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Mystique SaTiX-S2, DVB-S2
Manufacturer: KNC ONE, indentical to their model KNC ONE TV-Station DVB-S2
Digital Satellite TV Card with High-Definition (HDTV)
This is the right card for you to take advantage of the seemingly endless TV and radio programming ava
In an effort to satisfy every need, including the reception of Pay-TV*, this card even has a standardised C
TV and Radio
Watch TV like you have never done it before, with the clarity, detail, and quality of HDTV (MPEG4 stand
Mystique SaTiX-S2, DVB-S2
Recording your favourite radio and TV programming is equally comfortable. Start recording
manually or use the recording timer to schedule a recording ahead of time. TV programming
can be recorded by simply clicking on a programming item in the Teletext display (radio
programming can only be recorded manually). Edit the recorded material and burn it to CD or
DVD using video editing software to enjoy it for many years to come.
If you live in a rural region or an area that does not offer DSL, or if you live in a city but do not
wish to buy any additional hardware, you can use this product (and a separate service
provider) for high-speed Internet Access**. Simply find a service provider or select one from
the list of providers and sign up for a service, or start surfing the Internet immediately using
call by call.
- Recording and editing of digital radio and TV programmes using various formats in DVD
- PCI audio streaming (audio is carried using the PCI slot, which eliminates the need for the
analogue audio loop back cable)
- High-speed Internet access using DVB-S and DVB-S2
- Time shifting
- EPG (Electronic Program Guide) using the signal carried with the TV program and not the
- Teletext
- HDTV (MPEG2 standard)
- F-Jack for the digital satellite LNB
- Mystique-View Modul Connector
- Player (based on DVBVIEWER engine)
- EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
- Manuals in PDF format
Mystique SaTiX-S2, DVB-S2
- PCI Interface card
- Software-CD
- Quick-start guide on CD
System Requirements
- Intel- or AMD-compatible CPU min. 1 GHz (HDTV min. 2GHz Dual Core)
- DirectX-compatible video card
- DirectX-compatible sound card
- 1 free PCI-Slot
- min. 1024 MByte RAM
- 140 MByte available harddisk space
- Soundcard with DirectSound support and CD-ROM drive
- Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows XP x64 with download version build
* reception of Pay-TV might require a CAM and key-card from the Pay-TV provider of your
choice, which are sold separately
** only for downloads. A separate telephone connection with Internet access is required for
the return channel (upload).
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