See Why Sprimo is the World`s Smartest Personal Air Purifier at CES

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See Why Sprimo is the World’s Smartest
Personal Air Purifier at CES
Sprimo Delivers a Blanket of Clean Air
in Less than 30 Seconds Regardless of Room Size
January 5, 2017 – LAS VEGAS – Sprimo Labs announced today that it is unveiling its flagship product
Sprimo, the world’s smartest personal air purifier, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Unlike traditional air purifiers that use square footage to define success, Sprimo’s smart air purifier learns, adapts and delivers
clean air towards your breathing zone in less than 30 seconds, regardless of room size. Sprimo is ideal for people who
face seasonal allergies, work in an environment they can’t control, or want to ensure their children and loved ones get a
blanket of fresh air where they work, play and sleep.
“While most air purifiers are highly dependent on room size, Sprimo works in any sized room, from bedrooms to open
offices,” said Ray Combs, CEO and co-founder of Sprimo Labs. “With the quality of indoor air at an all-time low, we
created Sprimo to empower consumers to take control of the air they breathe in their personal spaces every day.”
A Personal Ventilation (PV) Air Purifier is Life Changing
While most of the market tries to tackle large areas, Sprimo applies the science of Personal Ventilation (PV) because it can be
more effective and produce faster relief to users. The effect of PV systems like Sprimo is instant -- once turned on, a clean air
blanket forms around you immediately. PV systems are also more economical since you do not need to run a purifier 24/7.
Additionally, you don’t need to shut the doors or windows for effectiveness, which results in better air circulation through the
room, the building or home.
Why Sprimo?
Much Smarter for Personal Space: Sprimo’s personal air purifier focuses on your personal space. Many people may not
realize that the larger and often clumsy air purifiers with noisy filters can take an hour at high speed before they reach
their maximum efficiency. While covering a larger area may seem more thorough, most of us spend long periods of
time in a dedicated space, whether that be where you sleep, work at home, watch TV or spend 8+ hours a day in a
cubicle or office.
Improved Air Quality Faster: One minute of running Sprimo’s air purifier instantly provides clean air, which would take a big
purifier 60 minutes or more to improve the air quality of the breathing zone. This also means that it can be more efficient than
larger air purifiers as well.
Portable: small and portable, it’s ideal for travelers, families on vacation and those who want to use it in their offices during the
day and at home in the evenings.
Healthier Air = Healthier Immune System: Sprimo also helps to block airborne virus / bacteria, which reduces the exposure of
contagious particles that can help your immune system in an open office environment, especially during flu season.
Who Does Sprimo Benefit?
Anyone who suffers from allergies and Asthma can also benefit from Sprimo. Given that we spend nearly 90% of our time
indoors (some research says more), Asthma and Allergies are climbing and at an all-time high.
Additionally, studies show that 50% of America’s schools have problems linked to indoor air quality and is an issue in 6 out of 10
homes worldwide. Indoor air may contain lead from the old paints which have been connected to early brain development in
Parents who want to ensure their children are breathing in fresh air while they sleep can place a Sprimo on their bedside table at
night. Because Sprimo is light, easily portable and nearly silent, you can bring it to work to improve the quality of air you breathe
at your desk every day. Its convenient size also makes it a godsend for travelers who can use it on the road at hotels, gyms, spas,
cafes and more. The purifier’s low entrainment air flow works as a shield to block contact by reducing the chance of you breathing
an airborne virus by up to 60%. With Sprimo, you can take charge of your health wherever you go.
Sprimo’s New Personal Air Module (PAM)
Sprimo’s new Personal Air Module (PAM) is the smallest air quality monitor in the world. An important step to improving the air
that you breathe and whether it is a factor in any issues you may face, is knowing how healthy the air quality is in the places where
you spend most of your time. Sprimo’s PAM and cloud-based mobile app delivers real-time data on air quality via your smart
phone so you can be alerted wherever you may be. It currently supports the iPhone with Android support coming soon.
Availability & Pricing
Sprimo is unveiling its latest product and PAM dongle at CES and will be taking orders starting in March. Initial orders
are expected to ship by August with additional availability in Q4 2017. Price is slated to be between $300-399.
About Sprimo Labs
Founded in 2015, Sprimo Labs, Inc. is dedicated to providing the purest and freshest quality air in personal spaces and is aimed at improving
your overall well-being. Flagship product Sprimo is the “go-to” product for people who want the best quality air in the personal spaces where
they work, play and sleep. As the world’s smartest air purifier, Sprimo is portable, lightweight, nearly silent and adapts based on people’s
needs. For more information, visit and follow @SprimoLabs on social media.
Press Contact:
Renee Blodgett
Magic Sauce Media