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BD-R DL 50GB 6X 5Pack Jewel Case
Reorder No: 43748
Warranty: Lifetime (Germany 2 years)
Special Features:
High capacity storage disc for Archival, recording and playback of
HD videos
Patented MKM metal- nitride recording layer (ablative WORM)
Wide power margin ensures drive compatibility
EAN 128:
EAN 14:
Carton Qty:
Carton Dimensions:
Pack Weight:
Disc Surface:
Available :
50 pcs
550mm (D), 153mm (H), 148mm (W
0,48kg / 5pk // 5kg / outer box
Blue graphics on white background
December 2010
Sales Information:- Hardcoat scratch guard protection against scratches,
fingerprints, dust, oil and water.
Metal ablative recording layer. To ensure excellent recording compatibility &
prolonged stability for archival life