APART | LOUNGE320-BL | Datasheet | APart LOUNGE320-BL AV receiver

LOUNGE320-BL: black speakers & black subwoofers
LOUNGE320-W: white speakers & white subwoofers
LOUNGE320-SLV: silver top speakers & white subwoofers
This set offers a complete and ready to use sound system, designed especially for use in lounge bars,
restaurants, tea rooms, function rooms,… A combination of four design top speakers, two easy to
hide ultra-flat subwoofers and a silent but powerful convection cooled power amplifier.
LOUNGE320 takes care of high quality background music, but still has enough headroom to
reproduce a speech or the occasional “happy birthday, happy new year” party atmosphere. APart
brings atmosphere to any outing!
Set consists of:
4 x MASK4 cabinet speaker
2 x SUBTILE subwoofer
1 x CHAMP4 amplifier
Flexible 4-channel amplifier
No ventilator: no noise, no dust problem
Pure musical sound, APC avoids clipping and distortion
Built-in X-over: 2 channels for subwoofers, 2 for topspeakers
Unique chassis and strong detachable brackets (included)
4 x 75 Watts (8 Ohm) / 4 x 125 Watts (4 Ohm)
483 (w) x 44 (h) x 36 (d) mm
4,2” HD woofer, 1” tweeter
80 Watts program power @ 8 Ohm
223 (h) x 129 (w) x 130 (d) mm
125 Watts @ 4 Ohm program power
Wall brackets included
450 (h) x 500 (w) x 120 (d) mm
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