. Swing knob and eyebolt to the
outside, on both sides of handle. Carefully fold handle
downward until it comes in contact with the rubber stops.
Now place stump grinder into position with cutting
wheel near the front-top edge of the stump. Use brake
lever on handle to lock the wheel brake.
Turn Fuel to ON position by
pushing the bottom knob
towards right.
If this is first use of the day then
switch the choke to the ON
position by moving the upper knob
towards left.
Turn engine switch to the ON
position and grip operator presence bar and handle bar
together in left hand.
Grip the engine pull lead handle and pull
gently until you feel the “bite”, then pull on
the lead sharply to overcome the pressure,
prevent kickback and switch on the engine.
Repeat the procedure, if necessary, with the throttle lever in
intermediate position. Once the engine is running, return
the throttle lever to idle position and gently release the
choke lever.
A leaking fuel line no matter how small can be the
source of a fire or explosion when starting or
operating the engine.
Engine On/Off
Belt Guard
Front Handle
NEVER operate petrol engines indoors or in a
confined space. The exhaust contains gases that can
Never open oil fill port while engine is running. Hot
oil can spray over face and body.
Position the unit with the cutting head just clear of the
Stay in the OPERATOR POSITION (behind the
machine) while actuating controls. Never leave
grinder unattended.
Starter Grip
Tyre and Hub
Cutting Wheel
Discharge Flap
Cutter Guard
Facing controls press down on handle bar to lift cutter
wheel off the ground. Grip throttle control lever and
handle bar together in right hand. Centrifugal clutch
will engage and cutter wheel will begin to rotate.
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