APART | RJ45SPLIT | Datasheet | APart RJ45SPLIT cable splitter or combiner

You can use the APart RJ45SPLIT to connect multiple ZONE4R remote control panels and
MICPAT-4 four zone paging microphones to the ZONE4, APart's 4-zone stereo pre-amplifier.
Connection is easy thanks to the standard RJ45 format.
By using one or more RJ45SPLIT hubs, you can connect up to 8 pcs of ZONE4R remote
control panels to a single ZONE4 pre-amplifier. You can also use this hub also to connect 4
pcs. of MICPAT-4 selective paging microphones. A smart-bus system arranges the priority
Please note that :
Remote control panels and paging microphones must be plugged into separate RJ45SPLIT
units !
ZONE4R, MICPAT-4 and RJ45SPLIT are NOT network compatible and cannot be used in in
a computer network.
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needs have been thought of and are available from stock. Our products take the stress out of
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