IBM eServer BladeCenter HS22

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IBM BladeCenter HS22
Versatile, easy-to-use blade optimized for
performance, power and cooling
Designed for versatility
Improve service with unparalleled RAS
features and innovative management
Reduce cost through increased performance, utilization and efficiency
Manage growth and reduce risk on a
BladeCenter® platform with proven
The IBM® BladeCenter HS22 offers flexible options to support a
broad range of workloads, including virtualization and enterprise
applications. Along with intuitive UEFI-based tools, the HS22 can be
customized and deployed quickly while best-in-class reliability
features help keep you up and running. Mix and match the HS22 with
the industry’s most diverse set of chassis and blades and that go
beyond x86.
Built for performance
The HS22 provides outstanding performance with support for the
latest Intel® Xeon® processors, high-speed I/O, and support for high
memory capacity and fast memory throughput. The HS22 can run
applications up to twice as fast compared to previous generation blades.
In fact, you can run many applications faster than even competitor
four-socket blades.
Optimized for power, cooling efficiency
The HS22 features an innovative mechanical design optimized for
cooling capability to help keep the blade running smoothly even under
demanding conditions. Combined with low-voltage components, the
industry’s most energy-efficient chassis, and robust power management
tools, the HS22 helps control power consumption and maximize
Select configurations of the HS22 are part of the IBM Express
Advantage® Portfolio designed to meet the needs of midsized businesses. Easy to manage, Express® models and configurations vary by
IBM BladeCenter HS22 at a glance
Form factor
Single-wide (30 mm)
Processor (max)
Choice of two Intel Xeon 5600 series
processors, up to 3.60 GHz
Number of processors
Memory (max)
Twelve DDR-3 VLP DIMM slots (up to 192 GB of
total memory capacity and memory speeds up to
1333 MHz) with memory sparing
Expansion slots
One CIOv slot (standard PCIe daughter card) and
one CFFh slot (high-speed PCIe daughter card)
for a total of eight ports of I/O to each blade,
including 4 ports of high-speed I/O
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Disk bays (total/hot-swap)
Two hot-swap bays supporting SAS HDDs or
solid-state drives
Maximum internal
Up to 1.0 TB total internal storage
Network interface
Virtual Fabric Adapter (10 GbE) ships integrated
in some models Broadcom 5709S onboard NIC
with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with TOE
Hot-swap components
Internal storage bays
RAID support
RAID-0, -1 and -1E (optional RAID-5 with
battery-backed cache)
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Systems management
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI),
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