n9002 thermometer operating instructions

n9002 thermometer operating instructions
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The N9002 is a high performance handheld industrial
thermometer housed in the proven 'N' series case for ultimate
strength and durability. It has IP67 certification against water
and dust penetration. The case is easy to clean and the sealed
soft-touch keypad provides smooth operation. The N9002
features a clock, selectable thermocouple type, single and dual
differential mode, auto-off and data
The N9002 has a two year warranty, a free certificate of
conformity and full compatibility with the existing probe range. A
slip on boot is available for added protection.
BioCote® is a silver based antimicrobial agent that is
impregnated into the instrument case during moulding.
BioCote® effectively inhibits the function, growth and
reproduction of a wide range of micro-organisms and its
protection is increasingly accepted as part of HACCP, due
diligence and health and safety procedures to reduce cross
contamination. BioCote® protection lasts for the life of the
instrument because the agent is present throughout the case
plastic and cannot rub off or be washed or leached out.
BioCote® active ingredients are registered with the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Although BioCote® inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on
the instrument case, it does not protect individuals against such
harmful organisms or remove the need to maintain the highest
standards of personal and product hygiene and cleanliness.
A – Activated during DIFFerential mode with both T1 and T2 enabled.
B – Main Temperature display. T1 is displayed here when enabled. Will
display DIFFerential temperature in two-channel DIFF mode.
C – Displays current scale in use.
D – CAL is displayed to indicate that the annual instrument
re-calibration is due.
E – Nominally used for displaying time, but will display temperature
in DIFFerential mode, and MAX/MIN mode. M indicates display of
the stored reading in single channel DIFFerential mode.
F – Displays the current sensor type.
G – Indicates MAXimum/HOLD/ and SETUP mode. PRINTing not
applicable to N9002.
H – Indicates AUTO power off enabled/MINimum/ and Low BATtery.
LOGging not applicable to N9002.
I – Alarms not applicable to N9002.
J – This is the third numeric display, and will nominally display
channel T2. Delta T is indication of channel DIFF mode.
Pressing SETUP will enter the setup menu for the thermometer.
The following stages are included in the SETUP menu and are
accessed sequentially, i.e. each stage must be access in turn to
reach the one required. Pressing ENTER will accept the setting
and step on to the next function. The setup menu can be exited
using the CLEAR key. Settings changed in previous steps will
however be retained.
4.1 Auto-Power-OFF Enable / Disable
Toggle AUTO Power ON/OFF with the UP/DOWN arrow
Press ENTER/HOLD to continue.
4.2 Channel Enable / Disable
N.B. At least one channel must be selected.
Toggle T1 ON/OFF with the UP/DOWN arrow keys
Toggle T2 ON/OFF with the UP/DOWN arrow keys
Press ENTER/HOLD to continue.
4.3 Thermocouple Type Setup
Select the thermocouple type with the UP/DOWN arrow
Press ENTER/HOLD to continue.
4.4 Scale Setup
Select the scale required with the UP/DOWN arrow keys.
°C, °F and Kelvin scales are available.
Press ENTER/HOLD to continue.
4.5 Date and Time Setup
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the minutes.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the required hours
in 24 Hr Format.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the century.
Select the year using the UP/DOWN arrow keys.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the month.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the day.
Press ENTER/HOLD to continue.
4.6 Display contrast adjustment
Use the arrow keys to select high or low display contrast.
Use high for extended operation in ambient temperatures
below –10°C.
Use low for higher ambient temperatures.
4.7 Mains supply rejection frequency
To change this setting, when entering the setup menu, hold
the setup key down for longer than 5 seconds.
Toggle the Mains Supply rejection frequency using the UP/
DOWN arrow keys.
In the UK use the 50 setting for 50Hz, in the USA use the 60
setting for 60Hz.
If the correct setting is not known, contact Comark or your
Distributor for details.
Press ENTER/HOLD to finish and exit from SETUP.
5.1 Display Test
The ‘ON/OFF’ button on the keypad switches on the
instrument. When the instrument is first switched on the unit
performs a self-test and the whole display will be energised.
After a short pause the display will revert to normal
temperature display. The current time is also displayed.
5.2 Auto Power off (APO)/Power Saving
The N9002 can be set to auto-power-off three minutes after
the last button operation or to remain permanently on until
manually switched off. This mode is indicated on the LCD in
the lower portion of the display by the word AUTO. Enabling
or disabling auto-power-off (APO) is available from the
keypad in SETUP.
6.1 Display Hold
Pressing ENTER/HOLD will prevent display updates for
actual temperature displays and suppresses update of max
and min values. HOLD will appear on the display to indicate
this mode. Pressing ENTER/HOLD again will cancel display
6.2 Maximum & Minimum Mode
The N9002 instrument automatically updates the maximum
and minimum readings as soon as the instrument is
switched on. These can be displayed by pressing the MAX
or MIN buttons. If both channels, T1 and T2, are enabled,
MAX or MIN is displayed for both channels. If T1 or T2 only
is enabled both MAX and MIN are displayed together for
the enabled channel. MAX and MIN readings can be reset
individually at any time for all channels by pressing CLEAR
followed by either MAX or MIN.
6.3 Differential Mode (DIFF)
There are two DIFF modes available for the N9002, single
channel and twin channel. If only one channel (T1 or T2)
is enabled the instrument will memorise the temperature
at the moment the DIFF button is pressed and displays
this temperature on the lower left area of the LCD. It also
displays the difference between the current temperature and
the memorized temperature on the lower right area of the
LCD. The main display area shows the current temperature.
If both channels (T1 and T2) are enabled the instrument
will display the difference between T1 and T2 on the main
display and T1 and T2 actual temperatures on the lower left
and lower right areas respectively.
6.4 Clear MAX, Clear MIN
To clear MAX or MIN from the memory press CLEAR
followed by MAX or CLEAR followed by MIN.
N.B. The N9002 thermometer clears MAX and MIN
The N9002 thermometer is a two-channel instrument using
sub-miniature connectors. When connecting probes to the
N9002 always remember to check the polarity of the plug before
fitting. In order to get correct results make sure that you have
selected the correct thermocouple type for the probe that you
have connected.
Note: It is recommended that insulated thermocouples be used.
The N9002 thermometer is dust and waterproof as stated in
the specifications and will withstand harsh environments. Use
a damp cloth or warm soapy water to remove deposits and
prevent them from hardening or becoming sticky. Do not use
solvent-based cleaners or methylated spirit, etc.
Caution: Do not place the N9002 thermometer in a dishwasher.
If the instrument is to be stored for an extended period (for
example as a spare unit) remove the battery to eliminate the
risk of leakage.
The symbol BAT flashes on the display as soon as the battery
voltage drops to an initial warning level. During this first level
of low battery the instrument can be operated normally, but it is
recommended that the battery be replaced as soon as possible.
If the battery is allowed to discharge further there is a second
level of low battery, which is indicated by the symbol remaining
on and not flashing. Replace the battery straight away after
seeing this symbol.
To replace the battery: Make sure the instrument is off,
unscrew the screw retaining the battery cover on the rear of
the instrument using the correct size flat-blade screwdriver.
Remove the two cells and replace with new alkaline cells to
ensure long life. Be careful to observe the correct polarity. Take
care not to over-tighten the screw when re-fitting the cover, and
not to lose the rubber-sealing washer.
Note: The N9002 thermometer will continue to keep correct
date & time for at least 30 seconds after removal of cells. If this
time is exceeded setup may be necessary.
Note: NiCd or NiMh cells can be used but will result in reduced
operating time. Do not attempt to recharge the cells in the
Measurement Thermocouple types
K, N, T, J, R, S, E, B
2-pin sub-min connector
Measurement Range (°C)
Type K
Type N
Type T
Type J
Type R
Type S
Type E
Type B
From (°C)
°C, °F and Kelvin
Instrument Accuracy at +23°C
Better than ± 0.1 % of reading ± 0.2°C
Temperature Coefficient
Less than ± 0.01 % of reading
±0.02 °C per °C change from +23°C
Ambient Operating Temperature Range
-25°C to +50°C
Response Time
1 second to full accuracy
Two Type I.E.C. LR6 Size AA
Battery Life (continuous)
Greater than 300 hours (Alkaline)
Environmental Protection
I.P.67 BS60529 IEC 529
Tested to EN 61326-1
Criteria B Performance
To (°C)
Due to our policy of continual product improvement specifications are
subject to change without prior notice.
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