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Remote Access Technologies: A Comparison of
Expertcity GoToMyPC™
GraphOn GO-Global® XP Enterprise Edition
Executive Summary ...........................1
Remote Access Overview ..................2
Intended Application .......................................... 2
Revolutionary Solution:
Expertcity’s GoToMyPC .................................... 2
Comparison of GO-Global XP and
GoToMyPC ..........................................3
Software and Hardware Investments ................ 3
Installation ......................................................... 4
Configuration for Firewalls................................. 5
Security.............................................................. 5
Ease of Establishing a Connection.................... 6
Guest Invitation.................................................. 7
Support Costs.................................................... 8
Reporting ........................................................... 8
Platform Compatibility........................................ 9
Conclusion ........................................10
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GoToMyPC is a cost-effective way
to roll out and manage a remoteaccess plan for telecommuters,
work extenders and mobile
GO-Global® XP is a softwarebased application deployment
system developed for accessing
Windows-based applications via
the Internet from a variety of
devices and platforms.
When compared to GO-Global XP,
GoToMyPC offers significant
advantages. GoToMyPC is easier
to set up, more available over
networks with firewalls, and easier
to use.
Executive Summary
Individuals and companies are looking for ways
to provide cost-effective network access for their
remote, mobile, and telecommuting needs.
Remote control solutions such as GoToMyPC
and application deployment solutions like GO®
Global XP are one way to provide this access.
With GoToMyPC, you can roll out and manage a
remote access plan in minutes. It is a highly
secure and cost-effective way for individuals or
employees to access their computers and
network resources remotely. Employees simply
access and work on their computers using any
Web browser.
This white paper demonstrates that GoToMyPC
has significant advantages over GO-Global XP.
The advantages include:
Software and Hardware Investments.
GoToMyPC does not require any additional
hardware or software to enable remote
access for all individuals within your
company. GO-Global XP requires hardware
and some software purchases for basic
Installation. GoToMyPC is completely
software-based and allows for a simple
installation and setup that can be performed
by computer novices in less than 5 minutes.
GO-Global XP requires a delicate
installation that requires the assistance of
network and systems engineers.
Configuration for Firewalls. GoToMyPC
can transparently transit almost all firewalls,
so no additional network configuration is
necessary. GO-Global XP requires that you
establish incoming TCP/IP and UDP
connections, often dictating that the firewall
be modified to allow this connection.
Security. GoToMyPC is pre-configured for
maximum security using the industry
standard Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES) 128-bit encryption. GO-Global XP
provides only low-level 40-bit encryption and
may require third party protections to
adequately secure the system.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
Ease of Establishing the Connection.
GoToMyPC establishes the connection to
the remote computer easily with no
configuration. Users only need to know their
email address and password. GO-Global XP
requires administrators to set up the server
for client access before allowing users to
access to the system.
Guest Invitation. GoToMyPC provides an
easy method to invite guests to connect to
your computer from a variety of Windows
operating systems. GO-Global XP’s guest
access requires creating a network account
to admit the guest onto the company’s
Support Costs. GoToMyPC’s support is
included with product purchase. GO-Global
XP requires expensive pay-per-incident
pricing or a high-priced maintenance
contract for technical support issues.
Reporting. GoToMyPC offers detailed
reporting capabilities that allow the manager
to view and stop current connections as well
as review event history. GO-Global XP
provides limited reporting capabilities.
Platform Compatibility. A Windows-based
GoToMyPC host can be accessed from
multiple operating systems. GO-Global XP
can be installed on two Windows server
operating systems.
Overall, GoToMyPC is an easier solution for
users than GO-Global XP, because users are
presented with their actual computer screen, not
a portal-style view. In addition, GoToMyPC is
firewall friendly, making it an easier solution for
network administrators.
GoToMyPC provides a cost-effective, easy-toimplement, fast and secure way to provide
remote access to corporate network resources.
Users find that GoToMyPC is convenient
because it can be used from almost anywhere
and requires no configuration.
December 2001
Remote Access Overview
One of the major issues confronting information
systems managers today is providing secure
access to corporate IS resources to people who
are physically located outside of the corporate
In today’s increasingly connected society,
traveling salespeople, telecommuters and work
extenders all need access to resources on
corporate networks. These resources – such as
databases, sales tools, email, etc. – are usually
behind firewalls for security reasons and cannot
be accessed from outside the corporation.
Intended Application
One method for allowing remote access to
protected computing resources is to use an
application delivery product such as GO-Global
XP. GraphOn’s GO-Global XP Enterprise Edition
is a software-based application deployment
system developed for accessing Windowsbased applications via the Internet from a variety
of operating systems and devices including
mobile and LAN-based computers. This is
accomplished by building the GO-Global XP
platform on top of Microsoft Windows 2000 or
NT 4.0 utilizing a Web server with both native
and Java applet deployment solutions.
GO-Global XP is intended for use within
organizations that want to centralize deployment
of Windows-based client-server applications
over the Web to diverse display devices.
Although this method can reduce the total cost
of application ownership by extending the reach
of applications to numerous operating systems,
it is not intended to provide a flexible and costeffective telework solution.
With possible hardware to purchase, firewall
adjustments, software installation requirements,
server configuration, backup installation, and
network mapping, setup requires system and
network engineers with advanced computing
GoToMyPC was developed exclusively for those
with remote access needs. In addition to
accessing applications, GoToMyPC allows
employees to view their actual host computer
screens and all software on their computer via
the Internet from a variety of operating systems.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
GoToMyPC’s key benefit is the ability to launch
a telework solution immediately by utilizing the
company’s existing systems, thus providing an
extreme cost savings over implementing other
remote solutions such as GO-Global XP.
GoToMyPC also simplifies client account
administration, and decreases training costs
compared to other telework solutions.
Revolutionary Solution: Expertcity’s
GoToMyPC is Web-based screen-sharing
software that allows users to access and use a
computer through the GoToMyPC Web site.
With GoToMyPC, users can see their
computer’s screen and access all of their
programs, files and network resources as if they
were sitting at and using their computer, even
though they may be a thousand miles away.
Remote control solutions such GoToMyPC ship
keyboard input, mouse input and display output
data between the client computers and network
host servers. This functionality affords remote
clients access to the corporate LAN, allowing
them to remotely access applications while
experiencing performance similar to being on
the LAN itself.
All communications between the host and client
computers are encrypted using 128-bit
encryption. Only screen and keyboard updates
are sent between the host and the client
computer used to access it (unless the user
initiates a file transfer), so bandwidth demands
are minimal.
Any Internet-connected computer can be used
as a client to control the host computer because
there is no need to install any client software.
The client and host computers both initiate
outward TCP connections on well-known ports,
so firewall changes are usually not necessary.
This white paper compares the management
and security issues of GraphOn’s GO-Global XP
Enterprise Edition with Expertcity’s GoToMyPC.
December 2001
Comparison of GO-Global
XP and GoToMyPC
Software and Hardware Investments
GO-Global XP: Costs and requirements for
enabling remote connections using GO-Global
XP will vary by the number of people needing
remote access.
The architecture of a GO-Global XP system
includes the following components: Windows
based operating system, TCP/IP enabled
network servers, Web servers, cluster manager,
license administration, CD-ROM drive, and
databases. To maintain speed, reliability, and
security, the following are recommended:
backup servers, multiport adapters, numerous
high-speed disk drives, Redundant Array of
Independent Disks (RAID) controllers, highperformance Network Interface Cards (NICs),
firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and load
balancing services.
GoToMyPC: Only the user’s existing computer
and the computer they are connecting from are
required to use GoToMyPC. Less than 2MB of
disk space are required for installation. Although
installation on a server is also possible, there is
no need for a dedicated server to use
GoToMyPC allows users to control remote
computers from any Internet-connected machine
using a Web browser, and does not require any
special hardware or software to be installed
ahead of time. There are no concerns about
scalability or performance, as GoToMyPC
provides all the resources for you. You can
concentrate on your business; not your remote
GO-Global XP requires dedicated servers with
Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or
higher, or Windows 2000 Server with Service
Pack 1 or higher. Windows NT 4.0 Terminal
Server Edition, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Server with Terminal services, post SP6a
Security Rollup Package, and Service Pack
Hotfixes are not supported by GO-Global XP.
The minimum installation requirements for either
supported operating system include at least
128MB of RAM with an additional 6-8MB of
RAM for each concurrent user and additional
RAM required by the applications to be used. At
least 100MB of free hard drive space is needed
as well.
Stronger performance may be accomplished by
installing fast processors. The processor and
memory requirements are determined by the
number of users on the GO-Global XP system
and by the type of applications they use. A
Pentium III 733MHz or higher is recommended
while the typical GO-Global XP system uses
dual processors with around 1GB of memory.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
Figure 1: Only the client and host computers
are required to use GoToMyPC because the
servers are hosted
December 2001
GO-Global XP: The installation, setup,
configuration, and maintenance of GO-Global
XP are complicated and require experienced
network and system engineers to ensure proper
functionality and security and to prevent
accidental damage to the system.
Before beginning an installation of GO-Global
XP, administrators should verify the list of
operating systems and software that are not
supported or may not be used with the GOGlobal XP system. Microsoft Office XP,
Microsoft Load Balancer, Symantec
pcAnywhere, and Funk Software PROXY are
examples of some of the software that is not
supported. In addition to software, there is some
hardware that is not supported by GO-Global
XP. The Diamond Multimedia System video card
is a popular item that will need to be replaced if
the GO-Global XP system is to be installed.
Also, the server’s screen resolution needs to be
configured higher than the client computer’s
There are other steps, which must be verified
prior to the installation as well. TCP/IP must be
installed as a network protocol prior to the
installation of GO-Global XP. In order to permit
browser-based deployment of GO-Global XP a
Web Server, such as an Apache Web Server,
must be installed on the server.
There are many pieces to a GO-Global XP
installation including the Application Publishing
Service that launches applications, the Program
Window for displaying applications to the user,
and the Display Server that redirects the user
interface to the client computer. In addition, the
installation includes the Component Server for
managing client/server communication, the
Cluster Manager used to administer user
accounts, and the System Extension Driver to
allow for multi-users on the system.
GoToMyPC: There are no servers to set up, no
databases to build, and no networks to configure
in order to use GoToMyPC. GoToMyPC allows
users to control a host machine from any
Internet-connected computer using any Web
browser. The host computer can be running
Windows 95 or higher, and the client computer
does not require any special client software to
be installed ahead of time. The software takes
up less than 2MB of free disk space on the host
computer. Also, installation of GoToMyPC is not
restricted to non-Terminal Service versions of
Windows NT or 2000.
Everything needed to administer the service
throughout your company is available by simply
logging in to the Web-based GoToMyPC
Administration Center. The account
administrator can create all the individual
accounts needed for the entire company in one
step by simply cutting and pasting the email
addresses into GoToMyPC from the existing
company email list. The account administrator
can literally set up the entire company to use
GoToMyPC in minutes.
Figure 2: GoToMyPC can be set up in less
than five minutes
After all of the third-party software has been
properly established or deleted from the servers,
protocol decisions have been made, and the
installation has been performed, the next step is
to set up the applications to be used and enable
users’ access abilities to the system.
Applications and users must be individually set
up and authorized to enable remote access.
This is a multi-step process that requires
administrative access.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
December 2001
Configuration for Firewalls
GO-Global XP: To control a computer using
GO-Global XP, it is necessary to establish an
incoming connection to that computer. The most
convenient way to do this is over the network.
This provides the best performance and quickest
connection setup. However, because GO-Global
XP utilizes TCP and UDP protocols, it requires
that port 491 be opened on the corporate firewall
for the servers to be accessed.
This is problematic in most corporate settings
because the corporate firewall will almost
certainly block incoming connections from the
outside. Even if a company’s security policy
allows such incoming connections, providing this
capability requires administrative overhead in
firewall management.
GoToMyPC: With GoToMyPC, both the host
and client computers receive all communications
through an outgoing TCP connection, using
protocols and ports that can transparently transit
almost all firewalls. Thus, in general, no firewall
changes are required, and all the problems with
incoming network connections that are an issue
with the use of GO-Global XP are effectively
GO-Global XP: Security is one of the major
concerns for businesses when considering a
remote access system. Security is optional and
limited with GO-Global XP. While GO-Global XP
offers optional low-level 40-bit encryption to
prevent unauthorized access by securing data
sent over the network, the network itself is
vulnerable due to the port that GO-Global XP
requires to be open. An option is to purchase
third party security products to provide high-level
encryption for the data stream and to protect the
servers against port scanners.
For GO-Global XP use in the corporate
environment, an administrator should be
employed who has extensive experience
configuring firewalls and security protocols. GOGlobal XP requires firewall openings to allow
incoming connections in order to function. While
the firewalls may be restrictively configured to
limit access, the fact that an opening exists
makes it possible to exploit. In addition, GOGlobal XP’s optional security settings can make
it possible for attacks or data capturing by
GoToMyPC: There are no security settings that
can accidentally be configured incorrectly with
GoToMyPC. GoToMyPC traffic is encrypted
from start to finish with strong Advanced
Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption
using a secure challenge-response password
authentication protocol. AES is the encryption
selected by the National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST) due to its security,
computational efficiency, modest memory
requirements, flexibility, and simplicity.
Figure 3: GoToMyPC provides access across most
Figure 4: GoToMyPC uses AES encryption
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
December 2001
Ease of Establishing a Connection
GO-Global XP: Establishing a connection from
a client computer to the server using GO-Global
XP may be accomplished using many different
operating systems and devices.
In order to access any of the applications on the
server, the network administrator is first required
to set up and configure the system to allow for
particular client logins. A roaming network profile
must be established for each user in order to
permit GO-Global XP client access.
GoToMyPC: GoToMyPC is more convenient
because it was designed to function at its full
speed through a Web browser and is effectively
self-configuring. GoToMyPC is extremely
portable because no software or pre-planning is
needed to establish a connection. The user logs
in to and is presented
with a list of all registered and available
There are several client access choices with
GO-Global XP including Java, Linux, and
Windows, using the TCP/IP and UDP protocols
via the Internet. To configure all the clients in the
GO-Global XP system, the administrator must
use scripts rather than a graphical user
In addition, using particular clients will result in
the inability to use certain features. For example,
if using an unsigned Java client, the connection
will not allow for file transfer. Also, Java clients
are incompatible with several Hewlett Packard
Configuring a GO-Global XP client can be
complex for some users because they must
know connection information such as the correct
server address in addition to their personal
network logon information.
Figure 6: GoToMyPC allows easy remote
access without configuration
These host computers notify the GoToMyPC
communication servers of their availability on a
real-time basis through outgoing connections to
avoid any possible firewall, NAT or dynamic IP
addressing problems using the industry standard
AES encryption. To connect to a computer,
users need only remember their email address,
password, and the host computer access code.
Figure 5: Connecting with GO-Global XP
involves many steps
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
December 2001
Guest Invitation
GO-Global XP: Many of today’s users are
requiring more from their remote access
products. One required feature is the ability to
invite a guest to your computer for
demonstrations, sales, training, or a world of
other possibilities. Remote access users want to
grant this remote access to a guest easily
without a difficult setup or installation.
GoToMyPC: GoToMyPC’s guest invitation
feature doesn’t require the use of the network
administrator to set up a special account as with
GO-Global XP. This can be extremely useful
when an important sales opportunity presents
itself with a client. Also, you never have to
compromise security by giving out a password
or change the password immediately after use.
Unfortunately, GO-Global XP does not allow for
guest invitations to view your computer. An
option to get around this issue is to set up a
guest network account and a guest GO-Global
XP account to access specific applications and
files. This requires the time of the network
administrator. Next, the employee must obtain
the network and GO-Global XP ID and password
and deliver them to the guest with connection
instructions. After the guest has completed their
connection, the employee must remember to
inform the network administrator to change the
passwords immediately afterwards, or the guest
will continue to have access.
Figure 8: GoToMyPC's Invite Guest feature
doesn’t require creating a network account
Figure 7: GO-Global XP does not allow for
guest access
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
Inviting a guest to your computer with
GoToMyPC is easy. A one-time use invitation
can be sent by right-clicking on the GoToMyPC
icon in the system tray and selecting Invite
Guest to PC. You then fill in the email address of
the invitee, and enter your email address and
password. The person you invite receives an
email with a link that launches the GoToMyPC
Web site and starts the screen sharing session.
The client may run several different operating
systems and is not required to perform an
installation or configure any software.
December 2001
Support Costs
GO-Global XP: With the many configuration
options that GO-Global XP provides and the
intricacy of the installation and integration into
the network, many obstacles may arise before
and after the product installation.
GO-Global XP: Most employers want detailed
reporting about how many users are making
remote connections, the employee names, and
for what length of time they were connected.
While GO-Global XP provides a very basic
reporting view via the Cluster Manager, a third
party reporting package may be required to gain
the true detailed reporting insight that managers
are looking for. GO-Global XP provides log-file
format data that can be imported into a usercreated database, which then must be analyzed
and exported by using third-party reporting
Basic support is provided free of charge online,
but lacks the detailed problem specifications and
solutions that many administrators will require. If
either email or phone support are used a charge
will be associated with it.
GO-Global XP’s support is based upon pay-perincident pricing with a charge of $295 per
incident. After purchasing the pay-per-incident
support, a case number will be issued and then
the case number is entered into the GO-Global
XP support queue. A maintenance contract may
be purchased at a much higher cost if problems
occur on a regular basis to offset the cost of the
pay-per-incident pricing.
The amount of time it takes to respond to
support requests will depend on the level that is
assigned to it. The response times range from
same day response on business days for level 1
to a 3-business day response for level 4
requests. As noted on the GO-Global XP
website, “Response times may vary based on
the number and nature of calls received or
incidents reported and is not guaranteed.”
GoToMyPC: Due to the simplicity and userfriendly nature of GoToMyPC, technical support
is rarely required. Nevertheless, phone and
email support is included in the purchase price
of GoToMyPC so additional support fees will not
be required. This can be very helpful if you
decide to upgrade computers and need
assistance or have questions after your
Costs associated with GO-Global XP reporting
will depend on the type of third-party product
selected and the intricacy of the setup. A
network engineer with data-analysis experience
may be required to set up and configure the
systems, which could end up being very cost
GoToMyPC: Monitoring current sessions in
progress or reviewing user connection history is
a simple process with GoToMyPC.
Administrators can select a monitor function with
one click that displays everyone who is currently
online along with their connection information. A
link allows the administrator to end their
employees’ current sessions immediately. An
additional reporting section allows the manager
to view detailed reports by individual or the
whole company for any time frame in either
HTML or Excel format.
Figure 9: GoToMyPC provides detailed
Prices based on information from December 2001.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
December 2001
Platform Compatibility
GO-Global XP: With GraphOn’s GO-Global XP
Enterprise Edition, the host servers are limited to
two server operating systems: Microsoft
Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or
higher or Windows 2000 Server with Service
Pack 1 or higher.
Computers running Windows 95/98, Windows
Me, or any Windows server product with
Terminal services will not be able to use GOGlobal XP for remote access.
GoToMyPC: GoToMyPC has the competitive
advantage of being able to provide remote
access capabilities both to and from multiple
operating systems. GoToMyPC can be used
from and to Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows
Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and
Windows XP. In addition, the client can be
running Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh.
Platforms Supported as Host Computer
Operating System
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows 2000
Windows 2000 w/ Terminal Services
Windows NT 4.0
Windows NT 4.0 w/ Terminal Server
Windows XP
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
GO-Global XP
December 2001
In contrast to other remote access products
such as GO-Global XP, GoToMyPC provides a
cost-effective, flexible, and secure method for
remote access to corporate computing
resources. With GoToMyPC, there is no
downside in terms of extra management, loss of
security or loss of performance.
GoToMyPC is also far more convenient for
users than other solutions because it does not
require remembering server addresses, is
accessible from more operating systems, and
does not require technical expertise to install or
Summary Comparison of GoToMyPC vs. GO-Global XP
GO-Global XP
Software and Hardware
Uses existing computers. No
need to purchase expensive
software or hardware.
Need to purchase expensive
software and hardware with
specific requirements.
Simple setup performed in less
than 5 minutes by non-technical
Difficult and involved setup that
requires a great depth of
technical knowledge.
Configuration for Firewalls
Outgoing connection only. No
configuration of firewall.
Network and firewall must be
configured to allow incoming
Ease of Establishing a
Administrator required to
configure client accounts prior to
Completely secure environment.
Strong 128-bit encryption.
Low 40-bit encryption. Need to
open ports in firewall for use.
Guest Invitation
Easy and secure method of
inviting guests to your desktop.
No guest invitations. Requires
creating company network and
GO-Global XP accounts.
Support Costs
Technical support pricing
included in product purchase.
Support requires pay-per-incident
pricing at $295 per incident or a
maintenance contract.
Real-time, detailed reporting
easily exported to Excel.
Limited reporting capabilities.
Platform Compatibility
Use from greater range of
operating systems.
Can install on host computer
running only two Windows server
operating systems.
A Comparison of GoToMyPC™ and GO-Global XP
December 2001
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