ORIS auto 90
Universal notebook power adaptor with automatic voltage regulation.
Compatible with major notebook brands.
Universal Notbook AC adapter for Laptop and LCD Monitor. High
efficiency and top safety protection. Up to 90W power with automatic
voltage regulation.
- Accurate regulated output, low ripple and low interference.
- Automatic voltage regulation in the connectors, wich control voltage,
preventing any wrong voltage sating damage.
- Interchangeable connectors.
- Operating temperature 0ºC to 40ªC. Operating humidity 20-85% RH.
- World wide voltage AC100 to 240V input. Note: plug type varies depending on
the country.
- No installation required. Simply plug in. Works with other electronica devices like
LCD screens.
132 x 57 x 31mm
Input AC:
AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Output DC:
15V 6 A max /16V 5.62A max /18.5V 4.9A max
/19V 4.74A max
Features & Especifications
- High efficiency up to 90%. With short-circuit protection.
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