Learn to play the drums!
Learn to play the drums with DISCOVER DRUMS. This
tabletop drum set has great sounds you can play on
the four drum pads. You get 26 different drum sets
for all kinds of musical styles. You can rock out loud
with DISCOVER DRUMS’s speaker system or plug in
your favorite headphones and practice quietly. Built-in
learning features including a follow-the-lights exercise
make it easy – even if you’ve never played before you’ll
be making beats in no time. DISCOVER DRUMS also
has 49 patterns you can play along with for fun music
• Four drum pads with 26 different drum sets
• Play quietly with headphones or rock out with
built-in speaker
• Fun to learn! Follow the lights to practice your
rhythm and timing
• 49 patterns for playing along with music
• Drumsticks included so you’re ready to rock
Drumsticks come in the box, so you’ll be ready to rock!
Learn to play the drums with DISCOVER DRUMS.
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