The RESTO500 is the perfect solution for venues that already have their own mixing desk,
pre-amplifier and sound sources. Your system will be completed with the ideal combination
of satellite speakers and subwoofer!
The heart of this system is the 6-line PM7400MKII pre-amplifier and the revolutionary
CHAMP-TWO. This amplifier is convectionally cooled. It has no fan, which means: no
unwanted noise, no cleaning procedures, no maintenance and no wake up calls in the
middle of the night! CHAMP-TWO guarantees 24/7 worry free operation.
Combined with the SUB2200 subwoofer and six MASK4 top speakers, the RESTO500 offers
a dream combination of design and full quality sound. Here's a sound system that will bring
atmosphere into any room !
Consists of :
1 x Champ-2 amplifier
1 x SUB2200 subwoofer
6 x MASK4 cabinet speakers
RESTO500-BL with black MASK speakers
RESTO500-W with white MASK speakers
RESTO500-SLV with silver MASK speakers
For technical details please the technical sheets of the individual components