Unibrain FireboardBlue-e™
1394a OHCI PCI-Express adapter
Up to 50MB/sec data rates
Simultaneously control and display up
to 4 FireWire digital cameras
FireBoardBlue-e™ is a fast and reliable PCI Express x1 add-in interface card for
all external FireWire-enabled devices. Now, Digital Cameras, Hard Drives, CD/
DVD drives and Digital Camcorders can be connected to FireboardBlue-e™ in a
FireboardBlue-e™ is a 2-port, single chip, OHCI-compliant 1394/FireWire® host
PCI Express adapter for PC systems that provides plug 'n' play connectivity for
FireWire® devices and peripherals.
IIDC Digital Cameras
Industrial FireWire Applications
External FireWire Hard Drives
Digital Video
Operating Systems Support
 Texas Instruments XIO2200A PCI Express to PCI Bus Bridge.
 OHCI Compliant/Compatible with any FireWire device or pe-
 Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and 64 bit XP/2003/Vista
 Mac 10.4.x or later
 Linux
 400Mbps - up to 50MB/sec data rates.
 Internal power connector.
 Enables data transfer of real time copying for large files using
Unibrain’s FireNet™ networking driver.
Part numbers
 Due to its 4 isochronous transmit/receive contexts the FireboardBlue-e™ host adapter has the exceptional feature to
simultaneously control and display up to 4 FireWire digital
 FireboardBlue-e bulk: 1213
 Retail Kit with 2m 1394a 6pin to 6pin cable: 1214
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