22“Widescreen LCD monitor with 16:10 ratio
Working on a monitor with a 16:10 ratio simply is easier. Add to that a larger viewing angle and a
large colour space, then the S2233W is truly convincing. The larger screen surface allows more
efficient work. Image changes or scrolling are thus reduced to an absolute minimum, and thus make
you gain time. The large 178° viewing angle in every direction and the wide colour space are a
guarantee for optimal colours and contrasts. The result : pure ergonomics, even when your eyes move
to the edges or to the border of the screen.
♦ Widescreen format and SlimEdge design
♦ Contrast 1200:1, brightness 350 cd/m², 178° viewing angle
♦ Wide Gamut LCD with more colours at more powerful saturation
♦ 6 ms switching time Grey-to-Grey with the overdrive function
♦ AutoEcoView and EcoViewIndex
♦ Integrated loudspeakers
Display Port, DVI-D and DSub inputs for digital and analogue connection
SlimEdge, smart and space saving design
A modern LCD module with extremely small borders results in a
very compact housing. The border all around the image is 16 mm
at the most. Power supply and signal connections are ideally
integrated in the monitor.
Exemplary image quality
With its 1680 x 1050 resolution, a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a
brightness of 350 cd/m², this monitor ensures a first class image
quality with clear graphics and structures, as well as sharp text
contours. Whether you are aside the monitor or in front,
whatever image you are watching, an equally high contrast for
colours and greyscales is shown up into the edges.
The EcoView sensor measures the ambient light and
automatically adapts the monitor’s brightness. At higher ambient
light the brightness is increased, at lower ambient light it is
decreased. A manual brightness steering is also possible. The
minimal and maximal brightness are free to determine by the
user. The EcoView index helps as a guide, showing how
environmentally-friendly a certain setting is. AutoEcoView can be
activated with a single button.
USB hub
An integrated USB hub allows the connection of various
peripherals. One could thus connect keyboard and mouse
to the monitor on the desk.
ScreenManager Pro for DDC
The ScreenManager Pro allows precise adjustment of the
monitor over Windows software as an alternative to the
OnScreenDisplay. To connect it, a simple signal cable will
do. The coupling of certain settings with an application is
possible : in this way one could automatically activate the
sRGB settings when the browser is started.
Loudspeakers and headphone connector are integrated in
the housing.
The change of image points in between tone values in a video
sequence is speeded up by precalculation, resulting in a 6 ms
switching time. Moving pictures in fast video sequences, games
or 3D animations are thus shown without annoying delays or
Wide Gamut
The S2233W colour space covers a lot more colours than regular
LCD monitors. Images and graphics become more powerful and
vivid. The monitor shows highly saturated colours that normally
cannot be shown. Users that need a lot of colours will value the
Precise colour steering
Colour visualization is steered by an internal 10Bit LookUpTable
(LUT). This allows a more precise visualization of colour
information than with regular 8Bit LUTs. Thanks to an integrated
colour management, colour temperature can be set in steps of
500 between 4.000 and 10.000 K and Gamma can be corrected
in steps of 0,2 between 1,8 aund 2,2. On top of that, colour
saturation and intensity of the RGB colours can be set
With height adjustable stand
The height adjustable stand with pivot
enabled, allowd, allows to use the
monitor in portrait or landscape mode.
Programs for wordprocessing or
spreadsheets, or applications like
an internet browser, can be more
efficient when used in portrait mode than in landscape. It would
imply less scrolling as one could watch a full A4 page at once.
Contrast enhancer (fine contrast)
Presets for brightness, colour temperature and Gamma offer
ideal viewing conditions by activating just one button. In this
way you will have the best settings for Videoclips (Movie),
graphic and image processing (Picture), office applications (Text)
and internet. An automated or manual switch between these
settings is possible.
Digital and analogue inputs
A Display Port and a DVI-D input allow the connection of digital
signals. For analogue signals a DSub connector is available. Up to
three computers can thus be connected simultaneously. The
switch can be performed automatically or manually.
Avnet Technology Solutions: Belgium - Luxemburg
+32 (0)2 709.93.13
Screen dimensions
55,8 cm (22 inch) 16:10 ratio
474 mm (wide) x 296 mm (high)
Viewable diagonal
558 mm
Ideal & recomm. resolution
1680 x 1050
Pixel pitch
0,282 mm x 0,282 mm
Viewable colours
Max. colour space
Max. brightness
16,7 million
92% NTSC, 95% AdobeRGB
350 cd/m²
Max. darkroom contrast
Max. viewing angle
LCD technology
Horizontal: 178°; vertical: 178°
Typ. mid-Tone reaction time
6 ms
Typ. reactiontime, rise/fall
Horizontal frequency
Height adjustable stand:
Height adjustable up to 82 mm,
40° backwards,
35° left and right, portrait and
Dimensions :
511 mm x (439 to 521 mm) x 209 mm
Weight :
9,6 kg
S2233W with height adjustable stand in
6/6 ms, black-white change
AutoEcoView, EcoView Index, Overdrive,
HDCP-Decoder, contrast enhancer (fine
contrast), On-Screen Display,
PowerManager through VESA DPMS,
Plug & Play after VESA DDC CI,
loudspeaker & power supply integrated
Minimal and maximal brightness,
contrast, Gamma, colour saturation for
RGB, colour temperature, Clock, Phase,
image position, resolution, Off Timer,
OSD language (German, English,
French, Swedish, Spanish and Italian),
1680 x 1050 full screen 1:1,
1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600,
720 x 400, 640 x 480, enlarged to full
screen or 1:1
31 – 82 kHz (digital: 31 – 65 kHz)
S2233W with height adjustable stand in
Under reserve of errors 10/09
Video bandwidth
55 – 76 Hz
(digital: 59 - 61 Hz)
150 MHz (digital: 120 MHz)
Graphic signals
Display Port, DVI (TMDS), RGB analogue
Signal inputs
Display Port, DVI-D and DSub
Plug & Play
Power Management
Power consumption
Dimensions (WxHxD)
511 mm x 333 x 85 mm (no stand)
Weight without stand
6,6 kg
CE, TÜV GS, TÜV Ergonomie geprüft,
Vertical frequency
max.* 90 Watt and 32 Watt typical,
less than 1 Watt in Off-Modus
0 Watt at power switch off
ISO 13406-2, TCO 5.0, Energy Star
Left and right
Audio input
3,5 mm Stereo jack
Audio out
3,5 mm Stereo jack for headphone
USB hub
1 Up-/ 2 Downstream, Rev. 2.0
Accessories in the box
Manual in german, English and French,
power + audio + USB and signal cables
(DSub-DSub and DVI-D-DVI-D), ICCcolour profile
5 years onsite
* at maximal brightness, USB hub and all signal inputs and loudspeakers in use
Avnet Technology Solutions: Belgium - Luxemburg
Height adjustable stand:
Height adjustable up to 82 mm,
40° backwards,
35° left and right, portrait and
Dimensions :
Weight :
511 mm x (439 to 521 mm) x 209 mm
9,6 kg
+32 (0)2 709.93.13