Draper | 300031 | Datasheet | Draper LCD Lift A, 110 V

LCD Lift
Bomb bay doors and a slim cross-section distinguish the LCD
Lift. Most popular LCD and DLP projectors fit comfortably
inside this unit, which is available in two sizes—Model A and
Model B. Bomb bay style closure doors are standard.
Environmental Air Space Housing of aluminum, with
closure doors finished in white, is standard. Contains
internal switched duplex receptacle, 110V/220V AC, which is
powered when the unit is fully down. The LCD Lift contains
an innovative current sensor that delays closing of the unit
until the projector lamp has shut off. Lifting capacity 65 lbs.
(30 kg).
For 1/2" threaded rod
(supplied by others)
• Ceiling Closure Panel—Flat ceiling closure in a white baked
enamel finish or recessed to accept ceiling tile.
• Ceiling Access Door—A 2´ x 2´ (60 cm x 60 cm) hinged
door to access lift above a finished ceiling for cleaning,
maintenance or repairs without having to damage the
ceiling. Available with a white painted finish or recessed to
accept ceiling tile.
• Factory-Installed Cables—for RGBHV, Video
and Control.
• Universal Projector Mount—Provides secure and simple
mounting for most projectors up to 25lbs. (12kg). See
page 6.
• Control Options—Operated by one 110V rocker switch.
Other control options available.
Detailed dimensions available at:
Bomb bay door assembly standard.
Flat ceiling closure panel available.
LCD Lift—Model A LCD Lift—Model B
A 24˝ (61 cm)
29˝ (74 cm)
B* 173/4˝ (45 cm)
223/4˝ (58 cm)
C 18˝ (46 cm)
23˝ (58 cm)
D 11˝ (28 cm)
16˝ (41 cm)
*Ceiling closure panel adds 5/8˝ to dimension B.
Eisenhower High School, Blue Island, IL,
Dealer: Tri-Electronics, Inc., Hammond, IN , Photographer: Rich Sistos, Itasca, IL
www.draperinc.com — 765-987-7999
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