SWING1000-BL / -W
The SWING1000 is an audio system that is designed for all venues were music is an
essential part of the atmosphere. With 1200 Watts music power it can be used for music
playback from ambiance level to party level. This set can be used in areas surrounding the
dance floor, music bars, cafés, pubs, sport bars,….
The heart of this system is the revolutionary CHAMP-ONE. This amplifier is convectionally
cooled. It has no fan, which means : no unwanted noise, no cleaning procedures, no
maintenance and no wake up calls in the middle of the night ! CHAMP-ONE guarantees
24/7 worry free operation.
The system is completed by four full-range MASK8F speakers - especially for use without a
subwoofer. They offer HiFi quality at a level that is close to a studio monitor. The MASK8F
speaker can be painted into any RAL color (REF : PAINTCAB8), so these speakers will always
match the interior style.
Finally, your search for a custom designed audio system for use in bars and pubs can come
to an end. SWING1000 offers an amazing sound and is designed for 24/7 reliability in the
most demanding environments !
Consists of:
4 x MASK8F top speakers
1 x CHAMP-ONE amplifier
For technical details please the technical sheets of the individual components
SWING1000-BL: black fronted ampifier and black speakers
SWING1000-W: silver fronted amplifier and white speakers