iConverter XG and XG+
10Gbps Protocol-Transparent Media Converter/Transponder
The iConverter XG and XG+ are 10 Gigabit, protocol-
transparent media converters with two pluggable transceiver
ports supporting the three Rs (regeneration, retiming and
reshaping). By taking advantage of the wide variety of 10G
pluggable transceivers, they can be used as copper-to-fiber
converters, fiber mode converters or WDM transponders.
The iConverter XG and XG+ support 100% traffic throughput
and have no packet size restrictions. Ultra low packet latency
enables high-performance connectivity for data centers
and financial networks. All models are protocol transparent
within the range of 9.95Gbps to 10.71Gbps or 9.95Gbps to
11.32Gbps, providing interoperability with 10G Ethernet, 10G
SONET/SDH, 10G Fibre Channel and 10G OTN (G.709).
Three interface configurations are available: XFP to XFP,
XFP to SFP+, and SFP+ to SFP+. Pluggable XFP and
SFP+ transceivers can be used for multimode and singlemode applications, supporting short haul distances, long
haul distances and WDM fiber links. The XFP interface is
compatible with copper (10GBASE-CX4) transceiver modules,
making it suitable for converting 10G copper to fiber.
The iConverter XG+ supports high-power (power level 4)
XFP transceivers and the latest generation of wavelength
tunable DWDM XFP transceivers. Utilizing management,
the wavelength of a tunable transceiver can be programmed
and saved, eliminating the need for external programming
The iConverter XG and XG+ are available as compact,
unmanaged standalone units, or chassis plug-in modules that
can be managed with a management module installed in the
chassis. The hot-swappable, plug-in modules can be mounted
in a variety of chassis with AC and DC power supplies.
Plug-in modules feature full management capabilities, including
status reporting, fault detection, threshold violations, loopback
functionality and SNMP trap notification. SNMP traps provide
link status availability and transceiver threshold alerts.
The standalone iConverter XG and XG+ are unmanaged
tabletop or wall-mount units. The tabletop model can be DINrail mounted using an optional DIN-rail mounting kit. Both the
tabletop and the wall-mount models are DC powered and are
available with an external AC/DC power adapter, or a terminal
connector for DC power.
Built-in loopback functions, on-board status LEDs and link
fault propagation modes facilitate easy setup and quick
troubleshooting. Pluggable transceiver alarm conditions
reported through the digital diagnostic monitoring interface
are displayed by the on-board status LEDs or management
interface on plug-in modules.
Key Features
SFP+/XFPs not included
iConverter XG+
■■ Supports MSA power level 4 XFP transceivers
■■ Provides management of wavelength tunable XFP
transceivers, compliant with MSA SFF-8477 and
iConverter XG and iConverter XG+
■■ Protocol-transparent 10 Gigabit converter/transponder
■■ Ultra low latency
■■ Compatible with 10G Ethernet, 10G SONET/SDH, 10G
Fibre Channel and 10G OTN (G.709)
■■ Compliant with MSA SFF-8472 and INF-8077i standards
■■ Supports Omnitron and third-party pluggable 10 Gigabit
■■ XFP to XFP (fiber and CX4 copper)
■■ SFP+ to XFP (fiber and CX4 copper)
■■ SFP+ to SFP+
■■ Omnitron transceivers support SFP+ and XFP Digital
Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DDMI) bus
■■ Multimode to multimode, multimode to single-mode,
single-mode to single-mode and copper to fiber
■■ Supports WDM XFPs for transponder applications
■■ Built-in loopback mode for installation verification and
■■ Link fault detection modes facilitate quick fault detection,
isolation and reporting
■■ LED displays for immediate visual status of each port
■■ Management of the plug-in module is available with the
addition of a management module to the chassis
■■ SNMP management via NetOutlook® provides
monitoring, configuration and fault notification
■■ Lifetime Warranty and free 24/7 Technical Support
Copper to Fiber Conversion Application
Direct Connect/Fiber Conversion Application
This application shows two 10G servers with copper CX4
interfaces in two different locations. The servers need to be
connected but are beyond the 15 meter distance limitation of
a CX4 copper cable. Using a pair of 8599-11 (XFP to XFP)
iConverter XG media converters, the servers are connected
via multimode fiber (up to 300m). CX4 XFP transceivers
provide the connectivity between the media converters and
the servers.
This application shows two 10G switches with SFP+ ports in
two different locations. The switches are connected via longhaul, single-mode fiber (>80km) with a pair of iConverter XG
8599-01 (SFP+to XFP) media converters. In the top location,
a low-cost SFP+ Direct Attach Cable is used to connect the
10G switch port to the media converter because the distance
is within the 10 meter limit of the Direct Attach Cable. In
the bottom location, a pair of multimode SFP+ transceivers
provide the connectivity between the media converters and
the switches.
CWDM Application
This application shows four 10G connections across a CWDM
common fiber link (multi-color line) where fiber availability is
limited and CWDM multiplexers are used to increase the fiber
An iConverter 4-Channel CWDM/X multiplexer module and four
iConverter XG 8599-01 (SFP+ to XFP) modules are installed
in a 5-Module Chassis at both locations. The iConverter
XG modules are used as transponders to convert the CX4
interfaces on the 10G switch ports to CWDM wavelengths
required by the CWDM/X multiplexers.
iConverter XG and XG+
A CX4 transceiver is installed in port 1 on each iConverter
XG. A CX4 cable is used to connect the 10G switch ports to
each converter.
The second port of each iConverter XG contains an SFP+
CWDM transceiver that generates a specific CWDM optical
wavelength, and is connected to the CWDM/X multiplexer
with fiber patch cables (where each colored line represents a
different wavelength).
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iConverter XG+ and Tunable Transceivers
Tunable XFP transceivers are configurable to support a
specific channel in a DWDM optical network. Tunable XFPs
allow network operators to remotely change wavelengths
(channel paths) when they need to redistribute bandwidth, or
reconfigure/upgrade traffic patterns and services.
The iConverter XG+ management system supports the
configuration of these tunable XFPs. When the XG+ is used in
conjunction with an iConverter management module, it provides
a user interface that allows the network operator to change the
DWDM channel of the transceiver, eliminating the need to be
physically on-site with external programming equipment.
In addition to changing the DWDM channel by specifying the
wavelength or the transceiver-specific channel ID, the DWDM
channel can be selected by inputting the industry-accepted
ITU channel number.
Using tunable transceivers not only ensures quick responses to
changes in network topology, it also lowers OpEx and CapEx
by reducing truck rolls and eliminating up to hundreds of fixedwavelength DWDM XFP transceivers from spares inventory.
OTN Long-Haul DWDM Application
This application shows three 10G DWDM connections across
an OTN network. Three iConverter XG modules with highpower XFPs are installed in a 5-Module Chassis and connected
with fiber patch cables to DWDM Multiplexer. The iConverter
XG modules function as fiber repeaters and wavelength
transponders. The high-power XFPs perform Forward Error
Correction on the incoming signal, then amplify and reencapsulate the outbound OTN signal.
iConverter XG and XG+
Model Type
iConverter XG and XG+
10G Ethernet, 10G SONET/SDH,
10G Fiber Channel and 10G OTN (G.709)
SFP+ Models:
XFP/XFP Model:
9.95Gbps to 10.71Gbps
9.95Gbps to 11.32Gbps
XG supports all XFP transceivers up to 3.5 watts
Up to a maximum of 6.0 watts
XG+ supports high powered XFP transceivers > 3.5 watts
Up to a maximum of 11.0 watts (maximum 5.5 watts per port)
XG+ provides manageability of tunable XFP transceivers
Fiber Connector
LC (via XFP or SFP+)
CX4 (via XFP)
UL, FCC Class A, CE, NEBS 3 Compliant, SFF-8077, SFF-8477
Plug-in Power
1.1A @ 3.3VDC
DC Power Input Connector:
2.5mm Barrel Connector or
2-Pin Terminal Connector
DC Power:
7 - 60VDC
1.2A @ 9VDC
0.9A @ 12VDC
1.5A @ 9VDC
1.1A @ 12VDC
AC Power Adapter (US)
via 2.5mm Barrel Connector:
100 - 120VAC/60Hz
0.20A @ 120VAC
AC Power Adapter (Universal)
via 2.5mm Barrel Connector:
100- 240VAC/50 - 60Hz
0.20A @ 120VAC
W:0.85” x D:4.5” x H:2.8”
W:3.1” x D:4.8” x H:1.0”
W:3.8” x D:4.8” x H:1.0”
0 to 50° C
-40 to 60° C
-40 to 75° C
-40 to 80° C
8.0 oz
without power adapter:
with power adapter:
5 to 95% (non-condensing)
-100m to 4000m
MTBF (hrs)
without power adapter:
with US power adapter:
Standalone with
Universal power adapter:
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1.0 lb
1.5 lb
ORDERING Guidelines
Based on the installed XFP transceivers, use the tables below to determine the correct model:
XG/XG+ Transceiver Guidelines
SFP+ XFP Requirements
Typical SFP+/XFP Power Levels
(2) Power Level 1 or 2 SFP+
Power Level 1
(2) Power Level 1 or 2 XFP
Power Level 2
(1) Power Level 3 XFP*
Power Level 1
up to 1.5 watts
(2) Power Level 3 XFP
Power Level 2
1.5 to 2.5 watts
(1) or (2) Power Level 4 XFP
Power Level 3
2.5 to 3.5 watts
Tunable XFPs
Power Level 4
3.5 to 5.5 watts
Power Requirements
up to 1.0 watts
up to 1.5 watts
XG supports a combination of transceivers up to 6.0 watts.
XG+ supports a combination of transceivers up to 11 watts
* Where the other transceiver has a lower power requirement.
The XG+ requires specific chassis and installation configurations. Please contact Omnitron for more information.
Ordering information
iConverter XG
iConverter XG+
Wide Operating Temperature Range - XG Models Only
Extended Operating Temperature Range - XG Models Only
10GIgabit Protocol Transparent
Media Converter
iConverter XG
iConverter XG+*
Port 1
Port 2
Standard Operating Temperature Range Model
Plug-in Module
Tabletop with External US AC Power Supply
Tabletop with External Universal AC Power Supply
Tabletop with DC Terminal Power
Wall-Mount with External US AC Power Supply
Wall-Mount with External Universal AC Power Supply
Wall-Mount with DC Terminal Power
* Refer to XG+ application note on installation requirements
Order the appropriate SFP+/XFPs separately.
For standard wavelengths: See Optical Transceiver Data Sheet for available transceivers and optical specifications.
For CWDM wavelengths: See CWDM Optical Transceiver Data Sheet for available transceivers and optical specifications.
10Gigabit SFP+ Direct Attach Cable (Twinax) 1m
10Gigabit SFP+ Direct Attach Cable (Twinax) 3m
Trademarks are owned by their respective companies. iConverter and NetOutlook are registered trademarks of Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.
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iConverter XG and XG+
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