APart SAFCAB6 cable lock

SAFCAB6 safety cable
SAFCAB6 is a safety cable for the APart MASK and SDQ speaker ranges. It is a plasticized
steel cable with a clamped loop on one end and an eye-shaped screw on the other end.
The loop clamp can be opened and closed with a normal Allen key.
The screw custom-fits the thread-point on the back of the speaker. The loop should be
fixed to a screw in a wall or to a truss construction.
Even if local laws do not require the installation of a safety cable, its use is recommended
for enhanced safety. APart speakers have been designed with installers' ease in mind!
Therefore SAFCAB6 is standard included with all MASK4/6 speakers, and available as an
accessory for the SDQ-3 and 5 range.
Packaging : plastic bag. 2 cables per bag
Cable length : 40 cm incl. loop
Weight : 50 g