Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Adobe® InDesign® CS5
Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing
Publish engaging documents for print, online, and mobile devices. Lay out compelling
pages, brought to life with interactive media to attract new audiences and deliver enhanced
reading experiences.
Adobe InDesign CS5 software lets you focus on your layout, with the flexibility to publish your pages to a
wide range of media. Whether you’re creating print or digital documents, you can save time with online
services* that integrate with and are directly accessible from InDesign, as well as other substantial
productivity enhancements. Whether you need to reposition an image within a frame or change the
radius of a rounded corner, InDesign CS5 helps you work more efficiently.
Adobe InDesign CS5 is also
available as a component of:
•Adobe Creative Suite® 5 Design Premium
•Adobe Creative Suite 5
Design Standard
•Adobe Creative Suite 5
Master Collection
A robust set of new tools let designers create interactive documents that capture readers’ attention both
online and offline. Now you can include complex interactivity, animation, FLV video (a popular online
video format), and MP3 audio files within InDesign documents. InDesign CS5 makes it easier to export
documents in SWF format, hand off layouts to Adobe Flash® Professional CS5 software, and produce
EPUB documents for use with popular eBook readers and devices. InDesign CS5 has everything you need
to lay out memorable and engaging pages in print or digital format.
Use InDesign CS5 to create compelling online reading
experiences with integrated interactivity, video, sound,
and animation. The ability to preview rich media before
you export a SWF file helps make it easier to create
dynamic page layouts.
*CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time. See the last page of this document for details and limitations related to all
Adobe online services.
Top features
•Interactive documents and
presentations (Page 2)
•Simplified object selection and
editing (Page 3)
•Integration with Adobe CS Review* (Page 4)
•Multiple page sizes (Page 5)
•Track text changes (Page 5)
•Paragraphs that span and split
columns (Page 6)
•All-new Layers panel (Page 6)
•Production enhancements (Page 6)
•Print to digital (Page 7)
•Live captions (Page 8)
With Adobe InDesign CS5, you can:
Streamline page layout reviews. Move through review cycles more smoothly with new
capabilities in InDesign. The ability to track text changes in InDesign documents can make it much
easier for designers to identify and manage editorial changes. Team InDesign with Adobe
CS Review, part of new Adobe CS Live online services* for more efficient reviews. Because CS
Review integrates with InDesign, you can incorporate reviews directly into your design process,
eliminating the need to keep track of email attachments, manage an FTP server, or print pages for
reviewers. Integration with CS Review lets you create and share reviews and receive feedback in
context without leaving InDesign.
Do more in less time. Create, preflight, and publish documents faster. New and enhanced tools
and on-object controls help speed up and simplify repetitive, everyday tasks such as selecting and
editing frames and frame content, adjusting the white space between images, or creating grids.
Span text over multiple columns without creating a new text frame to quickly create headlines or
subheads. The ability to create pages with different sizes in a single InDesign file, a new Layers
panel, document fonts that are installed and uninstalled automatically, and other productivity
features in InDesign CS5 let you complete your page layout in fewer steps.
Create compelling, interactive digital documents. Engage and inform your readers with
interactivity, animation, video, and sound. Integrate rich media into any InDesign document. Export
your layout as an interactive PDF document that includes audio, SWF files, and FLV files. Export
InDesign documents directly to SWF files for anyone to view using Adobe Flash Player. To create
even more sophisticated interactive documents, hand off your InDesign pages to Flash Professional
CS5. InDesign typography, page design, layers, animation, sound, and video all remain intact in
Flash Professional for greater page fidelity.
Who uses InDesign?
Designers, production specialists, and printers use InDesign to lay out, preflight, and publish
documents for print, online, or to mobile devices. InDesign offers precise control over typography
to deliver professional results in any medium. Creative professionals take advantage of its tight
integration with leading industry tools, including Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe
Acrobat®, and Adobe Flash Professional software.
Professional photographers use InDesign CS5 to showcase their photographs. They create
compelling photo albums, custom-branded contact sheets, and digital portfolios that integrate
interactivity, animation, and sound.
Top new features of Adobe InDesign CS5
Interactive documents and presentations
Engage and inform readers and clients with documents and presentations that integrate interactivity,
animation, sound, and video. Help reduce costs by creating interactivity directly in InDesign.
New intuitive panels help you add rich media to
page layouts:
Animation panel. Apply the same motion presets
included in Flash Professional CS5, or add your own
custom presets to InDesign to instantly animate
objects on the page without writing code. Options in
the Animation panel let you specify duration, speed,
rotation, scale, and opacity. Quickly edit a motion path
using the Pen tool, and convert any path—even one
you import from Illustrator—into a custom motion
path with the click of a button.
You can preview motion
presets in the Animation
panel. The butterfly
demonstrates the effect. Use
the pen tool to edit any
motion path—even one
created by a motion preset.
*CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time. See the last page of this document for details and limitations related to all
Adobe online services.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Presentations made easy
Skip the presentation software!
Create engaging SWF presentations
complete with animation, interactivity, video, and sound directly in
InDesign. Because InDesign supports
native Photoshop and Illustrator
files, you can easily edit them as you
perfect your presentation.
Use the new Preview panel to see
how your presentation will play, and
make timing or other adjustments
before you export it. If you need to
edit text, replace a graphic, or tweak
the layout later, make your changes
in InDesign and export again easily.
Present a page design, mood board,
and more to a client using the new
Presentation mode in InDesign—
show off your layout without menus
or panels cluttering the screen.
Object States panel. Create multi-state objects that
indicate which button is selected, display images in a
slide show, or show versions of text in different
languages. Multi-state objects are page items that have
multiple appearances. Object states can be images, text
frames, or any other objects or groups you want to
display when someone clicks or rolls over an interactive
button while viewing an interactive document. For
example, you might create a multi-state object that
consists of multiple images to create a click-through
slide show; when the viewer clicks a button, the next
image appears.
Timing panel. Control animation timing and
playback without having to use a timeline to
add keyframes or create motion tweens. Use
the Timing panel to determine when objects
such as bullet points in a presentation or
images on a page should animate in the
interactive document. For example,
animations can be triggered to play when the
page loads, when the page is clicked, or
when a button is clicked. Loop the animation
or play it a specific number of times. Link
objects to animate simultaneously, with the
same or different durations.
Manage states in
the Object States
panel. You can
rearrange states
to change the
order in which
they appear.
The Timing panel provides an intuitive way to control when
animations begin to play and how many times they repeat.
Media panel. Preview and scrub through
placed video files without leaving InDesign.
You can select a frame from the video
sequence to represent the video in your
InDesign document before the video plays, and
even create navigation points that determine
which parts of the video play when you click a
button or otherwise trigger an action.
Preview panel. Take animations, buttons, and
other interactive elements for a test drive
without leaving InDesign. You no longer have
to re-export your content every time you make
a change to any rich media element—
Entice viewers to watch an embedded video by selecting a
frame to represent it on the page.
interactivity, animation, video, or sound—just
to see how the change affects the document.
Instead, preview and test a selection, the page, or the
entire document before you export your final SWF file.
Simplified object selection and editing
Perform repetitive layout tasks efficiently in InDesign CS5. Numerous improvements can help
make tasks such as aligning and distributing objects or customizing frame corners faster and easier.
Multiple transformations with a single tool. You can use one tool to select, align, distribute,
rotate, resize, reposition, crop, and scale frames and frame content. InDesign CS5 dynamically
switches to the right tool for the job, so you never need to lift your mouse from the layout. The new
Content Grabber lets you quickly reposition content within a frame, just by clicking and dragging. A
real-time crop preview helps you position the content precisely where you want it.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Gap tool. Adjust the white space between objects to dynamically reposition page items while
maintaining design relationships. Shift the white space up or down, left or right, without having to
crop or resize each object on the page individually. You can even expand or contract the white
space, dynamically resizing or cropping adjacent objects accordingly. The new Auto Fit feature
keeps the relationship between the object and its frame consistent as you resize the frame.
the Gap tool
in the gap
you want
to adjust.
Deliver innovative ideas across
multiple media
Extend the reach of your designs
from print to web, interactive, and
mobile media.
And get more creative power at
an appealing price. In addition to
InDesign, CS5 Design Premium offers
the latest versions of Photoshop
Extended, Illustrator, Flash Catalyst™,
Flash Professional, Dreamweaver®,
Fireworks®, and Acrobat Pro—so that
you can:
Add impact to your layouts with
expressive images and eye-catching
graphics. Use industry-standard
creative tools in Photoshop and
Illustrator to craft content that
enhances layouts for print, web,
interactive, or mobile design.
Repurpose InDesign content
for web, interactive, and eBook
projects. Make InDesign content the
foundation for a web project. Take
advantage of tight integration with
Dreamweaver, or export your page
layout to Flash Professional. Create
an eBook that can be read on a
variety of eBook devices.
Dive into interactive design without
writing code. Use brand new Flash
Catalyst CS5 to transform artwork
created in Photoshop and Illustrator
into attention-getting interactive
content viewable in Flash Player.
When Auto-Fit is enabled, InDesign honors object fitting settings (such as Center in Frame) to maintain the relationship
between objects and their frames as you adjust the gap between objects. Simply drag the Gap tool to adjust the cropping of
all the abutting images. Press Command or Control to resize a gap instead of moving it.
Live Corner Effects. Drag the corners of a frame to
dynamically change the radius and shape of the frame
directly in the layout. Modify one corner at a time or all
four simultaneously.
Easy grid placement. Take the tedium out of placing
images in a grid, as in a directory or catalog. Simply
press arrow keys to add columns and rows for images
or threaded text frames.
Integration with Adobe CS Review
Click to make the corners active, and then drag
the corner diamonds to new positions. On-object
controls make it simple to dynamically change
the look and feel of a frame as you design.
Streamline reviews and accelerate your design workflow with CS Review, a new Adobe CS Live
online service* that integrates with InDesign CS5. Using CS Review, you can create and share
documents for online review within InDesign. Colleagues and clients can view your document
online and add comments with easy-to-use annotation tools directly in their browsers. All
comments are automatically displayed in InDesign CS5, within the context of your page layout.
Clicking a comment shows you the content it references, so you can easily match comments to the
appropriate areas of page design. Simple sharing, easy access to reviews, and centralized
comments speed up the review process to help you finish your project on time and within budget.
CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time.
Reviewers add comments within the browser
online. Those comments appear in the CS Review
panel in InDesign. Thumbnails give you context
for the feedback, making it easier to find and
address comments.†
For more information, see Adobe
Creative Suite 5 Design Premium
What’s New.
*See the last page of this document for details and limitations related to all Adobe online services.
†When the CS Review online service goes live, certain aspects of its web client user interface will differ from what is shown here.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Multiple page sizes
Simplify file management by creating pages of different sizes in a single document. Whether you’re
designing marketing collateral, brand identity deliverables, or a magazine layout with complex
folds, keeping all of a project’s assets in the same file shortens design and production time.
The ability to combine multiple page sizes simplifies the layout of documents with complex folds, such as this
magazine with a cover flap. Not only can you create pages with different sizes in a document—you can include
them in a single spread.
Team up InCopy with the ability to
track changes in InDesign
Tight integration between
InDesign CS5 and Adobe InCopy® CS5
software provides a parallel workflow in which local and remote
writers, editors, and designers can
simultaneously work on a single
document without overwriting each
other’s contributions. Using Track
Changes in InDesign, designers can
more clearly see and track editorial
changes made to assigned stories in
InCopy when articles are checked
back into the layout.
The new Page Selection tool makes it easy to select individual pages, which you can resize using
options in the Control panel. You can easily share design assets by applying the same master pages
to pages of varying sizes. With the Page Selection tool, you can even reposition the master page
content for different layouts: select the page, select Show Master Page Overlay in the Control
panel, and then drag the edge of the master page to position it over the page.
Track text changes
Get to final copy faster now that you can track text changes directly in your InDesign document.
You can write, edit, and mark up text in InDesign with no need to import separate text files and
remap styles every time there are copy changes.
With Track Changes enabled, InDesign keeps track of additions, revisions, and deletions in the
document. The page layout remains uncluttered; to see the changes, simply open the Story Editor.
There, you can accept or reject changes using options similar to those in popular word-processing
applications. InDesign automatically assigns a different color for changes made by each user, so
you can easily see who’s made the edits.
See changes clearly in
the Story Editor and
accept or reject the
changes using the
context menu. For even
more control, use the
Track Changes panel to
see who made each
change, when the
change was made, and
to accept or reject all
changes at once.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Paragraphs that span and split columns
Quickly format headlines, subheads, or any text to span multiple columns in a single text frame. In
previous versions of InDesign, all text in a frame conformed to the column width. To span a
headline across multiple columns, you had to cut the headline out of the story and paste it into a
separate text frame. Now you can apply settings to a paragraph, specifying whether the text should
span some or all columns, or split columns, so that InDesign automatically reflows what was one
column into two or more columns.
Better media management with
Adobe Bridge CS5
Whether you are a designer, photographer, or cross-media creative,
you can now manage your content
more efficiently with these new or
enhanced features in Bridge CS5:
•The ability to browse linked files in
InDesign documents
•Easy placement of Illustrator files
from Bridge CS5 or Mini Bridge into
InDesign layouts
•Access to media with Mini Bridge,
also available in Photoshop and
Photoshop Extended
•Support for drag-and-drop actions
between Bridge CS5 or Mini Bridge
and InDesign CS5
•Smoother navigation between open
folders with an improved Path bar
•Flexible batch renaming, including
savable presets of regularly used
•Advanced text and image-based
watermark options when outputting
PDF documents
•File conversion to JPEG format for
an easy way to share files via
websites and galleries
•Precise adjustment of the size and
quality of images in the Web Gallery
•A Publish panel with simple options
to output files to disc and upload
images to popular sharing sites
Specify that a particular paragraph, such as
this subhead, should span columns. Or,
include the option in a paragraph style to
format headlines quickly and consistently.
All-new Layers panel
The Layers panel has been completely rebuilt.
If you’re familiar with the Layers panel in
Illustrator and Photoshop, you’ll feel right at
home in InDesign. You can now view not only
layers but the individual objects they contain.
Select, hide, name, lock, and change the
stacking order of objects such as text frames,
images, and shapes directly within the
Layers panel.
Reconfiguring grouped objects is fast and easy.
With a quick click, you can reveal the hierarchy
of objects within a group, including any hidden
objects. Then, simply drag objects from one
group to another in the Layers panel—with no
need to ungroup, select items, and regroup.
Each individual
object on a
layer is listed in
the Layers
panel, and you
can easily see
and edit the
items within a
group. When
you lock or hide
an item, all of its
paths and
components are
locked or
hidden, too.
Production enhancements
InDesign CS5 includes several productivity advances designed to help you deliver print and digital
documents faster. Improved integration with Adobe Bridge software and the new Adobe Mini
Bridge panel in InDesign, document-installed fonts, and the ability to export PDF documents in the
background all can help you meet deadlines with ease.
The new document-installed fonts feature helps avoid the inconvenience of missing fonts during
production and printing. When you package a document, InDesign includes fonts used in that
document. When that document is opened on another system, InDesign looks for a document
fonts folder and automatically installs those fonts for use only in that document. It then uninstalls
them when the document is closed. This timesaving feature can help avoid costly design and print
errors. While InDesign takes the hassle out of installing the fonts required for printing a design
project, the appropriate font licenses are still required for any party creating or printing
the document.
Now you can preview individual pages in an InDesign document in Bridge without opening
InDesign. You can also view thumbnail previews of the images placed in an InDesign document in
Bridge without having to open the InDesign file first, making it easier to locate and reuse images.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
In InDesign CS5, you can access much of the power of Bridge without leaving InDesign. Locate
InDesign files, images, videos, and other assets using Mini Bridge, and drag them directly into
position in your document.
The Mini Bridge panel in
InDesign gives you quick
access to your assets. You
can use Favorites you’ve set
up in Bridge to locate files
easily or navigate through
your hard drive. To quickly
find images or other assets
you’ve used in an InDesign
document, right-click or
Control-click the file in Mini
Bridge, and choose Show
Linked Files.
Maximize your production time by exporting PDF documents in the background. InDesign takes
advantage of 64-bit multithreading, so you can export large files as you work on other projects.
Print to digital
Quickly and efficiently extend your page content to the web, onto mobile devices, or for playback
in Adobe Flash Player.
Hand off InDesign CS5 pages to Flash Professional CS5 with greater fidelity. The new text engine in
Flash Professional retains typography you created in InDesign, including threaded text frames, so
you can easily make last-minute text edits in Flash Professional. Multi-state objects and placed
video and audio files included in the InDesign CS5 layout are carried over into Flash Professional.
Objects animated with motion presets in InDesign are added to the Flash Professional timeline as
motion objects. The original layer structure of the InDesign document is re-created in the Flash
Professional timeline, so the Flash developer can easily understand how pages were created.
Export InDesign pages directly to
Flash Professional to add even
richer interactivity to documents.
All audio, animations, and placed
FLV and SWF files are maintained
on export to Flash Professional.
Text remains live and text frames
remain linked so it is much easier
to make quick text edits in Flash
Professional. Animations created
in InDesign appear in the
timeline as movie clips, giving
you complete control over timing
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
Create compelling eBooks with enhanced support for the EPUB file format. Author eBooks that can
be read on a variety of devices such as the Apple iPad, Sony e-Book Reader, Barnes & Noble nook,
mobile phones, or personal computers using Microsoft® Windows® or Mac OS. Include interactivity,
animation, sound, and video to bring eBooks to life when read on a personal computer using
Adobe Digital Editions, a desktop reading application. Enhanced export features include the ability
to control content reading order based on document structure, support for prebuilt CSS to provide
consistent styling, support for chapter breaks, improved table formatting, and font subsetting.
InDesign CS5 provides the tools you need to structure and design eBooks. Export InDesign layouts to the EPUB file format
for use in Adobe Digital Editions, a desktop reading application. With Digital Editions, you can consume eBooks on a variety
of eBook reading devices as well as your desktop computer. Include interactivity, animation, sound, and video in eBooks
created in InDesign and read in Digital Editions.
Get a head start building web pages with enhanced export features that let you repurpose InDesign
text and image content using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software. Using the Structure panel in
InDesign, you can control the order in which page content is placed on the web page when
imported into Dreamweaver. InDesign now generates CSS definitions that more closely match the
text attributes you specify in InDesign to give you greater control over typography and reduce the
need to rework text in Dreamweaver.
Live captions
Generate static or live captions for
an image automatically from its
metadata. Adding a caption such as
the photographer’s name or copyright
information directly from metadata
stored with the image saves time and
helps minimize the chance of error.
Live captions change as the metadata
changes. Static captions use metadata
when you generate them, but aren’t
updated later. You can convert a live
caption to a static caption at any time.
Though the caption is generated automatically, you remain in control.
You determine how captions are positioned and which paragraph style
is applied. You can even opt to place captions on a layer separate from
the images they describe.
Still using InDesign CS3?
For those still using InDesign CS3, upgrading to InDesign CS5 also gives you the chance to catch up
on all the great features added in InDesign CS4. These include timesaving enhancements to the
user interface and long-document publishing features, in addition to interactivity features, as well
as the following:
• Live Preflight. Preflight while you design. Continuous preflighting alerts you to potential
production problems in real time so you can quickly navigate to a problem, fix it directly in
layout, and keep working.
Adobe InDesign CS5 What’s New
System requirements
• Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64
• Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
(Service Pack 3 recommended); Windows
Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate,
or Enterprise with Service Pack 1; or
Windows 7
• 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
• 1.6GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on
removable flash-based storage devices)
• 1024x768 display (1280x800
recommended) with 16-bit video card
• DVD-ROM drive
• Adobe Flash® Player 10 software required
to export SWF files
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services*
Mac OS
• Multicore Intel® processor
• Mac OS X v10.5.7 or v10.6
• 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
• 2.6GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on a
volume that uses a case-sensitive file
system or on removable flash-based
storage devices)
• 1024x768 display (1280x800
recommended) with 16-bit video card
• Customizable Links panel. Find, sort, and manage all of your document’s placed files in the
customizable Links panel. View attributes that are most critical to your workflow, such as scale,
rotation, and resolution.
• Conditional text. Deliver multiple versions of a document for different users, all from a single
InDesign source file. Hide text at paragraph, word, and even character level without relying on
layers. The remaining text and anchored objects automatically reflow in the layout.
• Page transitions in SWF and PDF files. Apply page transitions such as curl, wipe, dissolve, fade,
and more to individual pages or all spreads, and output to SWF or PDF. Preview a page transition
before it is applied, and experiment with speed and direction for greater design control.
• Cross-references. Simplify the writing, production, and management of long documents with
flexible and powerful cross-references that dynamically update as content is changed or moved
within a document.
• Smart Guides. Quickly align, space, rotate, and resize single or multiple objects with the help of
dynamic guides. The guides, object dimensions, rotation angles, and X and Y coordinates appear
dynamically so you can quickly snap an object’s edge or its vertical or horizontal center to
another object or page edge in the layout.
• Smart Text Reflow. Automatically add pages at the end of a story, selection, or document when
text is overset using this preference. Smart Text Reflow works hand in hand with conditional text
as pages are automatically deleted or added when conditional text is hidden or shown in
the document.
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• DVD-ROM drive
• Adobe Flash® Player 10 software required
to export SWF files
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services*
For updates to system requirements, visit
Expected ship date
Second quarter 2010
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