Full size scrubber dryer. i

Full size scrubber dryer. i
i-mop XL
The first of its kind, the i-mop solves the problems
of floor cleaning systems by combining the
flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of
industrial scrubber driers. We found out that most
areas are still being cleaned by mop and bucket,
because other floor machines are just not flexible
enough to work in most spaces. The i-mop makes
it possible to clean any surface, with freedom of
Full size scrubber dryer.
movement and great ease of use. No borders or
boundaries. This machine isn’t just designed for
cleaning, it’s designed for the cleaner.
350 RPM.
Full power
24/7 energy.
All day.
Every day.
Voltage Art code
230 V
240 V
115 V
110 V IMOPXL.I-V. 4610C
Flexible and fast
The i-mop features a high
speed twin brush scrubber
drier deck with a working
area of 46 cm (18 inches).
The same as with a conventional walk behind scrubber, but with unmatched
agility. The two counter
rotating brushes provides
a smooth experience and
allows you to control the
machine even with one
hand. Clean around and
underneath objects, just
like a mop.
If you want to use this
concept you need to stick
to the following: always
change both batteries after
60 min. (do not mind the left
over power) running time.
This remaining energy
allows us to recharge a
cycle in 1 hour for 1 hour
operational use again to
arrive to the system of 24/7.
If you use the batteries to
the max, this will not allow
doing swaps in 1-hour
Click on, click off
Fill, refill and empty the
machine easily with our
solutions tanks. No longer
bound to installed filling
stations, get your water from
a sink in a pinch. Switching
between chemicals in a
matter of seconds by clicking
on a different solution tank.
Using our HACCP system
to make life even easier.
You will be surprised by how
water efficient the i-mop is,
good things really do come
in smaller packages.
Flip the switch
No PhD required to operate
the machine, we have done
all the programming for
you. A simple dial to select
the desired operating
mode. Aside from scrub
and dry, separate scrub
modes are available for intensive deep cleaning. Our
eco mode allows you to
save additional water when
only a little is needed, and
will also protect your water
sensitive floors against
I go, where you go
The i-mop has been designed in a compact and
user-friendly way, so that
it takes up very little floor
space when not being
used. Store it in a closet
nearby so it is always within
reach. Take it with you up
and down steps and stairs.
If it is still a bit heavy, why
not pop off the batteries
and the water? So whatever the type of job, the
i-mop will be right there
with you.
Weight without batteries
18.5 Kg
Weight with batteries
22.5 Kg
Weight with batteries+water
25.9 Kg
Size machine H*W*D
120 X 50 X 38 cm
Size box L*W*H
126 X 57 X 37 cm
Power (Watt)
700 W
Material PP, Aluminum alloy Battery Spec. Li-ion battery
22.2 V, 8.8 Ah
Running time 70 Minutes
Operation Width
46 CM
Theoretical performance
1800 square meter per hour
Practial performance
1000~1300 square meter per hour
Clean water tank
4 L
Recovery watertank
4-6 L (max. 8 L)
20’ Container loading quality
90~100 pcs
1 year
solution tank red
sanitary fittings & washroom floors
solution tank blue
general low risk areas
solution tank yellow
wash basins & washroom surfaces
solution tank green
general food&bar use
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