Dominion KSX II
Consolidated Remote Management
KVM-over-IP and serial access in one box
Dominion KSX II Series
The Dominion KSX II difference
A powerful combination of remote
KVM-over-IP, serial console access
and remote power control.
Dominion KSX II is an integrated, hardware-based solution that offers you secure,
remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) access, serial device management and
power control. Targeted at branch and remote offices, the Dominion KSX II is also
ideal for labs, computer rooms and data centers with racks containing both serial
and KVM controlled devices. With Dominion KSX II, you’ll reduce travel costs,
decrease downtime, increase productivity and increase security. Unlike other
remote control software solutions, Dominion KSX II provides:
– Four serial ports and
four KVM-over-IP ports
– One remote KVM user
over the network
– Four serial users
– One user at the rack
– Two remote power
control ports
– Internal modem
– Eight serial ports and
eight KVM-over-IP ports
– One remote KVM user
over the network
– Eight serial users
– One user at the rack
– Two remote power
control ports
– Internal modem
One consolidated view of all IT equipment connected to the KSX II
A single, platform-independent solution offering centralized, integrated
and secure control
BIOS-level KVM-over-IP control of computer servers, console-level control
of serial devices and remote power control
Virtual media, giving users the ability to install software, run hardware
diagnostics, transfer files and even remotely reimage a server
Absolute Mouse Synchronization , which reduces installation time and
sets a new standard for mouse synchronization
Network-independent access via a built-in modem for emergency access
Secure, remote, out-of-band access and power control of up to 16 servers
and other network devices over IP
Raritan's Dominion KSX II is designed specifically to make the management of your
IT infrastructure at branch locations faster, easier, simpler and more cost-effective.
This innovative device combines secure BIOS-level KVM-over-IP, console-level access
and cold-start power control (when used with the Dominion PX ) of everything in your
remote server rooms. This means that from anywhere you access the Web, you can
directly access, troubleshoot and even reboot all of your remote equipment, including:
Application servers
File/Print servers
Headless servers
Network appliances
Serial IT equipment
Security interfaces
Domain servers
Load balancers
Environmental control
Consolidated remote device management
Smart engineering translates into ease of use with:
A single, consolidated view of all servers and other IT devices from one screen,
at the rack, via Web browser or CommandCenter® Secure Gateway, Raritan’s
centralized management solution
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Anytime, anywhere access and control
A single sign-on and Web-based interface, providing
easy access to servers and other IT devices
With virtual media, users can remotely install software,
transfer files and even reimage a server
Point-and-click or command-line control of devices
Secure, centralized authentication and logging with
LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directory
A built-in modem for emergency access
Absolute Mouse Synchronization reduces installation
time and sets a new standard for mouse synchronization
Award-winning Dominion KX II video engine provides
virtual at-the-rack performance with 1920x1080
HD resolution
Local user console for direct access to servers and
serial devices
Easy plug-and-play installation and operation
Dominion KSX II provides bulletproof security via:
Optional remote power strips power on/off
remote servers
Award-winning Dominion KX II performance
Dominion KSX II includes all of the features you need for
superior performance:
Industry-leading KVM-over-IP technology provides
high-quality video with low bandwidth utilization
High performance over low bandwidth connections,
including modem, wireless, cable, DSL and
fractional T1
FIPS 140-2–certified encryption module
SmartCard/CAC authentication–remote and local
Up to 256-bit AES encryption, SSL 128-bit RSA public
key encryption and 128-bit RC4 private key encryption
User authentication with Active Directory, RADIUS
and LDAP support
Strong password protection
Customizable log-in security banner
Dual stack networking: IPv4 and IPv6
CommandCenter Secure Gateway
(Centralized Management)
Dominion KSX II
Dominion KSX II
KVM Servers
Local Access
(KVM - Serial)
KVM Servers
Serial Devices &
Headless Servers
Serial Devices &
Headless Servers
Branch Office
System Administrator
Dominion PX
(Remote Power Control)
(Dial-in access to
built-in modem)
Primary Data Center
Remote Virtual Media
(USB Drive, CD/DVD-ROM, Local Drive)
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Remote Access
Secure KVM-over-IP, serial console and power control
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Return on investment
Dominion KSX II pays for itself quickly by:
Eliminating expensive and inconvenient travel to
remote locations
Reducing the costs of on-call labor and
outsourced service providers
Slashing expensive downtime by providing BIOS-level
and network-independent access in emergencies
Leveraging the centralized expertise of IT managers,
regardless of their locations
Replacing multiple software solutions with a
single hardware solution, increasing efficiency
and productivity
KVM-over-IP features
With the Dominion KX II as its foundation, the KSX II
enables new levels of KVM-over-IP performance,
reliability, usability and security
Virtual media (CD/DVD ROM, USB drive, local drive,
ISO image files)
Absolute Mouse Synchronization
Multiplatform PS/2, Sun and USB server support.
Native Windows and Java™ clients support Windows,
Linux , Sun and Mac users
Supports Dell , HP and IBM blade servers
Web browser–based local port
FIPS 140-2–certified encryption module
Smart card and DoD CAC authentication
256-bit AES encryption
KVM-over-IP ports–choose from four or eight
Two dedicated power control ports
Dual gigabit Ethernet ports with failover
Up to 1920x1080 video resolution, including
widescreen formats
Built-in modem
True serial access
Four or eight simultaneous serial sessions
No expensive serial dongles required
Access via SSH, Telnet or Raritan Serial Client
Local serial admin port with CLI
Logging of console sessions
Cut and paste between sessions
Keyword monitoring and alerting
User defined log-off commands
CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG)
Use KSX II stand-alone or with CC-SG
Single IP address, sign-on, authentication and logging
Manage hundreds or thousands of branch offices
Manage rack-based, blade and virtual servers
Embedded service processors (iLO, DRAC, RSA)
In-band access (RDP/VNC)
Raritan provides secure IT infrastructure management solutions that increase data center efficiency and productivity by delivering integrated in-band and out-of-band server
access, control and power management. Raritan’s KVM, serial console and intelligent rack PDU products are in use at over 50,000 locations worldwide.
Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has 38 offices worldwide, serving 76 countries. For more information, please visit
Raritan / 400 Cottontail Lane / Somerset, NJ 08873 / USA /
Serial Admin Port KVM Ports Built-in Modem
DKSX2-188 shown
Dual GigE Ports
Local Ports
USB Port
Dual Power Ports
Serial Ports
Specifications for All Dominion KSX II Models
Form Factor
1U, full width, rack mountable (brackets included)
Dimensions - (WxDxH)
17.3" x 11.4" x 1.75"; 439 x 290 x 44mm
DKSX2-144: 8.51lb (3.86kg); DKSX2-188: 8.64lb (3.92kg)
100V/240V 50/60Hz 0.6A
KVM Ports
4 (KSX2-144 model) or 8 (KSX2-188 model)
Serial Ports
4 (KSX2-144 model) or 8 (KSX2-188 model)
Power Control Ports
Local Admin Port (VGA)
Video Keyboard/Mouse
Mini-DIN6(F) PS/2 and USB(F), 1 USB front, 3 USB rear
Local Admin Port (Serial)
DB9(M) RS232
Environmental Requirements
Operating Temperature
32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C)
Remote Connection
Dual 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet Access (RJ45) with failover. Dual stack IPv4/IPv6
Integrated 56K V.90 (RJ11 port) modem
Sample Video Resolutions
640x480, 720x400, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1152x900, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050 1600x1200,
Two Years with Advanced Replacement.* Guardian Extended Warranty Available
KVM Computer Interface Modules (CIMs)
CIM Model
Dimensions (WxDxH)
D2CIM-DVUSB Dual USB CIM for BIOS virtual media, smart card/CAC and Absolute Mouse Synchronization
1.7" x 3.5" x 0.8"; 43 x 90 x 19mm 0.25lb; 0.11kg
USB CIM for virtual media and Absolute Mouse Synchronization
1.3" x 3.0" x 0.6"; 33 x 76 x 15mm 0.20lb; 0.09kg
CIM for PS/2
1.3" x 3.0" x 0.6"; 33 x 76 x 15mm 0.20lb; 0.09kg
CIM for Sun
1.3" x 3.0" x 0.6"; 33 x 76 x 15mm 0.20lb; 0.09kg
CIM for USB and Sun USB
1.3" x 3.0" x 0.6"; 33 x 76 x 15mm 0.20lb; 0.09kg
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