Baracoda RoadRunners

Data Capture for
Workforce in Motion
Baracoda RoadRunners
BRR-L / Cordless Linear Imager
Designed for applications where form factor, weight
and autonomy are key
Superior reading quality
CMOS linear imager up
to 200 scans/s
Huge battery autonomy
more than 30000 scans
Bluetooth Class 1 ( up
to 100 meters )
Real Time Clock
enables proof of visit
Withstand mutiple drops
to concrete with its protective boot
Internal memory available
for Batch mode
Interfaces with a large
variety of Bluetooth
devices : PDA / mobile
phone / Laptop / Tablet
Compact and lightweight devices, Roadrunners are designed to answer the most demanding cordless data capture
requirements for mobile environments.
Its form factor combined with its huge autonomy make
Roadrunners ideal for adding barcode scanner to PDAs/
mobile phones as well as providing a convenient cordless
scanner for in premise applications such as incomings goods
reception, shipments, orders preparation, picking etc.
The Baracoda RoadRunners family are Bluetooth Class1
products, allowing them to easily be connectable to multiple Bluetooth mobile devices and to transmit barcodes up
to 100 meters (330 ft). Moreover, the RoadRunners family
allow scanning barcodes out of the Bluetooth range: barcodes will be stored in the internal product memory and automatically downloaded when back within the Bluetooth range.
Thanks to Real Time Clock, the BRR-L provides a
perfect fit for all applications requiring time management such as work-in-progress, proof of delivery and/or visit (Home nursing, security applications)
Scanning distance: up to 19 in (up to 50 cm)
About Baracoda
World’s leading manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless barcode readers, Baracoda promotes the development of data capture solutions for both Mobile and In premise applications. Specifically skilled in the management of power consumption, security, and the interoperability of systems, Baracoda provides customers
and partners with appropriate, reliable, extremely competitive solutions suitable for all wireless environments. For more information, visit
Baracoda, Inc. (US Office)
45 Main street - Suite 616 - Brooklyn, NY 11201
Ph: 718 488 9600 - Fx: 718 488 9601
Baracoda SA (Europe Office: France)
30 Avenue de l’Amiral Lemonnier - 78160 Marly-Le-Roi
Ph: +33 1 30 08 89 00 - Fx: +33 1 30 08 89 98
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General features
Ideal for mobility applications:
Fully compliant with Bluetooth® 1.2 Standard
Gap & SPP profiles. CE - FCC - Bluetooth
Two tricolors LEDs (Orange, Green and Red)
Buzzer (85dBA)
Class 1: up to 330 ft (up to 100m)
Real Time (with or without timestamp)
Batch (with or without timestamp): more than 10,000 UPC barcodes, Flash Memory 1 Mbyte.
Reading technology
Reading distance
Scan rate
Scan angle
CMOS (Linear imager)
1.5 to 19 in (4 to 50 cm)
200 scans/s
Rugged product
RoadRunners, with their 3 mm of plastic casing protected by an additional
layer of elastomer and the optional protective boot, are particularly
adapted for harsh environments and remain fully functional even after
numerous drops on concrete.
Extremely Durable batteries
BRR-L delivers more than 10,000 scans over 72 hours of continuous use.
Battery monitoring possible: Visualise in Real Time from the Mobile Device
the battery level status of the RoadRunners (Fuel Gauge)
Superior reading quality
Can complete 200 scan per second and decode damaged or low quality
barcodes at a distance of 50 cm.
Autoscan (True and Smart option)
Bar Codes Supported Code93 - Code128/EAN128 - EAN13/UPCA UPCE/EAN8 - Code39 - Codabar - Interleaved 2 of 5
Standard 2 of 5 - Code 11 - MSI
No data loss mode and Auto Reconnection:
1 X 2000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable
Battery autonomy: more than 30,000 scans
• BRR-L has a slick design, is small and lightweight (Fits neatly in one
hand and can be easily attached to a belt via the key reel accessory).
• Very reliable, efficient, durable.
• Thanks to its PDA stylus, BaracodaRoadRunners can also be used as a
stylus on PDA.
When RoadRunners are connected to a host, scanned barcodes are
transmitted in real time to this host. Barcodes are stored within internal
memory until they are ackowledged by the application.
If you scan barcodes out of the radio range, they will be stored in memory
and automatically downloaded when getting back into radio coverage.
Internal Time clock
Every barcode can be Date and Time stamped.
Batch mode:
If used in batch mode, RoadRunners can store up to 10000 UPC
barcodes with timestamp.
4,76 in (121 mm)
1,61 in (41 mm)
1,25 in (32 mm)
4,9 oz (140g)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Operating humidity
Ambient light
Intuitive user interface:
32°F (0°C) - 104°F (40°C)
14°F (-10°C) - 158°F (70°C)
5 - 95% (Non condensing)
Several 5,9ft (1,8 m) drops to concrete (with protective boot)
Full darkness to sunlight
• Same button to switch on, connect and scan barcodes.
• Multi color led for connection and battery status.
• Sound beeps for successful scanning (Loud volume option available for
noisy environment).
Platforms compatibility:
Baracoda provides a user-friendly middleware (BaracodaManager) and
also supplies developers with state of the art APIs to ease the integration
on the following mobile platforms: PC ; PPC 2002/2003; CE.NET; Palm
OS, Symbian serie 6 (Mobile Phones) and Java phones (blackberry &
Plug and Scan Solutions
For instant replacement of corded scanners, Baracoda supplies advanced
Bluetooth Serial (RS232) and USB adapters with its wireless scanners.
Just plug & scan - there is no need for driver installation
Package content
1 Scanner with rechargeable battery
1 PDA stylus
1 Charger (5V, 500mA)
1 CD with all the documentation and software needed.
Available accessories
Protective boot:
The protective boot
is made of lightweight,
flexible elastomere, and
slips easily over the
Key retractable reel
key retractable reel will allow
the users to get both hands
free while carrying the scanner
Available Q2-06
© Baracoda™ - October 2005 - All specifications are subject to change without notice.
BRR-L Specifications
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