CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block: Content Upload Tool

CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block: Content Upload Tool
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block:
Content Upload Tool
The Content Upload Tool in the CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block allows instructors and instructional designers to upload their own or institutional created content for use in teaching and learning. As necessary, files are converted to stream, and optionally delivered via download. File formats include Microsoft Word,
PowerPoint, Acrobat pdf, web links, and more. Your institution needs to be subscribed to the Content Upload
service to use this tool.
Note: Be sure that you have the full rights to upload content. This means, typically, content which you have created
and is original to you and/or your institution. Content which is covered by copyright has restrictions on use, even in
an academic environment. Other than content you own, you have certain, limited rights under “fair use,” which allows limited use of copyrighted works without the permission of the owner for certain teaching and research purposes. Use of most commercial content, especially in its entirety, is not permitted under current copyright law, and you
and your institution are liable if copyright is infringed. Check your institution’s intellectual property standards or
this site for more information on copyright and Fair Use: If you have questions, feel free to contact [email protected]
Content Uploads in the CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block
Log into your institution’s Blackboard system and access one of your courses. If you have not linked your account
to CollegeAnywhere, access the Building Block (though Blackboard’s Add Content area - see the top of page 2),
click the Account Settings button, and follow the instructions. Once you have linked your account, you will be
connected to the CollegeAnywhere media system any time you are logged into Blackboard.
You can reach the Content Upload Tool by either:
Going to the Blackboard Control Panel and under Course Tools selecting CollegeAnywhere Uploads.
In any Blackboard Content Area, under Build Content select CollegeAnywhere Video and Media,
and in the new page scroll down and select My Files and Videos.
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 2
This opens the CollegeAnywhere Uploads area, and a folder tree of your content.
You can click on any folder in the tree to add and manage content. Click on a folder and a menu will appear.
Click on Add Folder
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 3
and a new folder will be created in the folder tree - name the folder as appropriate. Using folders can help to keep
your content organized as you build courses. Click on the folder where you wish to add content, and select a type
of content to upload, such as Add File, Add External URL or Add Free Form Text.
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
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The Add File tool will open. Enter information about the file and, if you wish, set the Security Level, which
manages your content if you supply links (generated in the web interface) outside
of Blackboard. Blackboard manages access to content placed within your courses using the CollegeAnywhere
Blackboard Building Block. Note that an entry in the Title field is required; other settings are optional. The Saved
File information will be added by the system after your file is uploaded. Click Select and Upload File to browse
for files on your hard drive or network. A number of different file types (ppt, pptx, doc, docx, pdf, etc.) can be
uploaded and converted to streaming files through the CollegeAnywhere Content Upload Tool.
Once you have selected your file, it will begin to upload, and you will see a progress bar in the Content Upload
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 5
Uploading files can take some time, depending on the data size of your file and your Internet connection speed.
The server will confirm when your upload is complete and attempt to identify your file’s type. Use the pulldown
menu to change file type if needed. You can then click Submit to add the uploaded file to your Files and Videos.
Some file types will present additional options. Follow the screen instructions and make your selections. Click
Convert to start the conversion process.
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 6
You will find your uploaded file in the folder you selected to begin the upload.
The tool lets you drag and drop your media files into different folders to further organize your content.
As necessary, your file is being converted to streaming format on the CollegeAnywhere servers. This process can
take several moments depending on the original file’s length and format. The original uploaded file is retained,
and, if you selected the appropriate check box, it can also be downloaded by students.
Once the upload process is completed, the file is ready to be added though the Blackboard Content tool in any
content area, or with the Blackboard Mashup Tool when working in the Blackboard text editor. Access the Content Tool in any Blackboard content area by selecting Build Content > Create > CollegeAnywhere Video and
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 7
Expand the My Files and Videos folder and you will find all of your files, including the file you just uploaded.
Click on the file name and the Viewer will open. You will find the appropriate media player with your content
displayed (as long as the streaming conversion process is completed), and you can preview the content stream if
needed. Click the Add to Course button and the content will be added to the Blackboard content area. As with
any other Blackboard item, you can drag it into any order in the content area.
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 8
Click the Open Item button and the player will open to display/play the file, and present a button to optionally
download a copy if you have given such permission.
If you return to the CollegeAnywhere Uploads area, you can view and manage the file through the player window. Clicking Delete this item will delete the content from the CollegeAnywhere servers – to manage or remove
the item from your Blackboard content area, use Blackboard’s standard content management tools. Note that
removing an item from the Blackboard content area does not remove it from the CollegeAnywhere servers or
from your Video and Media folders.
CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
page 9
Clicking the Modify File Upload button will allow you to edit the metadata for the file, or to upload a new version of the file, replacing the current version. Modifications of any type do not effect the placement of your item
in Blackboard. Be sure to Submit any changes to your content upload data or new file upload.
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CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block Content Upload Tool
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