Pivot Table

Excel Subtotals and Pivot Tables – Monthly Payroll to Finance Reconciliation Report
1. Open the desired .xls file in Excel.
a. Be sure to copy the original file to a new file or worksheet and work with the copy.
2. Click in any cell below the title and column header rows.
3. Click on Data > PivotTable and PivotChart Report… from the Menu Bar.
a. This will open a 3-step Wizard.
4. Click the button that specifies the data comes from Excel, then click the PivotTable button and then
click Next.
5. Verify the range of data used for the table and click Next.
6. Click on the Layout… button from the Pivot Table Wizard Dialogue Box.
7. Construct the Pivot Table by dragging and dropping the field/column name buttons on the right side,
to the appropriate areas of the Pivot Table Wizard diagram (Page, Row, Data, Column) on the left
side. When done, click OK.
8. Click the button to locate the Pivot Table in a New Worksheet and click Finish.
a. Note: the default and recommended is New Worksheet.
VCU Human Resources, Training and Development
Fall 2006; Revised July 9, 2007
Modifying the Pivot Table
To remove the unwanted subtotal fields:
Click anywhere in the Pivot Table (this is important!)
1. Close the Pivot Table Field List window by clicking the X in the top right corner.
2. Point to and right click on a subtotal cell (it will have the word “Total” in it)
3. Click Hide from the Quick Pop-up Menu. Repeat this for the rest of the subtotal levels.
Format the currency column:
1. Select the desired, entire column by clicking on the “letter” at the top of a column displaying money.
a. (The Annualized Salary column was renamed “Total” by Excel.)
2. Click the $ currency format tool on the formatting toolbar – this will format the column as currency.
Drill Down to one value in a column:
1. Click the drop down arrow for a column.
2. Click the checkbox for (Show All) – this will take off the check marks for all items.
3. Scroll to the item you wish to view and click the individual value’s check mark.
4. Save your work!
VCU Human Resources, Training and Development
Fall 2006; Revised July 9, 2007
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