Product profile
Mobile Computer
The CS40 is a high-performance enterprise
communication handheld computer in a
sleek, lightweight ruggedized design. It is
optimized for pre-sales, merchandising,
residential and business field service,
long haul and truck load transportation
professionals. The CS40 features:
• Integrated 2D imager scans 1D/2D
barcodes consistently delivering speed
and accuracy
• 3.2 MP color camera for visual
verification with the home office
• Construction that is built to withstand
real-world handling with multiple
1.2-meter drops to concrete and IP54
sealing against rain and dust
• 4 radios, including 3.75 G wireless WAN,
802.11b/g, CCX v4, Bluetooth® Class II
version 2.1+EDR, and GPS technology
providing voice communication, highspeed data, and location information to
improve worker productivity
• UMTS radio delivering high-bandwidth
data and voice services to mobile users
around the world for easy deployment
• Numeric and QWERTY keypad options
to best suit user needs
• Intermec SmartSystems™ enabling
rapid deployment with easy device
configuration and the ability to ship
direct to end-users using ScanNGo over
• Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system
promoting an intuitive user interface
and maximizes efficiency of touch
• Full compatibility with printers,
application software, communications,
peripherals and accessories enabling
a comprehensive enterprise business
Where Rugged and
Sleek Meet
Intermec’s CS40 is designed specifically
for mobile field professionals who need
productivity and reliability beyond a
smart phone. The CS40 is Intermec’s
smallest rugged mobile computer. It
combines ruggedness, advanced 3.75G
voice and data communications, as
well as integrated high-performance
1D/2D scanning capability in smart
phone size and style. It is designed to
connect your mobile workforce to the
enterprise for real-time access to business
information and data exchange.
Running critical enterprise business
applications, the CS40 allows companies to
improve their business processes, expand
customer offerings, increase revenue and
reduce the cost and complexity of a field
mobility solution all at the point where
it’s needed most – on the front lines.
Drop the CS40 without Dropping
Intermec is a world leader in the design of
mobile computing devices that stand up to
the rigors of everyday use, and the CS40 is
no exception. Ruggedness is integral to the
CS40 design. It can withstand multiple 1.2meter drops to concrete on all corners and
all sides and is IP54 rated, which means it
is sealed against rain, moisture and dust.
The professional design of the CS40
provides optimal ergonomics and
consumer styling. However unlike
consumer-grade devices, the battery is
encapsulated in a single-rugged package
to prevent disengagement when the
device is dropped. In addition, the CS40
backlit key pad is wear-proof and the
touch panel glass has been chemically
strengthened to last the life of the device.
Integrated Scanning Without Compromise
The CS40 utilizes the proven Intermec
EA11 imager that provides a familiar
“laser-like” aimer and delivers high speed,
accurate 1D and 2D barcode reading in
any orientation. Ideally suited to the
expanding use of 2D barcodes, including
track and trace capability in symbologies
such as DataBar (replacing UPC and
EAN), the CS40 is the perfect fit for
inventory management, ordering, lighthandling delivery, and stock management
applications. The no-compromise design
also includes a high-performance 3 megapixel color camera with flash to easily
capture photos, make notations, and
transmit to the office for verification.
Superior Voice and Data Quality
With industry-leading cell phone
technology at its core, the CS40 has
outstanding voice quality and the
latest 3.75G wireless WAN radio to
deliver the fastest data and voice
communications available on UMTS
networks. The CS40 provides quick and
reliable data connectivity for uploading
large documents, real-time images or
synchronization with the enterprise
data base by utilizing high speed uplink
packet access (HSUPA) technology
and a high performance antenna.
Features That Go Further
The multiprocessor architecture of the
CS40 delivers high-performance and
supports robust features to meet the
demanding schedule of your mobile
workforce, all at low levels of power
consumption. This architecture ensures
that the CS40 standard battery is suitable
for an uninterrupted full shift of troublefree operation and maximum uptime
throughout the workday, even while
powering a bright 2.8 inch QVGA display
that’s easily viewed in full sunlight.
To simplify charging, the CS40 uses a
MicroUSB connector with a universal cell
phone charger to reduce the complexity of
device-specific charging cables. In addition,
the CS40 charging solution automatically
comes with four snap on plugs to enable
charging anywhere around the world.
The mobile professional can leverage
the integrated GPS radio to reduce drive
time and lower fuel costs by improving
navigation to new customer locations.
A built-in accelerometer allows the
CS40 to rotate the display based on the
orientation of the device, improving
the user experience and efficiency.
The CS40 features a Bluetooth® v2.1
EDR radio which provides simple, secure
wireless connectivity to headsets,
Intermec mobile printers and other
Bluetooth compatible devices. The
CCX v4 certified 802.11 radio enables
fast and secure voice communications
or end-of-day synchronization
with the enterprise network.
Ready for Business
With Intermec SmartSystems™ preloaded
on the CS40, IT Managers can quickly,
easily and securely provision, configure,
and deploy application software, device
settings, and policies for remotely located
CS40 devices all from the convenience
of their desk. SmartSystems™ software
also automatically stages system
and software updates, as well as
configuration changes, to keep on-going
system maintenance costs low, and your
CS40s performing in top condition.
As an added convenience, remotely
located mobile professionals can use
the SmartSystems ScanNGo over
WWAN capability to load the golden
configuration and application files
from their IT department by simply
scanning a barcode when they receive
their new or replacement device.
Software developers can access a
comprehensive software toolkit through
the Intermec Developer Library to simplify
application development and shorten
time to deployment. Additionally,
Skynax can be employed to supply
mobility support and connectivity
features like secure reliable data
communications, device management,
and customer specific business data
rules over any type of connection.
The CS40 is supported by a suite of
fully integrated system components
including peripherals and accessories.
Business Systems that Work
Intermec systems are designed to meet
the needs of the enterprise and incorporate
features that lower total cost of ownership.
To ensure seamless coverage and
protection of initial investment, Intermec
and its global network of partners provide
advanced support services from evaluation
and integration to implementation
and ongoing device maintenance.
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions with battery:
L: 13.3 x W: 6.3 x D: 2.4cm (5.25 x 2.46 x .94 in)
Weight: 196 gm (6.9 oz) with battery
Operating Temperature: -10° C to +50° C
(14° F to +122° F)
Storage Temperature: -25° C to +70° C
(-13° F to +158° F)
Charging Temperature: +5° C to +30° C (41° F to 86° F)
Relative Humidity: Non-condensing, 95%
Rain & Dust Resistance: IP54
Drop Specification: 1.2m (4 ft) per
Electrostatic Discharge: +/- 15 kV air discharge,
+/- 8 kV direct discharge
Standard Battery Pack: 3.7 V, 1430 mAh; IEEE 1725
compliant, Li-Ion, removable, rechargeable
Operating System
Windows Mobile 6.5
Getting started information:
Multi-Processor Architecture
Main Processor ARM 11 @ 528 MHz
Radio Processor ARM 9 @ 320 MHz
Memory and Storage
Memory: 256 MB RAM (approximately 150 MB
available for user applications)
ROM: 512 MB Flash (approx 350 MB available for user
applications) Customer-accessible micro-SD slot for
removable memory cards up to 32 GB
2.8 in, 240 x 320 pixel (QVGA) trans-reflective
TFT-LCD display
65,536 (16 bit RGB) colors
LED backlight
Touch screen
Standard Communications
USB – High Speed 2.0 OTG
Device Management: Intermec SmartSystems™ Client
included and compatible with most popular
3rd party device management solutions
Application Development: Support Windows APIs and
Intermec Developer Library
North America
Corporate Headquarters
6001 36th Avenue West
Everett, Washington 98203
Phone: (425) 348-2600
Fax: (425) 355-9551
North Latin America
Headquarters Office
Phone: +52 55 52-41-48-00
Fax: +52 55 52-11-81-21
South Latin America
Headquarters Office
Phone: +55 11 5502.6770
Fax: +55 11 5502.6780
Europe/Middle East &
Africa Headquarters Office
Reading, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 118 923 0800
Fax: +44 118 923 0801
Asia Pacific
Headquarters Office
Phone: +65 6303 2100
Fax: +65 6303 2199
Integrated Radios
Wireless WAN: 3.75G UMTS / HSUPA
UMTS Frequencies: 850, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz
GSM/GPRS Frequencies: 850, 900,
1800, 1900 MHz
Technology Class UMTS: 3.75G HSUPA
Max Speeds: Uplink - 2.0 Mbps; Downlink - 7.2 Mbps
Antenna: Internal
Wireless LAN:
IEEE®802.11 b/g Data rates: 1, 2, 5.5, 11, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24,
36, 48 and 54 Mbps
Operating channels: 1 to 13 (2412-2472 MHz)
Regulatory compliance: As per IEEE® 802.11d
Antenna: Internal
Security: WiFi Certified for WPA/WPA2 operation
Authentication: PEAP/MS-CHAP v2, EAP-TLS, CCX v4
Wireless PAN: Integrated Bluetooth® Class II,
Version 2.1+EDR
Operating channels: 0 to 78 (2402-2480 MHz)
Data Rates: 1, 2, 3 Mbps
Antenna: Internal
Global Positioning System
12 channel Integrated GPS; Supports Autonomous
mode with extended ephemeris data; Supports
assisted operation via WAN Carrier; Network
independent; accuracy within 3m
Embedded accelerometer enables automatic or
application-specific features such as “screen rotation”
and system suspend/resume
Audio Support
Supports VoIP / Speech recognition / PTT
applications; front and rear speakers; rear speaker
has >70 dB at 40 cm (15.7 in); Front panel microphone
for voice communication; Wireless Bluetooth headset
Integrated Camera
3.2 Megapixel fixed focus color camera with flash
Keypad Options
Numeric (26 key) or QWERTY (42 key) with backlight
AC /DC charger; USB Y-cable for charging and active
synchronization; Car power adapter; Truck power
adaptor; Vehicle holder; RAM mounts
Worldwide Locations:
Toll Free NA: (800) 934-3163
Toll in NA: (425) 348-2726
Freephone ROW:
00 800 4488 8844
Toll ROW: +44 134 435 0296
OEM Sales
Phone: (425) 348-2762
Media Sales
Phone: (513) 874-5882
Customer Service
and Support
Toll Free NA: (800) 755-5505
Toll in NA: (425) 356-1799
Integrated Scanner
EA11 2D Imager; “laser-like” aimer; Capable of
scanning: 1D and 2D barcodes as small as 5 mil; PDF as
small as 6.6 mil; Data Matrix as small as 7.5 mil; and
standard UPCs from as far as 30.9 cm (12 in)
EA11 Standard Optics
Data Matrix 7.5 mils
PDF417 6.6 mils
0.25 mm / 10 mils
100% contrast UPC EAN
0.5 mm / 20 mils
EA11 Standard Typical Maximum Reading Distances
Code 39
Data Matrix
Maximum Distance
0.125 mm/5 mils
13.1 cm/5.1 in
0.20 mm/8 mils
22.5 cm/8.8 i
0.25 mm/10 mils
27 cm/10.5 in
0.5 mm/20 mils
44 cm/17.2 in
1 mm/40 mils
83 cm/32.4 in
0.33 mm/ 13 mils
32 cm/12.5 in
0.19 mm/7.5 mils
17.3 cm/6.7 in
0.25 mm/10 mils
22 cm/8.6 in
0.38 mm/15 mils
29 cm/11.3 in
0.16 mm/6.6 mils
15.4 cm/6 in
0.25 mm/10 mils
23 cm/9 in
0.38 mm/15 mils
37 cm/14.4 in
Intermec Global Services Support --> Support --> Knowledge Central
Telephone support available in the USA & Canada
(1-800-755-5505). Outside of this area, contact your
local representative.
Current listing of service locations can be found at: --> Support --> Returns and
Repairs --> Repair Locations
Regulatory Approvals and Compliance
Safety: cULus Listed, DEMKO, NOM, BSMI
Radio: FCC w/HAC, Industry Canada, CE2200,
A-tick (AU), C-tick (NZ), NCC, OFTA, IDA ,HKSI, ICASA,
POSTEL, NTC, ETA, SIRIM, ANATEL, 61 countries in total
Environmental: EU Directives-WEEE, RoHS, Batteries
& Accumulators, Packaging & Waste Packaging
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