Instruction Bulletin 800 Series to Quantum I/O

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Instruction Bulletin
800 Series to Quantum I/O Conversion
Retain for future use.
The Quantum Automation Series supports a full range of high performance
I/O modules designed to interface with a wide variety of field devices.
Telemecanique Automation Services offers a conversion product to ease
the migration from 800 series I/O to Quantum I/O. The conversion product
consists of B800 series quick fit conversion connectors (Figure 1) and a
swing arm assembly (Figure 2).
Figure 1:
Conversion Connectors
The conversion connectors allow users to connect their existing 800 series
field wiring to Quantum I/O. High-density (32 point) and low-density
(16 point) versions are available.
The swing arm assembly consists of a base plate and a swing arm. The
swing arm allows the Quantum backplane and the B800 quick fit conversion
connectors to occupy the same space as the original 800 series housing.
The swing arm assembly comes in 19 and 27 inch versions, and is available
in either painted steel or aluminum.
Figure 2:
Quantum I/O Swing Arm Assembly
Base plate
Phillips head screws securing
swing arm to base plate
Ordering Information
Part Number
Conversion Connectors
Swing Arms
19 in. aluminum
19 in. steel
27 in. aluminum
27 in. steel
800 Series to Quantum I/O Conversion
Instruction Bulletin
31006765 00
Safety Precautions
• Apply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safe
electrical work practices. See NFPA 70E.
• Turn OFF all power before working on or inside equipment.
• Always use a properly rated voltage sensing device to confirm that
power is off.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious
Removing Existing Modules and Housing
1. Turn off power to the 800 series I/O housing and remove field side power.
2. Unscrew the remote I/O (RIO) coaxial cable (Figure 3) and set it aside.
Figure 3:
Unscrewing RIO Coaxial Cable
3. Remove the 800 series I/O module(s). Each module has a built-in
handle attached at the front of the module. To remove a module, loosen
the captive screws at the top and bottom of the module, grasp the
handle (Figure 4), and pull the module straight out.
Figure 4:
Figure 5:
Removing Field Connectors
Removing an 800 Series I/O Module
4. Remove the two Phillips head screws securing each 800 series I/O field
connector to the housing. One screw is located on the top of the
housing, and the other is located on the bottom of the housing.
5. Remove the field connector(s) (Figure 5). Keep the wiring intact for
later use.
6. Remove the 800 series I/O housing.
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800 Series to Quantum I/O Conversion
Instruction Bulletin
Attaching the Quantum I/O Base Plate
Figure 6:
Compressing Hinges
1. The swing arm assembly is shipped with the swing arm attached to the
base plate. For ease of installation, detach the swing arm before
installing the Quantum base plate. To detach the swing arm:
a. Remove the two Phillips head screws securing the top of the swing
arm to the base plate (Figure 2 on page 1).
b. Compress the hinges at the bottom of the swing arm by squeezing
the two knurled knobs on each hinge and rotating them downward
(Figure 6).
c. Remove the swing arm from the base plate.
2. Securely fasten the base plate in your preferred location.
Figure 7:
Quantum Base Plate
Figure 8:
Mating the Field and Conversion
3. Mate the field connector(s) removed in Step 4 on page 2 with the
conversion connector(s). See Figure 8 and the B800 Quick Fit
Connector Read Me First document.
4. The mated conversion connector(s) can be mounted in any available
position on the base plate. Line up the tabs on the back of each field
connector with the square mounting slots on the base plate (Figure 7).
5. Secure the conversion connector to the base plate by tightening the two
captive screws with a Phillips head screwdriver (Figure 9). (The
maximum tightening torque for these mounting screws is 10 in-lbs.)
Figure 9:
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Mounting Connectors to Base Plate
800 Series to Quantum I/O Conversion
Instruction Bulletin
Attaching the Swing Arm
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1. Make sure the swing arm hinges are compressed (Figure 6 on page 3).
2. Line up the hinges on the swing arm with the hinges on the base plate.
Lock the hinges by rotating the knurled knobs on each hinge upward
until they snap into place (Figure 10).
3. Insert a Phillips head screw into each of the two holes at the top of swing
arm (Figure 2 on page 1). Tighten securely.
Figure 10:
Bottom View Showing Locked Compression Hinges
Installing the Quantum System
1. Mount the required Quantum I/O module(s) onto the swing arm. Secure
each module by tightening the captive Phillips head screw at the bottom
of the module (Figure 12). (The maximum tightening torque for this
screw is 2–4 in-lbs.)
Figure 11:
2. Plug each Quantum I/O field connector into its corresponding I/O
module. Tighten the captive Phillips head screw at the top and bottom of
each connector.
Bottom View, Quantum I/O
Modules Installed
3. Connect the coaxial cable to the Quantum RIO processor.
Figure 12:
The open design allows easy routing of
the field connector wiring through the
bottom of the swing arm assembly.
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Connecting Coaxial Cable to RIO Processor
Phillips head
connector to
I/O module
Coaxial cable
Phillips head
screw securing
I/O module to
swing arm.
Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced, and maintained only by
qualified personnel. No responsibility is assumed by Schneider Electric for any
consequences arising out of the use of this material.
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