Opacity Shield Kit - HPE Support Center

Opacity Shield Kit - HPE Support Center
Installing the opacity shields
Only use the screws and hex bolts that are supplied in the opacity shield kit to secure
the opacity shield.
Remove the screws, if any, on the chassis where the opacity shields are to be installed
before installing the opacity shields.
HP 5500 HI switches meet the requirement of FIPS security level 2.
Introduction to the opacity shield kit
M3 hex bolt
(2 for the rear
opacity shield)
Rear opacity
shield (1 in total)
Left-side opacity
shield (1 in total)
The mounting brackets installed at the port side
M3 countersunk-head
screw (3 for the left-side
opacity shield and 2 for
the rear opacity shield)
M4 hex bolt
(3 for the left-side opacity shield)
mounting bracket
(2 in total)
M4 countersunkhead screw
Tamper evidence
label (30 in total)
M4 countersunk-head
screw(used to secure the
mounting brackets,4 in
Installation tools
The installation tools are not provided with the switch. Prepare them yourself.
M3 countersunkhead screw
M3 hex bolt
M4 hex bolt
M3 countersunkhead screw
The mounting brackets installed at the power supply side
Socket wrench
wrist strap
cleaning pad
M4 hex bolt
Applicable product
HP 5500-48G-4SFP HI Switch with 2 Interface Slots (JG312A)
Preparing for installation
The installation procedures must be performed by qualified personnel.
Before installation, read the Compliance and Safety Manual for the compatible switch
of the opacity shield kit.
Make sure the operating temperature is not higher than 40°C (104°F).
Wear an ESD-preventive wrist strap, and make sure the wrist strap makes good skin
contact and is well grounded.
The two-holed mounting brackets are not designed to support the weight of the switch.
To mount the switch to the rack, install a rack shelf in a proper position of the rack,
place the switch on the rack shelf, and use screws to secure the two-holed mounting
brackets to the rack posts.
M3 countersunkhead screw
M3 hex bolt
M4 countersunkhead screw
M3 countersunkhead screw
Applying tamper evidence labels
The mounting brackets installed at the power supply side
Make sure the chassis temperature is above 10°C (50°F).
Before applying tamper evidence labels, use alcohol-based cleaning pads to clean the
chassis and air dry the cohesive areas.
Apply tamper evidence labels to all field replacement units (for example, opacity
shields, interface cards, and power supplies), and any screw on an opacity shield.
If the switch is to be installed on a rack, HP recommends that you apply tamper
evidence labels before installing the switch to the rack.
The mounting brackets installed at the port side
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