Hardware Features
Low Profile PCI Form Factor
Small enough to use in 1U and 2U computer systems.
Easy installation into standard PCI slots.
Multi-platform Support
Compatible with different types of platforms (PC, Sun®,
Mac®), and server form factors 1U and 2U.
IPMI Support
Supports IPMI v1.0, v1.5 and v2.0 over IPMB and LAN
and communicates with BMC to generate all needed
hardware information remotely.
Powering eRIC G4
The eRIC G4 will be powered via Standby Voltage 5V
from the host power supply. Optional an external power
supply for the eRIC G4 is available.
Remote Console
Access via Web browser with Java™ VM
Easy access to target from any Java-enabled Web
browser, such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox®.
KVM Vision Viewer
A Windows client for eRIC G4 that can substitute for the
Java applet. Easily configured, it provides remote
access for older machines whose processors may run
too slowly for Java.
Screen Resolution: 1600 x 1200
High video quality over IP allows users to work with
graphic-intensive applications.
Configurable Shortcuts
Shortcuts for recurring keystrokes increase efficiency.
Choice of best speed vs. best quality
Users can choose between highest video quality or
fastest connection, depending on need and bandwidth.
Remote Management
Remote administrators can perform all management
and configuration changes to servers from the
convenience of their desktops.
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eRIC G4 - Features and Benefits
Automatic Detection of Mouse Motion,
Most KVM switches require the customer to manually
adjust the mouse motion and mouse acceleration
settings for all connected target servers for each KVM
user. eRIC G4’s automatic mouse detection
automatically adjusts to the server’s mouse settings,
making manual configuration unnecessary.
Mouse Emulation for PS/2®, USB
eRIC G4 automatically emulates either PS/2® (with the
included PS/2 cable) or USB mice, depending on the
server requirements it detects.
Client Application
For controlling the eRIC G4 the remote client only
requires an OS with Java™ VM. Alternatively there is a
native client for Windows® available.
Telnet Console
Through the eRIC G4 you can access a serial device via
Telnet or SSH. You can additionally power on, power off
and reset the host system.
Virtual Media
Dual-channel Virtual Media allows a remote user to
transfer installation files and other media to and from a
target machine over KVM ports. Virtual Media support,
via USB mass storage, includes floppy, CD-ROM, DVD
and hard drive redirection. For the data transfer can be
chosen between the USB 1.1 or 2.0 standard if a
KIRA100 R2.x is on the eRIC G4.
Double Virtual Media
Two devices can send or receive media at the same
time, useful for special applications like boot-up.
Power Management
Reset/Power using ATX Control Signals
The remote server can be powered on, powered off or
reset over IP. Please contact your sales representative
to find out if you need additional adaptors for the
Reset/Power solution.
Remote Reset/Power via IPMI
The host server can be powered on, powered off or
reset over IPMB.
User Management
User Management
The different user accounts can be managed via
configurable group accounts. Up to 64 user and group
accounts can be administrate by the eRIC G4. Several
users are able to access the host system at the same
IP Auto Configuration with DHCP, BOOTP
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Easy set-up and administration.
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eRIC G4 - Features and Benefits
Configurable Bandwidth
Raritan’s KVM-over-IP technology allows users to
configure video performance to make the best use of
available bandwidth.
Dynamic DNS Support
Users can access eRIC G4 over a connection with a
dynamically assigned IP address.
Serial Port
Users can connect a modem, log in and control the
server via Telnet and SSH instead of using a Web
Supports user authentication over
The support of user authentication allows a central
management and administration of user passwords and
the integration of our eRIC G4 into the existing ITsystem of the customer.
Event logging and notification over SMNPv3
or e-mail
Tracks user logins, logouts, power activities for a secure
audit trail and regulatory compliance and informs the
admin over SNMPv3 or e-mail.
256-bit SSL v3, TLS v1 Encryption
An extremely high level of data security protects
customers’ server environments from malicious hackers.
SSL Certification
Creating individual certificates contributes to the security
level of eRIC G4 provided by SSL.
Integrated Firewall
The integrated firewall enables the administrator to
allow or to block the access to the eRIC G4 module
dependent on IP address of the client.
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