USB License Keys - ShowCase DICOM Viewer and Study

USB License Keys - ShowCase DICOM Viewer and Study
ShowCase USB Flash Drive Licenses
Using a ShowCase USB Flash Drive License is simple… just plug it in.
Remove the cap and plug the drive into any USB port on a PC that has ShowCase release 5.0 or
higher installed. That is all there is to it. The software is licensed when the USB flash drive is
present and will not run when the flash license is removed.
Note: Remember to safely eject the flash drive when you want to move it to another machine.
Use the “safely remove hardware” feature on your PC.
The license resides on the USB flash drive and travels with it. It does not transfer onto your PC.
When you remove the key the ShowCase software will stop running. The flash drive has
additional memory, so you can copy studies onto the drive if you wish. Select studies in
ShowCase and use the Copy button, selecting the flash drive as the destination.
Note that the USB Flash Drive License also contains a ShowCase viewer installer, user Quick
Guides and other documentation.
Double-click on the ShowCase installer file to install ShowCase on a PC.
Leave the flash drive plugged in and run ShowCase. You will not need to enter license
information since the flash license is pre-configured.
You can install ShowCase on as many machines as you wish, then move the license to
one machine at a time. The software will only run with the Flash License present.
To display the ShowCase Getting Started Guide, open an Explorer window and navigate
to the USB flash drive (named SHOWCASEUSB). Then double-click on
Please handle your ShowCase flash key carefully -- If you lose or damage your USB Flash Drive
Key, you will need to purchase a replacement. You can purchase licenses on line from .
Sept, 2016
USB License Keys
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