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Voicemail User Guide
Accessing Your Mailbox
Main Menu
Dial *318 to access your voicemail at home or the
office. To access your voicemail away from home or the
office dial the local number for your area listed below:
The Main Menu allows you to access the functions of your
mailbox. When you enter the Main Menu, you hear a welcome
message, then a summary of the messages in your mailbox.
Chatom, Deer Park, Fruitdale....847-0500
Frankville, Millry, Silas ...............846-0500
The following options are available to you:
Setting Up Your Mailbox
When you sign in for the first time, you must set up your
mailbox. This can only be done from the phone that is
registered with your voicemail system. First-time sign-in
involves three steps:
• Creating your PIN.
• Recording your greeting.
• Recording your recorded name.
You may skip first-time sign-in once by pressing the *
key twice, but after skipping it once, you must complete
all three steps the next time you dial in to your voicemail
box . The greeting and recorded name are played each
time a caller accesses your mailbox to leave a message.
You can end the setup process at any point by ending
the call. If you do so, you are asked to complete the
remaining setup steps the next time you enter your mailbox.
Changing Your PIN
To secure your account, you must set up a new PIN. You
are first prompted to enter a new PIN, and then you are
asked to confirm it by re-entering it.
This is a very important step in keeping access to your
mailbox private. You should enter your new PIN the first
time you access your new mailbox.
Your PIN can be changed at any time by selecting Option
4 (Mailbox Settings) from the Main Menu, then selecting
Option 3 (Security Settings).
• To listen to your voice messages, press 1. Please note
that if you do not have any messages, you will not hear this
prompt at the main menu.
• To send a message, press 2. To use this option, the person
you are sending the message to must also subscribe to Millry
Communications voicemail service.
Extended Menu Tree
Main Menu
1. Get Messages
You will not hear this option if there are no messages.
2. Send a Message
To another Voicemail Subscriber or Group List
3. Work with Greetings
1. Set up or re-record a personal greeting
3. Select a system generated greeting or change
recording of your name
1. Choose a type of system greeting
2. Review or re-record your name
* Exit
4. Change Mailbox Settings
1. Work with Group Lists (For messages to other
Voicemail subscribers)
• To work with your greetings, press 3. This option allows
you to select the type of greeting you want your callers to hear.
You can also review or re-record your greeting and name using
this option.
1. Assign group number
2. Record group name
3. Add mailbox number to list
2. Time Saver Options
1. Change auto play settings
2. Change settings for urgent messages
3. Change voicemail preferences
1. Change time/date stamp
2. Change body preference
* Exit
• To change your mailbox settings, press 4. This option
allows you to change your mailbox settings, such as your PIN,
and other options that help you save time while using your
voicemail system.
3. Security Options
1. Change PIN
2. Change fast login feature
3. Change skip PIN feature
(Note: Fast login feature must be turned
on to use the skip PIN feature.)
• To get your deleted messages, press 6. After you have
erased a message, you can still play, restore, reply to, and
forward the message until you disconnect from your mailbox.
• To leave mailbox, and login as another user, press 7.
You may have more than one voicemail account (for example,
separate home and business accounts). If this applies to you,
voicemail allows you to log into another account without the
need to hang up and dial in again. To do this, press 7 while
you are at the Main Menu.
• For HELP, press 0.
• To exit the menu, press *
5. Notification Options
Activate / Deactivate message waiting indicator
6. Additional Settings
Activate / Deactivate Marketing Broadcast
* Exit
6. Get Deleted Messages
7. Leave mailbox, log on as another subscriber
0 Help
* Exit
Security Options
To change the security features of your account, from the Main
Menu, press 4 (Change Mailbox Settings), then select option 3
(Security Options).
The Mailbox Settings Menu allows you to change your mailbox
settings, such as your PIN, and other options that help you save
time while using your voicemail system.
From the Security Options menu, you can
You can reach the Mailbox Settings Menu by pressing 4 from
the Main Menu. The menu is presented as a list of options with
brief descriptions.
• Change your PIN
To change your PIN, press1 from the Security Options menu.
• Activate or deactivate the fast login feature
When you log into your account from another phone, such as
a hotel phone or public payphone, you are asked to enter your
telephone number and PIN. By default, if you are dialing in
from the phone with which the account is associated, you do
not have to enter the telephone number before entering your
PIN. This feature is known as Fast Login.
User Guide
Time Saver Options
By default, your account is set to play the main menu after you
log on. Autoplay allows you instead to go directly to your messages as soon as you enter your mailbox. It is described as a
hands-free feature, because you do not have to press any buttons to hear your messages.
If you prefer, you can set your account such that you must
always enter the telephone number, no matter which phone
you are using.
To change your AUTO PLAY Option from the Main Menu select
Option 4 (Change mailbox settings), then Option 2 (Time Saver
To change whether or not you use the Fast Login feature,
press 2 from the Security Options menu.
From the Time Saver menu:
• if you want to change the autoplay settings of your standard
messages, press 1
• if you want to change the autoplay setting of your urgent
messages, press 2.
• Activate or deactivate PIN skipping.
Usually when entering your mailbox, you need to enter your
PIN. However, it is possible to set up your mailbox so that you
can enter it without using a PIN when calling from your own
telephone. This feature is called Skip PIN.
This feature saves time, but significantly reduces the security
of your account. It means that any person with access to your
phone will be able to listen to your voicemail messages, and to
assume your identity when sending messages.
Millry Communications
Changing Mailbox Settings
If you want to change whether or not you need to enter your
PIN at login, press 3 from the Security Options menu.
(Note: You must have the fast login feature activated to use
the Skip PIN option.)
The time and date of each message is always recorded when
someone leaves a message for you. This information is called
the message header. You can choose whether the message
header is played before each message.
If you wish, you can also prevent the content of your messages
from being played automatically. This content is called the
message body.
From the Timesaver menu, to change whether or not the message
headers or bodies are played for your voicemails, press 3.
An announcement states whether the message header or body
are set to play.
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