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The PM1122W is the wireless remote control for the PM1122, APart's multifunctional 2stereo zone pre-amplifier. This ultra flat controller is only 15mm thin and truly wireless !
Because it works on a lithium battery there is no power cable.
Because of its ultra-flat design it can be placed everywhere. No breaking required ! It's very
thin and you can stick it on a wall, a boardroom table, a lecturer's desk, eg… It's ideal for
those situations where an installer cannot use fixed cabling like meeting rooms with movable
walls, historic venues and the like. This wireless receiver comes with a Niko faceplate
Through this remote control, it is possible to control the source selection, microphone
volume and music volume control of a zone on a PM1122 pre-amplifier.
The PM1122W connects to the PM1122WR receiver and operates on the 868.3 MHz
frequency. This frequency band can only be used for products that do not transmit
continuously (1 % per hour = 36 seconds). Its range is about 30 m in-house and 100 m in
open air, and depends on the materials in the building. It is possible to use a maximum of
32 transmitters with one receiver.
Signal loss estimate:
Brick – concrete: 20 – 40 %
Wood – plaster board: 5 – 20 %
Armed concrete: 40 – 90 %
Enclosed metal space: 90 – 100 %
The PM1122W does not cause interference to signals of remote controls of hifi, video,….
The transmitter should not be aimed optically towards the receiver. Never place the
transmitter in a metal cupboard, metal housing or plaiting, near big metal objects, on or
near the ground.
Battery: Lithium 3 Volt: choose following models: Renata CR2430 – Saft LM2430 – Varta
CR2430 – Panasonic CR2330. Battery lifecycle up to 4 years.
Operating temperature: -5 to + 50 °C
PM1122W-W : white color
PM1122W-BL : black color
PM1122W-SLV : silver color
Dimensions : 85 x 85 x 15 mm
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