VIDEO 2 GO is a video conversion system for Mac or PC
that captures, converts, and delivers quality recordings
from virtually any video and audio source. The result is
high-quality digital videos on your computer. You can
watch your videos on your computer, record them onto
a DVD*, or load them onto your portable video player,
such as PSP or iPod. There is even one button upload to
Facebook and Youtube.
Videoglide exporter software, or using Quicktime or
iMovie, which come with every Mac.
For even those with almost no computer experience,
VIDEO 2 GO is easy to connect to VCRs, DVRs,
camcorders, and most other video-playback sources.
Simply plug in the three color-coded cables on one side
and the standard USB jack to your computer, and you’re
set. VIDEO 2 PC even comes with software that makes
things quick and easy!
iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S.
and other countries.
Video 2 GO has the one-touch snapshot button which
lets you take a still image of your video source with one
touch of the button.
Includes Cyberlink PowerProducer for simple, easy and
straightforward video recording.
Includes Cyberlink PowerDirector digital video editing
program which lets you create professional-looking
videos and photo slideshows, complete with music,
voice-overs, special effects, transitions and much more.
PowerDirector lets you save as a file** or upload directly
to Youtube or Facebook from the software, making
sharing your videos easy. Mac users can record there
favorite videos using included Videoglide capture and
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
VIDEO 2 GO enhances your videos and enables you to
take them anywhere you want.
* Requires DVD recorder, not included
PSP is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment
**.AVI, MPEG-1, Mpeg-2, Portable Mpeg-4, H.264 AVC,.
đŏ Works on a Mac or a PC!
đŏ One-touch hardware snapshot button for still
images from your video
đŏ Stereo audio and composite video input
đŏ S-video video signal input
đŏ Record from VCR, DVD player, DVR or TiVo
đŏ Full featured video editing software (Cyberlink
đŏ Works with Quicktime and iMovie
đŏ Saves in many file formats
đŏ Great quality picture
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