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Widescreen LCD Monitors
FlexScan EcoView
The future of the energy saving office
Presence Sensor for Power Savings
Confirm Power Savings with EcoView Index
EIZO’s new EcoView Sense feature unites convenience with savings by ensuring that these monitors
automatically conserve power when they are not in
use. EcoView Sense is a built-in presence sensor that
prompts the monitor to switch to power save mode
when it doesn’t detect anyone for 40 seconds with
the EV2303W and EV2023W, or 70 seconds with
the EV2333W, and then resume normal operation
when the user returns. To accurately enter and stay
in power save mode while the user is away from the
monitor, EcoView Sense also differentiates between
a still object like an empty chair and the movement
caused by general office activity.
An EcoView Index displays the level of power savings
in correlation with the monitor’s brightness to encourage environmental consciousness while working.
When EcoView
Index is fully
illuminated, the
monitor is operating at optimum
energy efficiency.
EyeCare Manager
EIZO’s EyeCare Manager prompts workers to take
scheduled breaks to avoid eye fatigue caused by
prolonged monitor use. EyeCare also totals and displays on-screen the monitor’s usage hours for each
day and month to promote worker appreciation of
improved work habits.
TCO Displays 5.0 Certified Monitors
EcoView Sense automatically signals the screen to activate
and stay on, or switch to power save mode by detecting the
user’s presence or absence.
Inside EIZO R&D
Original EIZO-developed
(patent pending) algorithms
allow EcoView Sense’s automatic
detection function to differentiate between animate and inanimate objects as well as people
just passing by. The sensor’s
highly accurate position tracking has been achieved
by adopting a special lens that suppresses diffused
reflections of infrared rays and through factory-performed sensor adjustment on each monitor.
Takashi Murata, Group Leader
R&D Visual Products
These monitors meet strict environmental performance requirements for low energy consumption,
product and packaging recyclability, and manufacture, as well as specific ergonomic and functional
conditions. To this end, all of the monitors in this
brochure have earned the Green Electronics Council
and US EPA consumer electronics environmental
assessment program’s highest rating: EPEAT Gold,
and they are TCO Displays 5.0 certified.
Product Life Cycle Ecology
These monitors debut an innovative compact design
that reduces the number of internal components,
making them thinner and lighter than previous
FlexScan 20" and 24" widescreen models. This
allows the monitors to be shipped in smaller containers which use between 80% to 100% recycled
material. These considerations made during product
development, in tandem with the monitors’ EcoView
features, reduce environmental burden at each stage
of the products’ life cycle.
Compared to a previous FlexScan 24"
widescreen monitor, the
FlexScan EV2303W’s
slimmed-down cabinet
design cuts the use and
weight of sheet metal
components, shown
here, by up to 90%.
Optimized Brightness with Auto EcoView
A built-in Auto EcoView sensor measures ambient
light and optimizes the screen’s brightness to ideal
levels in both brightly and dimly lit rooms. This
results in improved visual ergonomics and reduced
power consumption by up to 40% compared to when
the sensor is turned off.
Zero Watts When Turned Off
When the power save mode and off timer are set,
the EV2303W and EV2023W consume less than 0.7
watts and the EV2333W consumes less than 1 watt of
power. When turned off via the main power switch,
they consume no electricity at all.
These monitor’s new compact cabinet design is thinner and lighter
than that of previous FlexScan widescreen models.
32% thinner
39% lighter
20" monitor
48% thinner
41% lighter
24" monitor
These monitors’ new compact cabinet design is thinner and
lighter than that of previous FlexScan widescreen models.
Eco Savings with
FlexScan EV2303W
Improved Efficiency, Reduced Visual Fatigue
EIZO conducted a survey in 2008 to establish the
relationship between eye fatigue and monitor use.
Results showed that features like Auto EcoView,
ergonomic stands, and the EyeCare Manager
helped reduce eye fatigue and improved work efficiency by 12.5%.
For a white paper regarding this study please visit
73.9% Reduction in Power Consumption
With an installation of 100 FlexScan EV2303W monitors used for 8 hours a day, 250 days a year for five
years (the warranty period), you can expect to save1:
Power Reductions:
CO2 Emissions Reductions:
16:9 Aspect Ratio
These are the first FlexScan models to feature 16:9
aspect ratios. The 16:9 wide format is the same
aspect ratio used by HDTV and it lets you enjoy multimedia content without horizontal letterboxing.
kg 2
Trees Needed to Consume This CO2 :
trees 3
Next Generation Connectivity
DisplayPort connectivity with the
EV2333W allows digital audio and
video signal transmission via a single, high-bandwidth cable at distances up to 15 meters without any
signal degradation.
Fine Contrast for Optimum Viewing
EIZO’s Fine Contrast function has five modes: Text
mode for office applications, Movie mode for video,
Picture mode for graphics, sRGB mode for web browsing, and Custom mode for user-defined set­tings.
Placement Flexibility
EIZO introduces two new ergonomic stands: the
highly-versatile FlexStand and the space-saving
TriStand. Both stands offer tilt, swivel and height
adjustment. The FlexStand also offers portrait rotation, laptop-like screen placement, and at 225 mm,
the industry’s greatest range of height adjustment.*
The FlexStand features an innovative, bearingless design that reduces mechanical wear and the
amount of torque required to adjust height. A quick
release feature on the FlexStand allows for easy
monitor reconfiguration.
*Statement reflects EIZO’s internal findings as of July 2009.
Cost Savings:
JPY 4,5
(=9,450 EUR or 13,339 USD)
(1 EUR = 135 JPY; 1 USD = 96 JPY) 6
1 Based
on expected savings compared to using the FlexScan S2401W
at a brightness of 100% in typical office lighting conditions. 2 Calculated
from figures obtained from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade
and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, and Ministry of
Environment where one kWh of electricity produces 0.555 kg of CO2.
3 Calculated from figures obtained from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries where one tree (Japanese cedar) absorbs
approximately 14 kg of CO2 per year. 4 Calculated at a cost of 1.7 JPY/
kg of CO2 for per cap and trade emission credit. 5 Calculated at a cost
of 24.13 JPY/kWh based on figures published by Tokyo Electric Power
Company effective June 2009. This is approximately 0.17 EUR/kWh or
0.25 USD/kWh as of June 30, 2009. 6 Based on exchange rates as of
June 30, 2009. This usage example is provided for estimating purposes
only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors.
Reduced Network Power Consumption
For businesses using multiple monitors, EIZO’s
EcoView NET power management software gives
administrators centralized control over the power settings of networked monitors to help reduce electricity
consumption and provide long-term energy savings
and a smaller carbon footprint.
For detailed information please see www.eizo.
Customer Assurance
height & tilt
portrait mode
quick release
A five-year manufacture’s warranty offers a long
service life, and compliance with leading environmental and industry standards such as TCO Displays
5.0, EPEAT Gold, and TÜV Ergonomics ensures a
better work environment. The EIZO Eco Products
2009 label indicates this product meets strict internal
require­ments for design, manufacturing, packaging,
usage and power consumption.
Available accessories include mounting arms and
panel protectors.
For compatibility information please visit www.
Model Variations
FlexStand, TriStand, Without Stand
Panel Size
23" / 58 cm (584 mm diagonal)
Active Display Size (H × V)
509.8 × 286.7 mm
Panel Type
VA (with overdrive circuit)
Viewing Angles (H, V)
178°, 178° (at contrast ratio of 10:1)
170°, 160° (at contrast ratio of 10:1)
178°, 178° (at contrast ratio of 10:1)
300 cd/m2
250 cd/m2
250 cd/m2
Response Time (Typical)
Gray-to-gray: 7 ms, black-white-black: 25 ms
Gray-to-gray: –, black-white-black: 5 ms
Gray-to-gray: –, black-white-black: 25 ms
Native Resolution
1920 × 1080 (16: 9 aspect ratio)
1600 × 900 (16: 9 aspect ratio)
Pixel Pitch
0.2655 × 0.2655 mm
0.2768 × 0.2768 mm
Display Colors
16.77 million from a palette of 1.06 billion
Wide Gamut Coverage
72% vs. NTSC
Cabinet Colors
Gray, Black
Dot Clock
Analog: 148.5 MHz, Digital: 148.5 MHz
Analog: 108 MHz, Digital: 108 MHz
Analog Scanning Frequency (H, V)
31 – 81 kHz, 55 – 76 Hz
31 – 68 kHz, 55 – 76 Hz
Digital Scanning Frequency (H, V)
31 – 68 kHz, 59 – 61 Hz (VGA Text: 69 – 71 Hz)
Video Input Terminals
D-Sub mini 15 pin, DVI-D 24 pin (with HDCP),
DisplayPort (with HDCP)
Audio Input Terminals
3.5 mm stereo jack
Audio Output Terminals
3.5 mm headphone jack
0.35 W speaker
Plug & Play
Power Requirements
AC 100 – 120 V / 200 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption
45 W (maximum)
25 W (typical)
33 W (maximum)
18 W (typical)
Power Save Mode
Less than 1.0 W
Less than 0.7 W
Height Adjustment Range
With FlexStand: 225 mm (192.5 mm at 0° tilt)
With TriStand: 60 mm
Tilt / Swivel / Pivot
With FlexStand: 30° Up, 0° Down / 172° Right, 172° Left / 90°
With TriStand: 25° Up, 0° Down / 172° Right, 172° Left / 90°
Dimensions (W × H × D)
With FlexStand: 547 × 346.5 – 517.8 × 221 – 236 mm
With TriStand: 547 × 382 – 442 × 200 mm
Net Weight
With FlexStand: 7.1 kg
With TriStand: 5.5kg
WithoutStand: 4.3 kg
Preset Modes
Fine Contrast (Text, Picture, Movie, sRGB, Custom), Auto Fine Contrast1
EcoView Settings
Auto EcoView, EcoView Index, EcoView Sense
Screen Adjustment
Clock, Phase, Position, Range (Auto), Screen Size
(full screen, enlarge, normal), Smoothing (5 stages),
Border Intensity
Color Adjustment
Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Temperature, Satura- Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Temperature, Saturation, Hue, Gain, Reset
tion, Hue, Gain, Overdrive, Reset
Power Management
Power Save (VESA DPMS and DVI DMPM), Off Timer
Volume, Power Save, Source (DisplayPort only)
Other Settings
Signal Switching, Product Information (name, serial number, resolution, operating time, etc.), OSD Menu Settings, Adjustment Lock, DDC/CI Lock, Languages
(English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish), Power Indicator, Reset
Certifications and Standards
TCO Displays 5.0, EPEAT Gold, TÜV/Ergonomics (including ISO 13406-2), TÜV/GS, c-Tick, CE, CB, UL (cTÜVus), CSA (cTÜVus), FCC-B, Canadian ICES-003-B,
TÜV/S, VCCI-B, EPA Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE, EIZO Eco Products 2009
Supplied Accessories
AC power cord, signal cables (DVI-D – DVI-D, D-Sub – D-Sub), audio cable, EIZO LCD Utility Disk (PDF user’s manual, ScreenManager Pro for LCD [DDC/CI], EIZO
ScreenSlicer software), setup guide, spec sheet, 4 screws for mount option, warranty card
Five Years2
20" / 51 cm (508 mm diagonal)
442.8 × 249.1 mm
31 – 60 kHz, 59 – 61 Hz (VGA Text: 69 – 71 Hz)
D-Sub mini 15 pin, DVI-D 24 pin (with HDCP)
0.45 W speaker
40 W (maximum)
25 W (typical)
With FlexStand: 225 mm (171.3 mm at 0° tilt)
With TriStand: 60 mm
With FlexStand: 476 × 306.5 – 498 × 219 – 236 mm
With TriStand: 476 × 362 – 442 × 200 mm
With FlexStand: 6.9 kg
With TriStand: 5.3 kg
WithoutStand: 4.1 kg
With FlexStand: 6.7 kg
With TriStand: 5.1 kg
Without Stand: 3.9 kg
Clock, Phase, Position, Range (Auto), Signal Filter, Screen Size (full screen, enlarge, normal), Smoothing
(5 stages), Border Intensity
Volume, Power Save
1 The
bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD is necessary to activate Auto Fine Contrast. The USB version of ScreenManager Pro for LCD is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000. The DDC/CI version is compatible with
Vista. 2 The usage time is limited to 30,000 hours or less, and the warranty period of the LCD panel is limited to three years from the date of purchase.
With current LCD technology, a panel may contain a limited number of missing or flickering pixels.
These monitors were developed, manufactured, and quality control tested by EIZO in Japan.
All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. EIZO and FlexScan are registered trademarks of Eizo Nanao Corporation. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright© 2009 Eizo Nanao Corporation.
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