Sennheiser RI 830 Stethoset receiver

Set 830-TV
Your individual
listening pleasure
The Set 830-TV is an infra-red stereo
TV listening system. The set enables
listening anywhere in the room with­
out the need for cables and without
disturbing others. Directly connectable
to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, the Set
830-TV guarantees outstanding sound
quality, which, for example, thanks to
treble emphasis, can be customised to
the listener’s hearing.
What’s more, the receiver is extremely
lightweight and, with its perfect-fitting
ear cushions, offers maximum comfort
when worn. Ergonomic controls and
visual signals for the individual control
processes mean that operation of the
Set 830-TV couldn’t be easier.
 Easy to set up and use
 Cordless mobility of up to 12 m within the room thanks to
infra-red transmission
 First-class customised stereo sound
 Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter:
optimised speech intelligibility due to switchable compression
and treble emphasis
 Treble emphasis can be individually set
 Large, ergonomic volume control on the receiver
 Balance control for setting left/right volume on the receiver
 Receiver turns on/off automatically when put on/removed
 Perfect fit, rotatable ear cushions and the light weight of the receiver
guarantee maximum comfort even when worn for extended periods
 Receiver can be placed on the transmitter’s charger facing in
either direction
 LEDs provide visual signals of individual control processes
 Clear product labelling
 Lithium polymer battery for up to 12 hours continuous play
 Integrated charging compartment in transmitter for spare battery
Transmission frequencies
Signal-to-noise ratio
FM, stereo
2.3 MHz / 2.8 MHz
up to 12 m
typ. 75 dB(A)
approx. 260 g
112 x 146 x 58 mm
Audio input
Power supply
3.5 mm stereo jack plug
13.5 V DC/500 mA with NT 13
Dimensions of single package (W x H x D) Dimensions of multipack (W x H x D) Number in multipack Languages
recloseable cardboard box with hanging eyelet
168 x 278 x 110 mm
361 x 318 x 355 mm
German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Scope of delivery stethoset receiver, transmitter/charging station, battery BA 300, 2 pairs of
replacement ear cushions, power supply with national adapters for EU, UK and US,
TV RCA adapter, TV Scart adapter, TV connection cable (3.5/6.3 mm)
532521 03/09
Set 830-TV
RI 830
Article no.
502006 502020
Reception frequencies
2.3 MHz / 2.8 MHz
Frequency response 50 Hz – 16,000 Hz
Max. SPL (at 1kHz)
125 dB
THD (at 1kHz)
Operating time
up to 12 h
Charging time 3h
approx. 68 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions 240 x 128 x 26 mm
Power supply
rechargeable lithium polymer battery BA 300 (3.7 V, 150 mAh)
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