HP Q2299A ink cartridge
HP Extended TIJ 1.0 Print Cartridges
The HP C6602A,
C6602R, C6602G, and
C6602B Extended TIJ 1.0
print cartridges are ideal
for transaction printing
and remote printing
applications where print
economy and reliability
are paramount.
HP designed the C6602A (black), C6602R (red),
C6602G (green), and C6602B (blue) print cartridges to
offer very fast dry times and water resistance across a
broad range of papers and media.
HP's Extended TIJ 1.0 print cartridges offer:
The special ink formulation in these print cartridges dries
in less than ½ second on all common papers used in the
banking, retail, hospitality, and other transaction printing
environments. Non-contact, drop-on-demand inkjet
technology delivers reliable, quiet printing on irregular
porous surfaces, as well as inserted slips and checks.
Small size and low power consumption make these print
cartridges ideal for compact and battery-driven
These print cartridges are designed to print 96 dots per
inch using special dye-based inks, and typically deliver
over seven million characters per cartridge for
economical, non-stop printing. When replacement is
needed, the print cartridges can be quickly and easily
snapped in and out, ensuring headache-free,
cost-effective printing.
The variety of available colors (black, red, green, and
blue) offers the flexibility and ease-of-use that promotions,
quality control, and enhanced identification require. With
single-color cartridges, no ink is wasted and changing
colors is a snap.
• Low-cost printing and marking capability in a variety of
• Fast drying, water-fast, and fade-resistant inks for the
kind of print permanence that record keeping and
transaction receipts require.
• High-ink capacity in a compact form for economical
operation of small print devices.
• Non-contact, drop-on-demand thermal inkjet technology
that ensures quiet printing.
• Easy, snap-in replacement, eliminating the need for
specialized training and service calls.
Why choose HP?
HP is the worldwide leader in imaging and printing
technologies. We bring our innovative, reliable,
environmentally-friendly, and easy-to-use solutions to a
variety of industrial markets. As pioneers of thermal inkjet
printing, HP knows the technology inside and out.
HP Extended TIJ 1.0 Print Cartridges
Frequently asked questions
Who are the ideal users of
the HP Extended TIJ 1.0
print cartridges?
Companies who design kiosks, ATMs, point-of-sale printers, validation printers, and portable printers. These cartridges
are also suitable for industrial and commercial marking applications where print economy is important.
What are the key
advantages of these print
• Very fast dry time (less than ½ second) prevents smearing and ink transfer without heating.
• Water- and fade-resistant inks provide the print permanence that record keeping and transaction receipts require.
• Compact size, combined with a high-capacity ink reservoir, reduces printer footprint and operating costs.
• Very low pen-servicing requirements and direct-drive nozzles make integrating these print cartridges into new and
existing products easy and hassle-free.
What are the advantages
of HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
• Cost-effective. Requires no warm-up cycle and no downtime. When it's time to replace a print cartridge, replace only
the one that's needed.
• Easy to use. No special training is required to operate and maintain thermal inkjet printers. The print cartridge
design allows it to be snapped in and out for easy replacement.
• Fast. Tiny nozzles firing at a high frequency allow quality printing at high speeds.
• Reliable. TIJ is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing chamber than other printing technologies, avoiding print
quality problems and delays caused by trapped air.
• Flexible. Supports a wide variety of media.
• Environmentally safe. With thermal inkjet, there is no need for service technicians qualified to handle volatile
solvents, and no noxious fumes.
• Lower cost of ownership. A thermal inkjet printer can cost hundreds of dollars less than other printing equipment,
reducing the market entry cost.
Technical specifications
Contact information
C6602A (black), C6602R (red), C6602G (green), C6602B (blue)
Ink type
Black, red, green, and blue dye-based, aqueous ink
96 dpi
To discuss inkjet technology OEM opportunities with HP:
• Go to www.hp.com/oeminkjet and send us an email
Nozzle count
• Call 858-655-3524 and leave a voicemail message.
Print swath
.125 in
Maximum firing frequency
3.0 kHz for text (~31.25 inches/sec or ~375 characters/sec);
1.5 kHz for graphics; horizontal firing recommended
Print cartridge dimensions
44 mm x 39 mm x 25 mm
Avg. drop volume
160 pl
Avg. delivered ink (ccs)
18 ccs
Number of electrical
interconnect pads
Operating conditions
10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
Shipping/storage conditions
(in original packaging only)
-30 to 60° C. Can only exceed operating range for 24 hours.
Altitude: 0–3000 meters
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